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Sad! Real Housewives Of New Jersey's Jacqueline Ready To Quit The Series!

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Oh no! This is so sad!

Original Real Housewives of New Jersey castmember Jacqueline Laurita is reportedly fed up with the reality series, and according to sources, will not be returning full-time for the already-filming fourth season!

Although she's signed for a six year contract, the reality star has apparently agreed to make limited appearances next year, and is requesting to be dropped completely by the fifth season!

It certainly looks that way, especially via her latest Twitter updates:

I feel nauseous and feverish. No reunion for me.Sorry guys.XOXO!

Someone( not me) got set up tonight. There are some sneaky people trying to make someone look bad & then play innocent on camera. Sad.

2b honest.I'm tired of the BS &shitty low life people.I didn't know this was what I signed up 4.I have 2rise above&move on.

I can't be part of the Charade anymore.It's unsettling. It's disturbing & against what I stand for. I'm a REAL housewife

Well. We guess we know which castmember Bravo was trying to replace a few weeks back!

But we have to admit - we're really bummed out!

She's a sweetheart and was always one our favorites, and we're going to be sad to see her go!

But you have to do what's best for you and your family, gurl!

Sorry to hear that this whole experienced had to have ended on such a bad note!

P.S. Who do U think was being set up?! And who's behind it?! Drama!!

P.P.S. CLICK HERE to "follow" Perez on Twitter!

[Image via WENN.]

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27 comments to “Sad! Real Housewives Of New Jersey's Jacqueline Ready To Quit The Series!”

  1. 1

    Why sad? ? She gets an F in the raising of her daughter Ashley! Ashley the assaulter, Ashley the hair puller, great job Jacqueline! Hope your son turns out ok, maybe you've grown up a bit! ? Hope so!!!

  2. 2

    what's with her lips?

  3. 3

    I say Good Riddance. I would not wish that woman on anyone for a mother. She picks fights with Ashley, then retreats and Ashley gets blamed when she answers back. She needs to grow up her own self!!!! I wish Dina would come back, Now She is a Lady!

  4. 4

    I agree kappuhcheenoh a real housewife raises their children and doesn't take passive aggressive jabs at them on a reality show…you are a failure Jackie

  5. 5

    Totally not sad…this woman thinks her shit don't stink. I always thought she was incredibly stuckup, but tried to put on that sweetheart charade…bullshit!

  6. 6

    not sad she's boring and immature

  7. 7

    I'll miss her. Her relationship with her daughter and her arsonist ex-husband makes it not a huge surprise though. She hasn't been on as much this season either. But the comments about not even doing the reunion are odd. I can't wait to find out what happened. I just hope they don't fill up her space with more Teresa and Joe G. I can't take another minute of those two and their spoiled trashy children. If it weren't for Caroline's hot sons and her relationship with her daughter I wouldn't have watched this season at all. I wish they'd just do a Caroline show. I'd be thrilled with that. Or Albie and Chris.

  8. 8

    She meant she thought Tre somehow set up poor Melissa at some fashion show(Maybe something to do w/ Melissa being a stripper). But it backfired and Bravo was in on it. Jac doesn't take into consideration that Melissa has been calling media outlets giving dirt on Tre they just don't care.

  9. 9

    That's too bad :( Her and Caroline were the only ones I was interested in watching…Wonder why no reunion show? Bravo probably thinks Jacqueline doesn't bring enough drama :/

  10. 10

    I'm upset by this news i love jacqueline, she is the only housewife from new jersey who has actually has grown people drama

  11. 11

    This has Theresa written all over it. She stars SO much shit. And she stared crap at that fashion show Kim D had two weeks ago and Theresa and Melissa went at it AGAIN!! Theresa is a BITCH they need to get rid of HER not Jacqueline.

  12. 12

    Super sad :( I probably won't watch the show anymore if Jacqueline isn't on it.

  13. 13

    Re: JennFrost – Awesome Idea…..ANDY ARE YA LISTENING????
    We would love to see more of Caroline and her family. The boys are so humorous and that whole family loves each other!!!

  14. 14

    We watch all the Housewives crash and burn,every series is the same,what does Bravo put in the water? New York, not for me,I liked Jill. So 1 down..now if Jacqueline leaves N.J. won't be watching. . What started out as fun T.V. is now tragedy. I don't need to watch Housewives to be depressed,I can read my newspaper or watch cable news for that. Bye Housewives,it was fun for awhile,I will miss some of you .

  15. 15

    I always thought she was spineless, and here is the proof. She should just say what is going on and stick up for herself. No wonder her daughter is so immature, she is a replica of her mother. And she acts so fake and phony. I would love to see Dina again. And I love Kathy! The show would not miss her, in fact after a week she would be a faint memory.

