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Scarlett Speaks Out On Nude Photo Leak!

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We were wondering when she was going to address this!

For the first time since the incident itself, Scarlett Johansson has opened up about having her phone hacked, and the nude photos she had taken of herself making their way onto the internet, and although she keeps her composure, she is definitely none too pleased about the whole debacle!

Check out her comments (above)!

We certainly agree that everyone deserves a degree of privacy, whether you're a public figure or not, but once again, we have to stress: don't take naked photos of yourself, and you won't have to worry about them getting out!

It's certainly easy enough, right?

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17 comments to “Scarlett Speaks Out On Nude Photo Leak!”

  1. 1

    I guess the right decision is to not take naked pictures, but anyone who wants to should be able to without them being leaked onto the internet. It's not her fault someone hacked her phone, it's unfortunate, but definitely not her fault.

  2. 2

    Privacy comes in many forms. Wasn't she at the White House recently almost fucking Sean Penn in a room full of people?

  3. 3

    btdubs, this is all coming from Perez Hilton…whose naked photos leaked when he was RIGHT on the cusp of fame, so people forgot about it by now. They were her manhunt photos. do a simple google search and you will find them. they were back when he was ACTUALLY thin….but then he got fat…then lost it all.

  4. 4

    who CARES about her taking naked photos- they're only further proof that she's HOT!!!

  5. 5

    If she didn't take the pictures in the first place, there'd be nothing to leak.

  6. 6

    Another douche. Her career had stalled and the showmance, humping in the white house press circles with an icky man old enough to be her father didn't give her the jump-start she anticipated. When career boat is sinking, the first thing these bimbos do is reach for the cell phone and snap some pictures of their snatch thinking its going to get them attention from the big wheels. Didn't work for VHudge. She is still going nowhere fast. When are these pathetic attention-whores going to get it? Selling your soul to the devil does not an A-lister make.

  7. 7

    I forgot about the leak already… If she doesn't like the booby attention, why did she do this interview to remind everyone that it happened??? hmmmmm

  8. 8

    Re: toriwhite – Remember the good ol' "Polaroid" days … aim/click/pic pops out/shake it for 30 seconds. No uploading, no fear of leaks.

  9. 9

    She's a horrible actress….always gives flat perfomances. Her tits are huge, though.

  10. 10

    If i want to take a picture of myself with my phone to see how hot i looked i should be able to do it… some times technology is getting abused BUT i dont think is her fault…,she looks sexy in the pics and she is right to make the people that hacked her phone pay for that..

  11. 11

    Re: Wild-Guitar – Can't say I agree about the tits…

  12. 12

    So you mean, Perez, that it is right to hack someone's cell phone and leak photos on the Internet. You promote illegal actions.

  13. 13

    Re: hethrrrr
    She was asked in the interview to talk about it, not the other way around.

  14. 14

    Captain Hindsight Says: If you didn't want people looking at naked pictures of you, you shouldn't have taken them in the first place…especially with a digital camera..when you are very well known film star. Advice for all: There is this really weird camera called a 35mm film camera in which a person can take a picture of them self in various stages of undress and not have to worry as much about people 'hacking' into emails, phones, ect. It's not fool proof, but it is a hell of a lot smarter than taking a picture with a device that can be 'hacked' by any 13 year old chinese kid. I feel bad for her, but part of me is like well obviously this would happen…

  15. 15

    STOP INTERNET BULLYING. being bullied on the internet is complete torture. stop it now.

  16. 16

    Perez Hilton will always be a bully and is accountable for that. They only reason he has taken the stance that bullying is not okay is that he feels its in his best financial interest. Only

  17. 17

    S.J. is stolen biological material, taken against will and formed to clones line 200 pieces total. Sign of dangerous criminal activity. Original Scarlett Galabekian educated and licensed pediatrician doctor.