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Demi & Ashton Have Been Living Apart For Months!!!

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This is not good.

Star Magazine is reporting that Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher have been in a real rough patch for almost two months. According to sources that have spoken to the mag, the A-List couple have been living apart for several weeks in prepartion for their … divorce!

Yes, these rumors of Ashton cheating on Demi might actually have some validity to them. After six years of marriage, the couple are seriously considering ending their time together, and they are expected to to battle it out in a bitter $290 million divorce case.

Oh yeah! What did you think, Chuck Lorre pays him in hair gel?!

The source added:

"It was definitely a long time coming, but they're finally done for good … Demi's finally read to move on. They've been faking it for the cameras for way too long. They both need to be honest with themselves and finally tell the world."

So then, was the affair with the coed just the final straw or had their marriage been on the rocks to begin with.

If they really are ready to tell the world, then we wish they would just tell us all the details now! We want to get the story straight!

[Image via WENN.]

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27 comments to “Demi & Ashton Have Been Living Apart For Months!!!”

  1. 1

    Of course he cheated on her. I don't care how good she looks for her age, she's pushing 50. I'm amazed the marriage has lasted this long.

  2. 2

    Does this surprise anyone? They always struck me as fake anyway. Publicity seekers!

  3. 3

    You are taking it from the STAR???? and is it WEEKS OR MONTHS????? 2 different amounts and THINK ABOUT IT MARIO, HE ONLY STARTED IN JULY WITH 2 AND A HALF….. That estimated 200 mill is not from that stupid show. It is from the movies Demi has done and those other stupid things ASHTON has produced-those PRANK SHOWS….. and, with 3 kids and getting a settlement from BRUCE, there would have been a PRE NUP. So, this figure of 200 mill does not mean ANYTHING unless it was earned in the last 6 years, WHEN THEY WERE MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. 4

    Dumbass. She's still hotter than most hot twenty-somethings. And she's probably way better in bed.

  5. 5

    But I don't feel bad. She was his age once and walked around without a care, breaking hearts and not giving a shit. So, Demi. Howzzzzz it goinnnnnn.

  6. 6

    I really doubt that cheating ended their marriage. I think the marriage has been long over way before he started cheating. I have a feeling the infatuation with her is over. Remember when she moved back to Hollywood from Iowa, she was the hottest thing in Hollywood. People thought she was still 25.

  7. 7

    Just goes to show you - it doesn't matter how hot you are, guys will always cheat on anyone with anything! Sucks for Demi.

  8. 8

    Not that this would surprise me; but it's hard to put credibility on anything that "the Star reports. I'll believe it when divorce docs are filed.

  9. 9

    I know.. Don't hire any lawyers and each gets $145 MILLION!!!! There.. Problem solved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. 10

    Re: justtfax – My my that's a lot of caps and exclamation points over something you know nothing about and about people you've never met. Are you this hyper in your own life with people & situations in which you're actively involved? If so, you might want to consider anger management classes before your family & friends start considering restraining orders.

  11. 11

    I thought they had an open relationship?

  12. 12

    No wonder she looks super slim. I hope they can work it out.

  13. 13

    I've never understood this relationship. Why would a 33 year old man want to be with a woman approaching 50? Even though she looks great, given the endless plastic surgeries, she can't have children any more, and has to work so much harder to look good. Unless….he has never wanted children, has wanted to remain a teenager (his mentality) and wants to be with someone he doesn't love.

  14. Otter says – reply to this


    She can do better.

  15. 15

    Tell Demi I know the Barbour family from Roswell.

  16. 16

    Demi can do better. She still looks great. I always thought Ashton Kutcher was something of a lughead.

  17. 17

    not.breaking.news. and star is not a source.
    but maybe…i dunno he deicded he wanted to be a dad to a kid of his own? i cant see Demi popping any more kids out any time soon.
    theres probably alot more to this then "oh he cheated" IF this is true.
    and perez this is thier life..they dont need to give you any details. and if you wanted the straight story..you would wait until they said something instead of posting every bit of speculation star magazine spits out.

  18. 18

    Re: adg100 – Being hot does not mean anything, maybe she is a bitch to live with. We really do not know what really happen inside their mariage and I doubt that magazines knows it at well.

    The end.

  19. 19

    all the surgery the dieting, god knows what drugs etc….shes like 60. they aint gonna work out well for her. hell right a check and bang whoever he wants. shes left lookin at 80 year olds for the next paycheck

  20. 20

    I have no respect for people who cheat.

  21. 21

    LOL. Star Magazine lied about Kim Kardashian WHILE SHE WAS WORKING FOR THEM. In the end though, who cares? Not me. Besides, she's missing her front teeth. Gross.

  22. @v@ says – reply to this


    This is an expected natural course of events considering the age disparity. May they both move to that place where they can appreciate it simply for what it was in short order.
    Demi's been there and done that, so I hope she doesn't waste too much time tying things up in her head…too much to see and do, and appreciative men to meet; and Ashton can go on doing whatever guys his age should be doing.

  23. 23

    I'm not the greatest Demi fan. I loathe people like her (and granny Madonna) trying to pass off their youthfulness as natural when both have had multiple procedures to create their look. At any rate, it was obvious something was up with her tweeting all of those half naked pics. No one does that but someone with low self esteem trying to convince themselves and the world they still have it. I felt embarrassed for her. Whatever,–Ashton is an immature douche. His punked shows were like a bunch of 12 yr olds and he's not funny. He strikes me as having the IQ of a block of wood. His ship seems to have come in with 2 1/2 men (he's the half) but I suspect the ratings were the result of curiosity not genuine fans of the show. Chuck Lore just traded douches.

  24. 24

    It's been quite obvious for a while now just by looking at their body language, that their relationship is not solid, nor are they "in love" or sexually attracted to each other like they used to be. They have fallen out of love, and it happened a long time ago. Why they stayed together most likely has something to do with how Hollywood works, a façade.

  25. 25

    He is tired of his suga mama especially now that he is making dough. But we knew this was coming, she way too old for him, ugh!

  26. 26

    I ask as well, where is this supposed $290 million coming from?? Did he make that much on "Punk'd"? His tech investments? Surely not from his onscreen career, nor has she made a high profile movie in ages either. Yes there are bucks in residuals for his work on "That 70's show" but they depreciate over time. Maye he was a wise investor (said tech stocks) and maybe she was too when she could make a buck. Dunno… still sounds like a lot of loot.

  27. 27

    He's 33, she's like 51.