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Jamey Rodemeyer's Sister Appears On Anderson 360

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We can't even begin to imagine what this poor girl must be going through.

Which makes her all the more courageous and unbelievably strong to be able to stand up in front of the nation and speak out on behalf of a cause that NEEDS OUR ATTENTION.

Only nine days after 14-year-old Jamey Rodemeyer took his own life after years of relentless bullying for his sexuality, his older sister, high school student Alyssa, bravely appeared on Anderson Cooper 360 to discuss the nonstop torment her brother endured at the hands at some of his peers, even on the day of his wake, and to continue spreading the message that this kind of harassment needs to be made illegal!

Check out her powerful words, as well as those of bullying expert Rosalind Wiseman (above)!

Wiseman is completely right when she says:

"We've got to look at ourselves, and not society. When we talk about society then we stop taking responsibility for our own behavior and the behavior that goes on in our communities. It's about what we can do with the kids that we know in our own families. And honestly, if people are gonna say 'Well those were some bad kids.' If you're watching this and you're part of this community, talk to your children even if they weren't involved. Even if they sat there and they were stunned. Even if they sat there and they wanted to do something, but they couldn't. Because those are the conversations that matter to kids, so that things like this do not continue in the future."


We sincerely hope that his community, as well as communities all over the country with similar problems, listen to these women and not only make these bullies take accountability for their cruel and thoughtless actions, but also start a serious discussion with the young people who may not even understand the gravity of what their insults and words mean when they're saying them.


May Jamey's tragic death not be in vain.

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38 comments to “Jamey Rodemeyer's Sister Appears On Anderson 360

  1. 1

    Now the sister's out there pointing fingers. If she was a GOOD sister she would have been TUNED IN to her brothers issues helping and encouraging him.

  2. 2

    ""make these bullies take accountability for their cruel and thoughtless actions""
    I cant believe even you can say those words with out being struck down. I think if you truely believe that as soon as any law is passed(las if it will be) you will turn yourself in. While you are at it turn yourself in for the whole pedophile thing also.HYPOCRITE HYPOCRITE HYPOCRITE HYPOCRITE HYPOCRITE HYPOCRITE HYPOCRITE HYPOCRITE HYPOCRITE HYPOCRITE HYPOCRITE HYPOCRITE HYPOCRITE HYPOCRITE HYPOCRITE
    Oh Damn now Im a homophobe

  3. yeez says – reply to this


    Every other post on this page is bullying in some aspect. You're not as obvious as you were in the past, but it's still there. Posting unflattering pictures of women, posting a picture of Lindsay Lohan that was obviously years old, talking about how socially awkward Kristen Stewart is, offering cash for unflattering pictures of Michelle Bachmann… Your involvement with an antibullying campaign is a blatantly hypocritical act. You are a terrible representative, both of the gay community and the entire human race. You weren't concerned enough about this boy to not making money by posting an ad before the video, were you?

  4. 4

    As a victim of bullying growing up I do agree that something should be done. However I'm very confused as to how? Who do you hold responsible, the parents? the kids? society? If these kids are too immature to understand the effect their words have on others, and their parents obviously aren't doing anything to teach them at home…. how is handing out a fine going to change anything? The reason kids don't reach out now is because they are scared, scared of the consequences of being a tattle tale. So bobby the biggot gets fined for being an asshole, or his parents get fined, they beat him when he gets home, he goes to school you really think hes going to apologize or be remorseful? This is one of those things that sounds great in theory but i just don't understand how it will work. Spend the money on the education system, teach kids in preschool and kindergarten to be tolerant and that its ok to be different, that its not ok to bully. Change society, not the legal system..well the legal system could use some upgrades to… but i dont think this is the way to get results

  5. 5

    Re: NotSoGay – WOW, so..if i say that if americans were GOOD americans they would have seen 9/11 coming, and since they didnt they must be shitty people who deserved it?

