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Obama Condemns Audience At GOP Debate For Booing Gay Soldier!

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Good! It's about time he spoke up!

What happened that night should NOT be tolerated! At all!

During a fundraiser in San Jose, CA, President Barack Obama openly condemned the audience members at the Fox News-Google GOP Presidential debate in Orlando, who booed and jeered soldier Stephen Hill, currently deployed in Iraq, for his sexual preference!

Obama was quoted as saying:

"I mean has anybody been watching the debates lately? You've got a governor whose state is on fire denying climate change. It's true. You've got audiences cheering at the prospect of somebody dying because they don't have healthcare. And booing a service member in Iraq because they're gay. That's not reflective of who we are. This is a choice about the fundamental direction of our country. 2008 was an important direction. 2012 is a more important election."


It's absolutely terrifying to think about how truly ignorant and hateful some of these candidates are - and even more so that they seem to have an audience to cheer their bigotry on!

Keep on standing up to hate, Obama!

Enough is enough!

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18 comments to “Obama Condemns Audience At GOP Debate For Booing Gay Soldier!”

  1. 1

    Do you think you should have been booed for the time you viciously attacked Will I Am , spitting out the word "F@aggot" like a demented harpy? You're hypocrisy is both chilling and hilarious.

  2. 2

    The Republican Party is filled with idiots. Perry is the front-runner and he barely got through his college years with C's and D's. Dumbasses. Then they tear Obama down, saying he has no experience, knows nothing about the Constitution of the US (yet, he served as head of Harvard's law review), and isn't Christian (when there is clearly freedom of religion stated in the Constitution they claim he knows nothing about). Americans should be over the lies and idiocy by now *Wipes Brow*

  3. 3

    He panders the gays so shamelessly. I can't wait for the next changing of the guard!

  4. 4


  5. 5

    hey adele and there are no nutjobs on your side….

  6. 6

    it doesnt matter what Obama (aka the biggest disappointment of the 21st century) says or does. Mr & Mrs average are pig sick of have the gay agenda rammed down their throat! Really effin sick of it by now. People who couldnt give a damn about gays one way or another are now actively against the LGBT community because of all the propaganda and witch hunting done by the gay mafia. the one problem gays will always have is that unlike every other minority, because of the nature of homosexuality they will always be a minority as the majority of people are straight!

  7. 7

    Re: Truth_Is_A-Virus – You aren't sick of the gay agenda being "rammed" down your throat, you're just a person who has prejudices towards homosexuals. I'm sick of that excuse being used by people who simply don't like gay people and don't want to admit that they hold a bigoted viewpoint.
    I'm proud that Obama represents my country after seeing what he's said about hate in our country. I hope other Americans who haven't been entirely satisfied with Obama will begin to examine the alternative, and see that our country will only be in a bigger mess with those alternatives.

  8. 8

    Re: Serena Loves Mario – its the election year and now he changed..hummmmmmm……yes and mario slams the gay thing down ur throats..

  9. 9

    that is so he can get the gay vote-dont believe anything he says he is a liar, a manipulator, and he is NOT an american. right now he is starting to tell everyone what they want to hear so he can be re-elected

  10. 10

    Obama still doesn't believe that gays should get married. That's pretty much him booing the gays everyday they aren't allowed to get married like everyone else.

  11. 11

    Forcing acceptance breeds natural rebellion…get the fuck out of my face with your gayness…

  12. 12

    Never in my life have I seen a President so unpresidential. I wonder if anyone watched the actual "booing" by the audience debate, because I did. When the gay soldier came on the screen he was greeted with cheers and applause by almost the whole audience, and then a few stupid morons booed him really loud. Look up the footage, it was literally one or two idiots booing. So for anyone to say that the whole audience booed is a blatant lie, which this President seems to do a lot of, and is simply not reporting the facts.

    And to Adele's Chair Steeze, I would love to see the president's grades… oh wait, he had his records sealed so we can see them. Just because he's a good trash talker doesn't mean he got good grades in school.

  13. 13

    Besides' adele's chair steeze and serena loves mario' you're all dumb and ignorant. It was tactless of the crowd to boo like that. i'm not taking the presidents side but cmon those republican candidates are retarded,and the people who believe they can save us. I'm not a dem.not a right winger and im not a liberal either and you wanna know why because at the end of the fucking day it doesnt really fucking matter. Our country is going to shit one way or another I dont care who fixes as long as they do the right thing for us I will be happy.

  14. 14

    Re: msrayofsun – Thanks! What gets me is how these people come on a GAY man's blog and bash his agenda! The ignorance.

  15. PLO says – reply to this


    Perez please STOP saying sexual PREFERENCE. A preference is a choice. Like you prefer oranges over apples. Did you choose to be gay? Saying preference is giving haters some ammo. You're agreeing with them that we could choose to be straight. It's sexual ORIENTATION.

  16. 16

    It's about time? Fuck you Mario.

  17. 17

    This is where I come to find sick F***s like you homophobic morons. It reminds me of how stupid some people are so I can teach my children NOT to be like YOU! Quick question: why do you hate yourselves so much?

  18. 18

    Re: realroadrunner – WHY DO YOU COME HERE THEN, YOU F-ING IDIOT?!!!!