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Dr. Conrad Murray's Manslaughter Trial Has Begun! Defense Claims MJ Gave Himself Lethal Dosage Of Drug That Killed Him

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dr conrad murray trial begins

It has officially begun.

To recap, Dr. Conrad Murray is being charged with involuntary manslaughter in the 2009 death of Michael Jackson, and he's currently on trial over the excessive amount of propofol he allegedly administered to the singer.

Last we heard about the trial, MJ's oldest kids Paris and Prince were expressing interest in testifying against Dr. Murray.

Now, the trial has started, and the defense is claiming that Dr. Murray should NOT be found guilty because Michael "caused his own death by taking the drug propofol after his doctor left the room in a desperate attempt to overcome his chronic inability to sleep."

Here's what the prosecution is saying in response:

"That misplaced trust in Conrad Murray cost Michael Jackson his life. He left him there, abandoned him to fend for himself."

"Basic common sense requires 911 be called immediately. Basic common sense. And we know that was not done."

What do U think? Is Michael Jackson resonsible for his own death? Or should Dr. Conrad Murray be held accountable, even if MJ gave himself the drug that caused his death???

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5 comments to “Dr. Conrad Murray's Manslaughter Trial Has Begun! Defense Claims MJ Gave Himself Lethal Dosage Of Drug That Killed Him”

  1. 1

    Why doesn't this guy just own up to the fact that he negligently took a life?!? Secondly, aren't doctors supposed to know how and what to give to their patients?? It's ridiculous that he can place the blame on someone who is heavily sedated…goes to show his familiarity with his career :/

  2. 2

    Man, that recording of MJ talking about a childrens' hospital was SAD. I think many people are responsible, including MJ and Murray, but to hang this guy for manslaughter is unfair. Medical negligence, sure.

  3. 3

    ….and WHO made it available to him? Lamest defense in years.

  4. 4

    God this crap has been dragged out for far toooo longgggg.

  5. 5

    I am amazed by the lack of empathy people have towards MJ with respect to this case. It doesn't matter if you liked him or not, if he was a junkie or not, what he did or didn't do in his past… the man was a human being and a life was lost because a doctor gave his patient something he wasn't supposed to, didn't know how to administer (nor did he know CPR), the man concealed evidence, fled the scene… what more do you want? It's been two years and this guy has been able to walk free while a man lies dead, not to mention he probably won't get a severe punishment. What a sad, sad story.