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Ashton Kutcher's Alleged Mistress Meets With Lawyers!!!

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Ashton Kutcher Demi Moore Cheating Separation

An unidentified 23-year-old is meeting with top Hollywood attorneys tonight.

She claims Ashton Kutcher cheated on Demi Moore with her last Friday night at a San Diego nightclub.

No word yet on what she wants from the meeting, but she is already working hard to go into hiding.

And get this unfortunate twist in the back!

The Two and a Half Men star allegedly cheated on his wife with this mystery woman on Sept 24. That was their six year wedding anniversary!!!

Ugh. So sad!

Other reports are coming out reporting a separation is happening due to his serial cheating. Sources swear their marriage is over.

Oh man! We hope this isn't true!!!

Demi must be SICK! We're sorry, girl. We really don't want this to be true!

[Image via WENN.]

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41 comments to “Ashton Kutcher's Alleged Mistress Meets With Lawyers!!!”

  1. 1

    Wellits not like she didnt know he was married so why exactly would she need lawyer? Since when did infidelity become a profitable business?

  2. 2

    No woman deserves being cheated on, ever. What a dog! But honestly, what did she expect? She is quite a bit older than he is. It's fine when you're younger. She has reached the point where she can no longer blend in and compete with with the young ones. She's kind of like a grandma now.

  3. 3

    Oh please. If they divorced, people would be saying they didn't work because she's older than him. I'm tired of hearing that she looks like his mother. Men usually date women who are a lot younger than them and I never hear that the guy looks like their father. It's such sexist crap. Most people think Halle Berry is one of the most beautiful women and guess what? She got cheated on. It has nothing to do with age.

  4. 4

    It's probably true. Sad. We'll probably hear they are getting divorced pretty soon.

  5. 5

    Re: gypsysmama – So is Bruce Willis kind of like a grandfather now. If I'm thinking correctly, the age difference between him and his girlfriend is even wider than Ashton and Demi.

  6. Mtl23 says – reply to this


    Maybe they have an open marriage

  7. 7

    Do u even know if he was in the night club? You call this chica a mistress after one night? Who goes to lawyers a few days after?

  8. 8

    A one night stand does not a mistress make.

    And you wouldn't believe how many regulars guys (Remember the movie 6 degrees of Separaton?) pass themselves off as a specific celebrity - don't even have to look TOO much like the guy — and some naive chick believes it. Trust me, it happens. A good (intelligent) friend of mine fell for something similar. She didn't sleep with the guy, but she really believed it was him until we went online to prove to her that her "rock star" was in another state that night. Some people will believe anything if it makes them feel superior or wanted or whatever.

  9. 9

    A boy's gotta leave his mommy at some point.

  10. 10

    If he can't or won't keep it in his pants, it's ridiculous to blame it on Demi Moore and her age. There were the same number of years of age difference when they met, dated, and married as there are today. They made promises to each other in their vows; that he's younger than she is doesn't make it okay to break those promises and unleash his trouser monster. As for this whore, she's in it for the press and any opportunities that come as a result of the press. Gone into hiding my ass … she's wanting money for interviews and a shot at a tawdry reality career. He's trash and so is the whore. Don't get married if you can't keep the vows. It's that simple.

  11. 11

    Tired of all of these skanks trying to make a quick buck and fame from a one night stand….and sorry girls, it's unrealistic to think you're man is NEVER going to cheat, it happens, its just sex.

  12. 12

    Aw crap! On their anniversary? I don't know what to believe.

  13. 13

    I hope this isn't true and that Ashton really wouldn't be that stupid! Why don't men learn from other mens mistakes? Didn't the Tiger Woods and Jesse James' incidents teach the rest of them anything? It always comes out! What's wrong with telling someone that you are no longer happy and want out?

    Re: Babycakes!!! – You took the words out of my mouth. When you knowingly fuck someone else's husband, YOU ARE NOT A VICTIM! Thanks to that damn Gloria Alred, all of these "jump offs" want to behave like they have been victimized. Ashton Kutcher is not some struggling actor. EVERYONE knows who Ashton Kutcher is and EVERYONE knows that Demi Moore is his wife. This tramp went into this situation with eyes wide open, yet now she wants to get a lawyer! The only one who should be talking to a lawyer right now is Demi (if this is true). As for Ashton's alleged "jump off", stay in a hoe's place!

  14. 14

    This is bound to be true. This isn't the first we've heard of his philandering ways, and Demi knows it, which is why sadly she has been tweeting all those photos of her in various states of undress. It reeked desperation and now it has been verified. I'd be willing to bet sooner or later it comes out he boinked one of her daughters who are closer to his age that she is. One probably got pissed at her and jumped in the sack with him. Just ask Ange-hyena Jolie about a little revenge f**k with mommy's boyfriend.

  15. 15

    And when is he going to get rid of that Jesus hair-do. Barf.

