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Lady GaGa Meets With President Obama - Talks Bullying!

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Lady GaGa President Barack Obama Bullying

Mother Monster promised us she would meet with the President after Jamey Rodemeyer took his life, and she stayed true to her word!!

Sunday night she went to a fundraiser hosted by the commander-in-chief, a $35,800 admission, to speak with him on the issue of bullying.

There, donned in black to mourn the death of Jamey, she met with him before the event officially began. The meeting was brief, but it set the tone for her next act of care.

Once everyone was in attendance, Lady GaGa stood up during the Q&A. First, she thanked Obama for all he has accomplished, and then proceeded to read a letter form a fan concerning the death of Jamey.

After, she made a plea, to Obama and everyone else in the room, urging for the fight against bullying to continue strong, proposing a law be put in place against bullying.

President Obama thanked her for participating while addressing his administration's anti-bullying campaign and the values of who we are as Americans.

Thanks for walking the talk, GaGaloo! We didn't expect anything less, though. Unlike politicians, you keep your promises.

And we really hope the president will keep his promise and continue the fight against bullying in schools. A great way to do that would be ensuring a law be put into place! C'mon Barry!!!

We can all bring more awareness to this cause! Get on UR twitters!!! #makealawforjamey

[Image via AP Images.]

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117 comments to “Lady GaGa Meets With President Obama - Talks Bullying!”

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  1. 101

    I wonder when is she going to talk to you about bullying Mario , you love calling women whores and sluts !!! Just because they haven't killed themselves over it doesn't make it a non issue.
    People like you are the problem. You bully heterosexuals, women and anyone else who disagrees with you.

  2. 102

    Re: poodlewithamohawk – What does that have to with anything we're talking about? He has still done more good than any other President in recent history! That's with a Congress that does everything they can to stop progress!

  3. sxy says – reply to this


    I love this woman! She is so kind and real and yeah I am one of her little monsters!! I love her!

  4. 104

    I'm so happy when I see celebrities doing something like this

  5. 105

    Re: madonna is shit – You are a disgusting and pathetic excuse for a human being. This is an thread about anti bullying, and here you are bullying me and insulting me and saying vile and disgusting things because i do not agree with your insatiable love for mother monster. Your comment is EXACTLY what she was trying to stop.. I bet she would be embarrassed to have you as a fan, and I am sure your parents would also be embarrassed to see how they raised their child. Go get an education and some psychiatric help.

  6. 106

    Re: madonna is shit – And PS.. you look even more crazy assuming I am a Britney Spears fan.. NO WHERE EVER did I mention Britney, so clearly you have a hard on for her. You are delusional and I really think you need to be committed on a 5150 hold.

  7. 107

    Stephani Germanotta grew up an extremely wealthy young lady who went to svhool with the likes of the Hilton sisters. Now as a pop singer whose likeness has been created by the music industry, she'd like to be the embassador of anti-bullying. This makes no sense. It's completely comical that she barged in on the President's fundraising dinner to talk about a teen who hypocrically committed suicide after participating in an anti-bullying campaign. Clearly this is a huge mess. Lastly, labeling something a hate crime doesn't change the fact of the crime or the punishment.
    Every time there is a crisis or issue, this character, Lady Gaga butts in to sell bracelets or barge into the president's event. It's a PR stunt and it's incredibly tasteless, classless and pointless…just like Lady Gaga.

  8. 108

    Little monsters, can you please explain why Lady Gaga has teamed up with Dr. Dre, a homophobic individual who has commonly used and strongly supported the use of anti-gay slurs? Could it be because she wants to make extra money of her headphones and needs his endorsements? It's funny how she immediately condemns bullying but then jumps into bed (figuratively) with Dre, a man that has made money off of homophobia (see Eminem, Dre's protege). I was outed back in middle school during the peak of Eminem and Dre's homophobic popularity. I remember the names, the insults, the swirlies, and my pitiful attempts to act straight by rapping and shooting back slurs. I simply can't get around the fact that she has become the face of LBGT rights but associates herself with Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre, who really brought this homophobia to be extremely prevalent within our schools.

