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Every Glee-tail : Mama Can You Hear Me?

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Ring, ring! Hello? Ryan Murphy? Congratulations - you're a man of your word!

If it's been a long time since you've watched an episode from season one of Glee, it might be time to revisit your DVD collection. Throw in an episode from the first half of this amazing show and you'll notice something that we noticed last night while watching the new episode - the show is back to its roots! And we couldn't be more pleased!

Last night's episode was heart-warming, heart-wrenching, story-not-song driven and just a twinge darker than most of the other shows you would see at the 8PM hour. Shelby Corcoran played by the marvelous Idina Menzel has returned to Lima to start some serious trouble. For starters, she has been commissioned by Sugar Motta's hot-rich daddy to start an opposing Glee club at the school, exclusively featuring his daughter. On top of that, she plans to try and force a bond between not only herself and her baby's biological parents, Puck and Quinn, but also with her own daughter, Rachel.

The latter is resistant of her biological mother, still feeling singed from the last time she was in town. While preparing for her audition for West Side Story, she reads her mother the riot act and insists they won't be able to have a relationship. Somehow, that doesn't stop them from dueting on Somewhere and thank God - it was one of Lea Michele's best performances to date, somewhere up there with My Man and Don't Rain On My Parade. There, we said it.

Elsewhere, Kurt is coming to terms with himself yet again, which is proving difficult for him on many levels. Simultaneously, Kurt tries to "gay down" his campaign for student class president and his acting capabilities. It's important to him - or at least he thinks it is - to play it "straight" on both accounts. Of course, this is after he auditions for West Side Story with the only song left from Funny Girl Glee hasn't covered, I'm the Greatest Star. Not only was the song incredible, but the choreography - out of this world! We had no idea he had that in him.

We did, however, know that Blaine was going to come in and blow away the Beiste (who is directing the musical alongside Emma and Artie) with his audition. It's obvious that our beloved Darren Criss' character is a shoe-in to play Tony, but there is some conflict of interest. Should he put his love, Kurt, above having his dream role? The directors certainly want him to, but will that put a rift in their relationship that can't be fixed? Besides, there's always … next year! Yes, in a sly move that we absolutely caught, Blaine snuck in there that he is only a junior, so he'll still be enrolled at McKinely for another year with Tina and Artie. Everybody do a little happy dance.

But anyway, Kurt realizes by the episode's end that he must be true to himself, so he lets his audition stand on its own merit and runs his campaign the way Brittany thought he should, using a unicorn as a metaphor. However, now it seems he'll be riding his horned stallion solo as Brittany realizes she is a "genius' and decides to run against him. Gee, wonder where she could've heard that from?! LOLz!

And then there's Quinn. Last night was really about her and the most adorable little baby ever to be on TV. Shelby's return also means the return of the baby Quinn and Puck gave up for adoption. Both want to be a part of Beth's life, but at first, only Puck is mature enough to clean up his act in order to get the chance to meet his little girl. It was extremely touching to watch Mark Salling not only show his tender side, but also have a storyline at all! No swaying in the background for this guy this season! As for Quinn, it takes some convincing - and one serious lecture from Mr. Schue - but eventually, she decides to abandon the pink hair and nose ring, rejoin Glee and prove that she's ready to grow up. Still, its hard to teach a dog new tricks, which Quinn proves when she reveals her masterplan to Puck. The good girl act is just that - an act to get on Shelby's good side in order to find a way to get her daughter back.

Dun, dun, dun!

Overall, last night had everything we loved about Glee in it - powerhouse musical performances, our favorite characters making with the funny and dare we say, some story development. Here's looking VERY forward to next week!

What did U think about the episode? Were U moved? Bothered? Joyous? Bored? Weeping? What?

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12 comments to “Every Glee-tail : Mama Can You Hear Me?”

  1. 1

    I hope someone really does know that Quinn can't get her baby back. When you give a baby up for adoption she signed away her parental rights. She can't get her baby back. The system doesn't work like that.

  2. 2

    Re: LoveDutchess8 – actually i think their have been cases where the mom got their kid back but i dont know for sure i still think Shelly's a bitch for trying to have Quinn be in the baby's life anyway! Thats like waving a carrot in front of the horse

  3. 3

    I was absolutely unimpressed and bored with Glee last night! Can we get a song from 2011? I want to see more of all the students and not just Rachel and Kurt and Blaine. I love Glee so I'll keep watching. Next weeks previews look pretty good.

  4. 4

    Last night's episode was good. I agree with what you posted Perez. Kurt and Blaine are the most talented on the show. Lea Michelle's SOMEWHERE didn't inspire me though. Her voice is like Celine Dion's, technically good but lacks personality and specialness.

  5. 5

    Here's what was WRONG with last night's show: Only 3 musical numbers, each one a solo or duet, and the first one more than 20 minutes into the show. No group number or choreography. ALL three songs were from a half-century old Broadway musical. Are they going for the PBS Lawrence Welk re-run pledge-drive audience? Plus, Puck looked puffy and old, like Levi Johnston; Brittany looked tired and old, with bad skin; Quinn looked old, like Madonna; everyone seemed exhausted. All plot and exposition, no fun. And Darren Criss is every bit as gay a Tony as Kurt would ever be. (Adorable, but hetero? no!)

  6. 6

    alright here's my 2 cents on Glee so far… Last nights episode was aright. The story was good but come on already with the music. Where are the 80's tunes that I love and songs from today??
    Looking at the first 2 episodes I see the stories with Rachel and Kurt and Blaine but umm where is Finn? I really do love his character and the songs that he sings.
    So my hopes for the next episodes are as follows: Lets get some better songs that I can downloaded and sing badly to in my car, and can we see some story line for Finn. Mercedes, and some of the other characters, not just Rachel and Kurt (although I love them)

  7. 7

    last night's episode was crap. everything felt extremely forced and made me cringe multiple times. and mr. shue is NO ONE to be bragging about dancing. mike should be solely teaching the class because shue is full of himself and washed up. i had to calm myself down by watching an episode of community afterwords to remind myself that not all television is that crappy. i am officially done with that show

  8. 8

    I'm over glee. its 2000 and late. next.

  9. 9

    Please stop Kurt from singing…..he wasn't that great.

  10. 10

    so far this season the music choices have been really lame, Ryan keeps writing this crap and this will be GLEEs last year, they are turning away there target demographics with all the lame show tunes they have been using

  11. 11

    one of the best episodes ever! wow this season is getting better and better!!!

  12. 12

    I cried in the scene with Puck, Shelby and Beth.. And then I cried when Shelby showed Quinn her picture. I loved it! Everything. I hope Klaine will be together for a long time, they are such a adorable couple. If or when they break up I think I'll cry my eyes out. I'm such a weeper