  6. 6

    Re: Roachies – That really dies as a comparison, Roachies. It's so DOA that I almost can't begin to explain to you how unrelated it is. One-on-one, close family relationships and observing another's distress has zero to do with what happened on September 11th. Try to stick to something relevant … and I hope you enjoy the taste of your feet, because you've really stuck 'em in your mouth with that idiotic post.
    Gee, Perez, it seems I'm not the only one who sees you for exactly what you are. Some of your inane, lame-brained, ass-licking supporters can say what they like, but the majority of your audience these days hates you and doesn't mine saying so. A normal person would stop and consider where he'd gone wrong, but you're not normal, and so you continue to blunder forward. I'm enjoying watching your fall. It's fun.

  7. 7

    Re: Roachies – ummmm, I am thinkning that if a sister lives at the house and sees that brother is sad, she may know something and try to help. Not even close to 9-11. Your argument I see, but it is apples and oranges.

  8. 8

    Re: La Garse – ""I'm enjoying watching your fall. It's fun. "" Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

  9. 9

    OK well maybe some progress is being made on Perez, I didn't see GaGa's name or the use of the word monster in your text. A possibly qualified expert is weighing in, and in the name of this child it may create a catalyst, and the world can use this family for the greater good.

    But your personal agenda to outlaw and jail children is missing the point. Harrassment is illegal, stalking, cyber or otherwise… this expert is dead on regarding practical discussions with kids. Unfortunately what is being missed are the shitty parents who bully their kids, or have siblings who do… There is a bigger behavioral issue showing up here - you will miss it if you feel it is just a gay plight that law enforcement needs to police.

  10. 10

    The sister should be mourning the loss of her brother privately! these bullies are wrong for acting the way they did, and clearly their parents should have taught them better, but I am sure they now realize the consequences of their actions and will live with this guilt for forever, and now they are being nationally scrutinized (14 is a young age, still immature with a lot of growing to do). It just seems like a vicious cycle, now these bullies will be bullied nationally because no one stepped in to intervene (where were school officials/parents when the bullying was happening, why was nothing done prior) Ostracizing the bullies and vilianizing them wont make Jamey come back & it wont fix anything….!

  11. 11

    Re: MsJules – How dare you pass judgment on how his sister chooses to grieve the loss of her brother. She's in extreme pain at the moment yet she's trying to get a message of tolerance to the public on behalf of & in memory of her brother. You should be ashamed of yourself for your comment.

  12. 12

    Perez wouldn't be who he is if it weren't for bullying. I'm surprised these celebs even waste their time chatting with him–it must be ones he hasn't offended. Yet.

  13. 13

    Re: MsJules – You're attitude and approach is part of the problem. Please NEVER have children.

  14. 14

    Re: MsJules – Who are you to say how his sister should mourn? That's absurd.

  15. 15

    Every single person on this thread is WAY OFF BASE. Perez's job is to report whatever he feels like reporting. He may "bully" celebs like lohan and whoever else but that's like comparing apples to oranges. Two different things. Bullying in schools is a major problem and outlawing may not stop it but will deter it from growing into something that is acceptable. For those of you who have opinions on how this girl should be mourning the death of her brother, shame on you! She's doing what she thinks is right, spreading awarness to the serious situation. A boy hung himself because of cruel and hurtful things his peers were saying to him on a regular basis. That is NOT okay, and it's disturbing reading the things you people are writing here. Take the situation for what it is, don't twist it. RIP Jamey, may your death open the eyes of the cruel and ignorant.

  16. 16

    I honestly don't understand why the bullies' names have not been reported to the media. I think they should be exposed. The family seems a bit too passive. I feel bad for them but from what I know, they haven't done much to support Jamey when he was alive. He had alot of support from his friends instead. They accepted him for being gay.

  17. 17

    the majority of the time the "bullies" come from abusive homes. not always, but a lot of the time. so… fining them is not the solution. i'm not sure what is. bullying has been a problem since the beginning of mankind's existence. it isn't right but suicide isn't right either. stop romanticizing and glorifying those who kill themselves!