    -A gay non-monster

  9. 109

    what a pathetic person

  10. 110

    Re: Toy4Paco – And what the fuck does Madonna or the sales of Gaga's music have to do with the subject matter? Do you think that Obama would pass an anti-bullying bill as a priority right now if the GOP didn't stand in his way? Obama has been given carte blanche yet his failures continue to be blamed on the Bush administration or the GOP. It's the political system, baby. The voters put the Republicans in charge. Power, money and corruption are not limited to either party. They are ONE. Or are you going to claim it was a dangling chad?

  11. 111

    Re: madonna is shit – Your saying MS Jules or whatever her name is has no life and that she writes negative comments?? LMAO…Have you seen your self you spanish/mexian/cuban/pathetic loser on the mirror?? You can't fool us with ur 'JAJAJAJAJA' I'm not a fan of britney yet shes better then Gaga…And frankly the only reason why you are saying britney sucks it's because your afraid of her, NOBODY but NOBODY is a pathetic loser like you, your scared of britney otherwise you don't comment that in every Gagashit post perez writes…get a life…you worthless piece of shit.

  12. 112

    I said this before and I want to say it again… I get the whole "embrace the monster moniker" but this was a 14 year old child in NY that died, not a monster. And harrassment of anybody should be addressed, maybe people are just to desensatized to the word bully - which is typically associated with another child (or in Mario's case, a big man baby). But most of all stop creating a caricature of LBGT as monsters. Mario if GaGa created a platform it is HER RESPONSIBILITY to engage actual leaders in the behavioral health and child psychology field to implement actual evidence based change. F'n crying in your cheerios or paying to eat dinner at a fundraiser does not a policy make.

  13. 113

    Re: maverick88 – yeah i don't think you know what you're talking about person, for one her first album sold over ten million copies and became the first debut album to create four consecutive number one hits, her second effort the fame monster has sold over five million copies with all three singles entering the top ten and her latest album born this way has pushed sales of seven million copies already with all of its singles entering top ten with the the first single going number one on billboard's hot 100 and selling one million copies after only five days, and it hasn't even been out for six months yet now if that sounds like a flop to you then maybe the definition of flop should be changed, gaga did not steal money from her japan bracelets in fact she donated over 500,000 dollars to japan after the earthquake and then still decided to sell her japan bracelets which raised over a million dollars and its already been determined that lawsuit is very misguided and without merit, as far as bullying people how long did you think before typing that lie like seriously go have several seats as Makael from the Skorpion Show would say, and referring to that "retarded" comment she made, first of all she did not call anyone retarded, she called allegations and comments that she plagiarized Madonna's songs retarded and have since apologized for using that word,

  14. 114

    Re: maverick88 – you have NO IDEA what you are talking about and you sound like someone who is bitter and jaded and have nothing better to do with your life than to spread vicious lies that are completely ridiculous because you are jealous of her, idk where they hell you get your facts from other than thin air and news headlines spread by people who knows nothing about news reporting and everything about story telling but you need to hang this up like a flat screen, some maverick, get your facts straight and get off of Gaga who is going to continue to become even more of a superstar..!!

  15. 115

    It's nice and all but i think it is dumb.. i mean isn't there a law against harassment? You can do something if someone is harassing you… what is bullying calling people names? yeah that will ever stop… waste…

  16. 116

    RE: maverick88 Get a life… want to know who are the biggest bullies you all are good… this is what they mean about bullying never stopping. And you maverick88 are one of the biggest ones.. get a life.. and stop trash talking lady gaga. What are you jealous of her or something??? let me guess you knew her in the past and what know that shes successful your hating??? what lady gaga was sweet not matter what you guys say… she actually took a stand even if it was for her image at least she did something. let me guess are you japanese because you sure do keep mentioning "she stole money from charity bracellets in japan," worry about your self and stop hating on what you dont have.. and do something better with you life than trash talking someone… j.s my advise to you

  17. 117

    Re: poodlewithamohawk – I was responding to an earlier post that addressed exactly those subjects! That's what the fuck it had to do with!!!!! Pay Attention!

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