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David Letterman Doesn't Hold Back With NJ Gov Chris Christie

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Dare we say, he might've taken things a bit too far. We'll let U decide.

Last night, David Letterman took aim at an easy target, if you ask us, when he presented the "Top Ten Ways The Country Would Be Different If Chris Christie Were President.”

Now, Christie has already said again and again and again that he has no plans to run for President. But just on the off chance he changes his mind, Dave wanted to make sure America was prepared for it. Thus, he compiled this list for us all so we know what we could be in for.

It' ain't pretty, we'll tell you that much!

CH-CH-Check out the video (above) to hear about all the ch-ch-changes.

We've gotta say though, we bet the troops would really enjoy IHOP over IRAQ! That's a point to Christie!

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19 comments to “David Letterman Doesn't Hold Back With NJ Gov Chris Christie”

  1. 1

    not even close to funny…letterman is an ass.

  2. 2

    Letterman has an obsession with overweight people. Letterman is so UGLY and he knows it that it makes him feel better about his old ugly self to knock people for weighing more than him. His wife and mother of his child is plump but of course low class loser, Dave, cheated on her with a PAID employee. Dave is not funny. Dave is a BULLY.

  3. jham says – reply to this


    Just goes to show once again that Letterman is not funny and has to resort to fat jokes. Not a fan of Chris Christie, but have a little more intelligence to poke fun of his policies not weight. What a jerk.

  4. buck says – reply to this


    Liberals are hilarious!! They are the most sensitive, caring, tolerant people on earth..just don't disagree with them. To bad Christie isn't gay as well, think how much fun Letterman would have then. oh, wait, i guess there aren't too many jokes there otherwise Letterman would have used them all on Barney Frank.

  5. 5

    Letterman, as usually, being a Moron. Gov. Christie KNOWS he is OBESE and is USED TO JERKS AND BULLIES. YES, BULLIES MARIO. Now Mario, how would it be if someone made a top ten list on say a GAY CANDIDATE and what to expect? Would YOU find THIS FUNNY?-#10-PINK CURTAINS IN THE OVAL OFFICE.???? Don't think do, and I would imagine you and others screaming you heads off. Or, before Obama was elected, a top 10 on what to expect- #10 State Dinners now will consist of Ribs, Okra and Watermelon… Oh yes, that would have gone over well with the NAACP, Every black leader, Bill Cosby and every black celeb in Hollywood-they would see that Letterman, or whoever was taken off the air. But Fat jokes-hey, no problem, because fat is not a race and it is something you can change if you have 'WILLPOWER' , and stopped being a pig at the buffet line, right? Mario, you were heavy and it was not that LONG AGO…. How soon they forgot….

  6. 6

    So, he doesn't comment on his politics, only his weight. Good going Dave.

  7. 7

    Hey Dave,
    Bullying is not cool. Christie obviously doesn't seem to value his health. Still, these jokes aren't funny.

  8. 8

    Re: justtfax – Pretty sure Perez didn't say anything about it being fun… He said he might have taken it too far. I didn't read anything about him saying how "HIGHlarious" it is or anything like that.

  9. 9

    it was rude of Letterman to pick on his weight. cheap jokes. i would be more concerned about his misuse of deferred prosecution agreements than his size.

  10. 10

    David Letterman is IRRELEVANT now days!!! These "jokes" were not even funny! And if this was a woman politician…. just saying!! And he can't even get Bachmann's name right.. He's old and needs to retire!

  11. 11

    This bully Letterman is a heartbeat away from a fatal heartattack. He's no one to talk about others health issues seeing that he his ticker is in bad shape from decades of abuse that caught up to him about a decade ago.

  12. 12

    Christie said Jersey Shore was an embarrassment and veto'd their tax cut—-Not from J but he was my hero that day!

  13. 13

    Dave needs to stick to his unsuccessful attempts at being funny. His C average in radio and his political axe grinding dont qualify him to discuss anything terribly political with much authority.

  14. 14

    im related to the people who got chris christie elected and i can tell u that liberal losers like letterman are running scared of republicans like our govenor. its ashame because they are good people who tell it like it is. there is no typical political bs that everyone is sick of hearing. just good people who want good things for this country. letterman knows he cant attack his political stance on anything so he instead attacks his physical appearance..not all people find that of any importance in running a state or country.

  15. 15

    All this talk about bullying of overweight and gay kids; but is it any wonder. Look at the adults… no matter who it is …

  16. 16

    Christie is a Morbidly Obese Fatass; why would anyone, with half a working brain cell, want him representing the United States? If he can't get a handle on his own body, how the hell can he be expected to get a handle on all the problems facing the nation? And by the way, anyone here saying that what Letterman said wasn't funny, is full of shit. Conservative or Liberal, everyone thinks exactly what Letterman said, and everyone knows Christie is an arrogant Fat Fuck. He has nothing to bring to the Oval Office except 500 pounds of Lardass. This isn't bullying, it's the truth.

  17. 17

    Letterman it's a real bully. He should be ashamed.

  18. 18

    I don't think he was funny one bit. Being fat is hard enough for some and then you get assholes like this making fun of you on national tv is just very wrong. I don't know anything about the guy he was making fun of but just maybe he is a good person. For being a politicain anyways. LOL It was just wrong and not funny. Period

  19. 19

    Not funny. David come across as an ass.