  16. 16

    Why doesn't she just say what she means or stfu. As a mother of teenagers and twenty soemthings I would never, never, never throw my kid under a bus on national t.v. Ashley hasn't found herself at twenty, did she rob a convenience store? Oh, and excuse her for living in your house, she was under the stupid impression that it was her house too, that you did not think of her as an outsider. Sorry she took your financial support for granted. Instead of being so critical, and wanting to move on with your "new" family you should have been more supportive. the final straw for me was when Chris said, when they were going to Punta Cana, are you going to miss Ashley? and then laughed alot. Also, when he said he was starting up that P.R. Firm with the Manzo boys so that his sons would have a business that they "Could just walk right into." Where is that same attitude with Ashley? Not there. And I love how they are all berating her at the restaurant about drinking while banging back huge drinks. Talk about hypocrites. then the poor kid finds out her father is a petty criminal. I feel sorry for Ashley! And I know I am the only one in the world, but I don't care. By the way, if their investment in BlackWater was doing well and it was adventageous for Jac to stay, she would stay. It is just that without Ashley she has nothing to whine about.

  17. 17

    OMG noo this is crazy :'(

  18. 18

    She is so silly. There was a scene at an event and Bravo and Gudices's set it up, that is what the show is about. It makes Jac 2faced because that is how Melissa clawed her way onto the show by giving horrible intel on Teresa. Melissa is still calling radio stations and txting entertainment blogs and asking them to give Teresa's books bad review and info on her marriage. So shut up Jac.

  19. 19

    =( she's my favorite. yeah, ashley wasn't raised correctly, but you can't expect much from a mom who is still almost a teen. people should have a license to have a child. but i love her anyway. i love how she seems to try and stay out of drama, but if you cross her she will unleash the cuss words! too funny. i will probably stop watching the show because of her leaving.

  20. 20

    Re: gessie – I agree with you and have felt sorry for Ashley also! She needs a good mom like Caroline who really loves and cares about her kids more than herself!!
    Remember the big party that Caroline threw? She was doing alot of the work and stayed in sweats for the party…she keeps it real. That is one reason why her family is so close. Money does not mean everything to them.

  21. 21

    One of the rumors, going around, is that Jac slapped Teresa across the face! Hope it's just a rumor, otherwise it's basically sending the wrong msg to Ashlee, with the hair-pulling incident! JMO, but, I think Bravo set ALL the NJ Housewives up….they've taken this season too far! I quit watching!

  22. 22

    Re: gessie – I am sorry, but I disagree with you. If at 20, you have no drive or desire to do anything, but stay out late, party and be unappreciative of everything and every opportunity given to you, that's herown damn fault. Ashley is an adult now, and has NOTHING going for her. She has been spoon fed everythign on a sivler platter and fks off any chance she is given, I mean Carolyn's daughter gave her an awesome opportunity to make tshirts for her makeup line, and Ashley turned in half assed HORRIBLE sketches.She just doesn't give a fk about anyone but herself,. She is 20 years old, she needs to grow up, mature and figure out what the hell she is going to do with her life. So what she didn't rob a store, so if its not a crime, then shes ok? Free loading off her parents while being disrespectful and not giving a damn about anyone but herself, yea shes doing just fine! (rolls eyes)

  23. 23

    First of all, her top lip just sits there and doesn't move… like a piece of dead steak. Second, I thought this season was just ridiculous! Embarrassing TV. Her daughter is a complete loser. The whole world open to her, and she's just lazy and worthless.

  24. 24

    Ashley is just a loser. His step father bought her a car, where is that car now? Instead of going to a pro. to order her T-shirt for her grand opening salon, Caroline's daughter embraced Ashley, helped her by giving her the opportunity by doing the scetch for the T-shirt. Ashley acted like her cousin was the one who needed her more and ignored what she asked her to do, Ashley did what she wanted to do because she was a pro. How stupid it was. I'm tired of Ashley with her stupid hats. I don't trust Melissa. All she did when she was with her sisters were trashing Teresa. She even told her husband how bad Teresa treated her. Come on, knowing that her husband loves his sister she should try to encourage her husband to get back to the good relationship not fueling him with hate. Melissa can't sing, her voice is ugly and nassaly. Even if her late father said she is a good singer….the fact is she is not…unless she will perform with very tight and sexy outfit and sexy dance movements maybe people will see her performs, and ignore her ugly voice and ugly song!!!!!!!

  25. 25

    i say thats good that bitch is leaving cuz her and teresa starts to much stuff from the ahit with danielle to now…..her daughter runs her anyway she is not a good mom at all

  26. 26

    I'm a NYC girl, and the Jersey ho's really don't deserve what they got. Just a bunch of ginnies.

  27. 27

    First, I would like to say that I will miss Jackie because to me, she happens to be a real person with real issues. Her daughter is basically a spoiled brat and what Jackie tied to do is called tough love. If I had spoken to my mother, the way Ashley spoke to her mother or any adult, I would have gotten off the floor minus some teeth…REAL TALK.. No child, no matter how they feel about their parent would get away with half the stuff that Ashley has gotten away with. A bad mother? those who call her a bad mother is truly living in the world of delusion. A parent's job is to teach and guide. If the child decides that she (or he) is above that, then a parent will give up. Stop trying to pretend that your parenting skills are perfect. In fact, with the exception of Caroline's and Melissa's kids, I found the kids on this show to be obnoxious little brats. Theresa and Joe's kids are terrible and it is a matter of time, before those girls beat them up. Jackie has too much class to be on this show anyway and I wish her well on her future endeavors. Theresa is a two-faced bitch and it will be a total surprise if anyone is speaking with her (or her idiot husband) anymore after this season. She is self-absorbed and needs to be with her husband and those brats, she calls children.