  18. 18

    Re: Lanstrthemonstr – Tell that to Brittany Murphy, Simon Monjack, and Corey Haim. Its known that gossip blog bullying contributed to their deaths and Im sure they will link it to Amy Winehouse also.
    And worse of all is bullying some one with mental problems like Brit Spears.

  19. 19

    Re: RUReallySerious?? – LMAo…… What a nice comment on a bully thread. Clearly you people are living in a bubble…. Life is hard.. get a helmet.

  20. 20

    Re: Meggie246524 – Right.. and by being all over the media is really going to help her recover…..

  21. 21

    Re: RUReallySerious?? – The 1st amendment gives me the right to say whatever the hell I choose.. don't like it, file your complaint to the idgaf department.

  22. 22

    It would have been nice if Anderson Cooper would have named "the conservative groups" that think bullying shouldn't be taught about in schools cause it will "make" kids want to be gay.. I'm pretty conservative, but I am totally in favor of gay rights and gay marriage.. If you're going to say something like that Anderson then tell us WHO IS SAYING THAT AND NOT A GENERIC REFERENCE!!!!

  23. 23

    How stupid do you have to be to convince yourself that bullying may actually become an illegal act? This is such a ridiculously stupid topic of discussion. For your information, Mario, you claim that you want bullying to be illegal? Do you know much about 'The Statute of Limitations' that we have in this country? Better learn quickly! If bullying was made to be an illegal act, perhaps we could put you behind bars for all the "illegal" acts that you have commited these past years. You do nothing BUT bully people. I remember when you posted the nude photograph of Miley Cyrus while she was underage. Thats bullying and pedophilia. Keep up the good work! You WILL burn.

  24. 24

    Re: MsJules – I think your comments are right on the nose. The idiots that are fighting with you aren't worth any breath/typing.

  25. 25

    My brother was bullied when we were kids, the kid bullying him was raised in a volitale house with an angry mean mom, and alcholic dad. My brother came home every day on the bus upset and was mean and bullied me. The bullying was a release of anger and lack of control.

    My mom and dad got him into another school that worked out for him (and no it wasn't private and we didn't have money) Nobody was gay, but my brother sure was thrown slurs his way, and it was an every day horrible experience that my parents were in touch with and resolved. Ironically I grew up not knowing this person and found out that I ended up dating and marrying my brother's bully.

    Guess what? We are all an integrated family more emotionally aware but I can't forget that sometimes the bully is in as much pain and probably in a less supportive environment. These kids aren't evil… children under the age of 18 are developing. and emulate their parents or just trying to survive. This hits a nerve in all of us, but we can't forget that sometimes the best approach is not a silver bullet of law enforcement.

  26. 26

    Re: Mikoras – Everyone is just overly sensitive now a days…. but you're right, no sense even responding to people- they are probably the same people who want to coddle their children and teach them that the world is all glitter and roses while singing 99 bottles of pop on the wall to family vacations at wally world. lol

  27. 27

    Re: MsJules – I am sure she is also mourning privately, but she is also trying to get the word out there. You think the bullies feel remorse?? Then you have not read anything about this story, these kids chanted at his wake "You're better off dead". Do you think they feel guilty? No. You were probably never bullied because you paint makeup on your face so heavily that nobody can see your actual face. Please stop posting all your stupid comments all over this website.

  28. 28

    is it me or does jamey's sister seem oddly calm? all the same, fuck those bullies i hope they find the little pricks and hang em

  29. 29

    Jamey's death will not be in vain if we all stop and think about the possible consequences of cruel posts. Words do hurt and can lead to tragedy as we see all too often. We must work together to stop all forms of bullying.
    Respectfully, -Judge Tom

  30. 30

    Re: crissybarrows – LMAo.. and here you are making rude comments about me and how I look..lol! You are a giant hypocrite! Don't assume you know a god damn thing about me. You are over here insulting me while trying to rally against bullying, if that's not a giant contradiction- then I don't know what is. How on earth can you be over here chastising these bullies in the very same paragraph that you are bullying me for how I look in? Your whole opinion and argument is null and void because you are no better than the bullies, in fact you are JUST LIKE THEM!