  16. 16

    It's true, her name is Sara Leal. Check out the dirty!

  17. 17

    One illicit romp does not a mistress make. Me thinks she is a fame whore more than anything. Of course there are break up rumours, Ashton is in the spotlight right now and that brings out the creeps and the trolls. I wish they would just leave these two alone.

  18. rox11 says – reply to this


    her name is SARA LEAL! its fersureee that he did

  19. 19

    im older than my bf and men that age cant seem to stop looking so i guess ill end up like demi

    poor demi

  20. 20

    Well what do you expect when an old hag marries a man nearly half her age?! of course he was going to cheat eventually. That's what you get when you rob the cradle dumb dumbs. Hot younger men are going to get tired of that loose goose at some point. You can nip and tuck that face until the day you die, but your private area, well… that's another story.

  21. 21

    Sad:(… can't even comment…

  22. 22

    Well…I have been married for 13 years and although passion wanes somewhat I can't imagine my husband going out to a club on our anniversary–that is one day to be reserved as a date night for sure…and I doubt Ashton did that either. No way did Demi say on their anniversary "go out with the boys babe".

  23. 23

    ive always found ashton to be devastatingly handsome i just saw him in a old movie 'texas rangers ' on vhs

    he was so young and so pretty…

    yes with a younger guy (my bfs 10 yrs younger)
    ur always the ugly one , the old one , and yes the hag

    god i feel depressed now…

  24. 24

    what i dont get is why the slut needs a lawyer

    ashton doesnt go there 2x hes a one hit wonder .. ask the other whore..

  25. 25

    Not sure what's going on with me but I just cried feeling as if the majority of people in this world forgot how to love and treat eachother…. It's much simpler to be honest and leave someone than to lie cheat and hurt them…

  26. 26

    She needs a lawyer so she can get paid over a million for her story she was initially asking for 250,00 her friend stated…..- I thought they had cameras on every floor at the Hard Rock hotel… I guess we will all find out soon… BTW the chick has clown eyes and the worst painted on brows… Have a good night everybody…

  27. 27

    since when does a one night stand need a lawyer?

  28. 28

    He's 33 next year she will be 50. Ouch!!!

  29. 29

    These two have have benefited from their union. She used him to get her name back in the tabloids after being a stay-at-home mom away from Hollywood, and to re-start her career. He used her to gain credibility and as entry to the A list. They both got what they wanted. I highly doubt that Ashton will divorce Demi. He will look like a heel and it will not bode well with his Q rating and the success of 2.5 Men. Demi will not divorce Ashton because most likely, they have an understanding. He will get read the riot act by Chuck Lorre to be more discreet. Lorre has a lot riding on Ashton as Charlie's replacement. Sheen is probably laughing his ass off right now.

  30. 30

    Maybe he gave her crabs? Herpes? A baby?

  31. @v@ says – reply to this


    A one night stand isn't anyone's 'mistress.' It's a jump, a quickie, a boink.

  32. 32

    Re: @v@ – "The Mistress" gives all women a bad name. She knew who he was, knew he is married and apparently knew he is stupid. He doesn't cover his tracks well.

  33. 33

    Re: sstoner – I was about to say that SAME thing. Perez only has an "unidentified woman", while Nik Richie has exact details, the name, AND pictures!! And this girl looked kinda cute, too. Oh, and I'll let y'all know right now who's gonna be one of the next young men to come out with an infidelity story: Josh Duhamel. I can almost guarantee it.

    But damn, I miss the old days when Perez used to be the first to come out with stories, and now he's like the 26th. =/

  34. 34

    Re: Miami! – THANKYOU. Seriously, people- if you're going to cheat, please just leave your spouse, or don't get married in the first place. Just save the whole "marriage" thing for the folks that actually give a damn, and have morals.

  35. 35

    I wonder why she would need a lawyer

  36. 36

    Re: poodlewithamohawk – The actions of one woman doesn't give all women a bad name, enough with this nonsense and i don't give a fuck about her, she didn't make any vows to Demi, Ashton did, Ashton should keep them.

  37. 37

    i guess i don't get why you would talk after doing whatever you did with ashton kutcher…to get money…what would be the reason you'd get some money…or to hurt demi moore. some people are so effing pathetic…or this whole story could just be a big fat LIE.

  38. 38

    P.s.s. I also read that her friends stated anal sex was what he wanted and that's what they did and he supposedly taped it…. Hopefully It's all lies!

  39. 39

    Somewhere, Rachel Uchitel is weeping quietly, wondering how she missed this boat…

  40. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: poodlewithamohawk – Correctomundo, but as we're reading today, it doesn't look as though he cares about covering his tracks anymore, which means the alleged 'mistress' will be left standing there with her lawyer and alleged wallet open.

  41. 41

    Re: PlayingTheAngel – Yep, DA STRONG!