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Ex-Convict Burns Down A House So He Can Go Back To Prison!

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Wow. Well there's certainly a first time everything then!

Randall Lee Church spent 26 years in a Texas prison for the murder of another man when he was 18, but apparently, when he was released in April of 2011, the real world wasn't to his liking, so he decided that the only way to get back behind bars was to commit another crime - and burned a house a down!

Only 96 days after being released, re-acclimating to the modern world was just too difficult for him, so he set an abandoned house on fire, pled guilty to arson, and willingly went back into custody!

He explains:

“Everything had gone fast forward without me. I didn't know how to use computers or cell phones or the Internet. The weirdest thing was walking into a store, like Walmart, and have parents hide their children from me, like I was supposed to jump at them. It was so overwhelming. I was constantly embarrassed by simple things I just didn't know."

And Ann L. Jacobs, the director of the Prisoner Reentry Institute at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, explains:

"I don't mean to diminish what this man did … But when you think about what people come out to, how much the world has changed, what a disadvantage they are at and what little support they generally have, it is kind of a miracle it goes as well as it does for as many people as it does."

Wow. What do you even say about that?

Guess it sort of makes sense - he's spent more time in prison than he has in the outside world.

Here's hoping that we can continue to improve the prison systems so that rehabilitated prisons can acclimate with a little more ease to real-world living.

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12 comments to “Ex-Convict Burns Down A House So He Can Go Back To Prison!”

  1. 1

    This really isn't that uncommon.

  2. 2

    I actually see where he's coming from.

  3. 3

    i've actually heard some of these jails provide a better standard of living than the ones the criminals are used to, so they tend to be serial criminals, soaking up tax payers' assets, and continue to live scott free in jail.

  4. 4

    prisons are the hell, even for the devil. prisons are proven NOT to work for decades, still, on our failed society, we're likely to use pointless "solutions" over and over.

  5. 5

    At least he committed a fairly victimless crime.
    Prisons need to become tougher and places where people don't want to be, while at the same time, providing rehabilitation for inmates. Providing them with television, internet, and other forms of entertainment isn't punishment. It's wasting the taxpayers' money. They should have access to books, education, therapy and rehab, but nothing else.

  6. 6

    Wow, so sad. But I'm glad he did the most harmless thing that he could. He could have just said, "the heck with it," and gone on a serious crime spree.

  7. 7

    it is sad to hear that…and we see the improvement in this man…he decided to burn a house instead of hurting innocent people….

  8. 8

    Nice picture to go with the story, Piggy. Your lack of attention to details only serves to explain the slow erosion of this sloppy, cheap site.

  9. 9

    not the first time someone had trouble acclimating to life outside and decided to go back

  10. 10

    While it's unfortunate he had such trouble re-acclimating to society, I find it more disturbing he can take someone's life and only spend 26 years in jail paying for the crime. If someone murdered a member of my family, I don't think I would really want him/her walking the streets a free man in 20 years. Maybe that is just a level of forgiveness I can't reach.

  11. 11

    poor guy they shoul've let him watch tv at least so he could have some sort of idea how everything has changed! he should have stolen a car that would cause less damaged than the poor people who lived in that house who have lost everything

  12. 12

    people need structure