  31. 31

    Re: MsJules – You say that now about the first amendment yet you're always bashing Perez for his opinions. HYPOCRITE!

  32. 32

    Re: MsJules – i wanted to respond to your comment on where were the parents, teachers etc. I also wonder how a close family can not see the pain of their loved ones…. HOWEVER i also know what its like to tell anyone your being bullied. Its one of those thing perhaps you cant relate to unless you've been in the situation. I dunno if I misunderstood your comment, but you really came across as blaming the family…which is a pretty disgusting thing to say.

  33. 33

    Re: manymoms – while it may be a little exagerrated the point is that this …girl.. what is she 16? could harldy do anything more about stopping this then the unexpecting victims of 9/11 could have. SHES A TEENAGER FOR CRYING OUT LOUD.

  34. 34

    Re: MsJules – Ok first of I want to begin by agreeing that you have the right to an opinion and the right to to state it. But if you are going to have an opinion at least check on your facts and make sure they are right before you start publicly stating about it. How can you say that these people who were bullying Jamey probably feel remorse and will have to live with their guilt?!! Did you not pay any attention to what his sister was saying?!! They chanted TO HER FACE, that he was better off dead. Oh yea, they just sound FULL of remorse! And while I don't necessarily agree that ostrasizing these guys is the answer, they need to know that what they have done is in no way acceptable, and they need to be held accountable. They contributed to his death, so yea they're going to be singled out and talked about! And as for how his sister chooses to grieve, that is her choice and her choice alone. People grieve in very different ways, and just like you have the right to free speech she has the right to grieve for her brother however she sees fit. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that you have no idea what it's like to have a family member commit suicide, so leave that poor girl alone, and start giving out the right people ie. the group who was bullying him!

  35. 35

    Re: Roachies – How am is it disgusting to blame the families of the bullies for not teaching their children better? Clearly you need to re-read my argument, I NOT once said I blammed Jameys family, in fact I said I blammed the families of the bullies for NOT teaching their children the harms of bullying, and I stated that the school was wrong for not doing something about this!! And yes, I asked where were the parents and school officials when this happened, I guess that may seem like blamming the parents, but that was not my intention- it just simply goes to show how bullying goes unnoticed because either the children are too afraid to speak up, or people around them just don't seem to notice. Either way it is a sad story, and I am not blamming anyone, just simply pointing out how this perhaps could have been prevented.

  36. 36

    Re: ChloGlow – Bashing Perez for his opinion? Yea, when Perez bullies other people in his condescending tone acting like he's reformed and change, but then goes on to post britneys crotch shot, and old photos of Lindsay smoking weed- just to start drama and embarrass/harass them, YEP YOU ARE DAMN RIGHT that I am going to say something! Your point?

  37. 37

    Re: Aoifs26 – You can crawl back from your limb now, because I have experienced it. And, to this day still don't have answers as to why because everything in his life seemed on track and he did not show one sign of being close to the brink (unlike Jamey, who posted on SEVERAL social networking outlets messages that were obvious cries for help. These children at 14, and I am sure right now they do not understand the depth of what they have done, and perhaps they maybe are true monsters and will never feel remorse- for teasing him, but then again maybe they will. You also fail to see that these kids did not kill him, yes they may have pushed him to the brink- but there is a limit to how much responsibility you can place on them. Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me. My parents divorced when I was 12- and I was always bullied and teased saying they split up because they didnt want me, and I was an accident & they'd be better off if I was never born & they'd still be married & i caused them to get a divorce etc etc- kids are fkn mean- and education needs to be provided to kids about how they can receive help if they are dealing with situations like this. I just find it hard to believe that there were no signs of depression in this case & that no one could have helped him.

  38. 38

    Re: MsJules – Apologies for that comment then. I have experienced it also, and also have personal experience with depression. Depression isn't anything anybody likes talking about, and you may disagree but it is still somewhat taboo. I know before I reached out and got help for my depression I had become very good at hiding it. Yes there was people who suspected but for the most part people didn't really know. I guess my point is that pointing fingers at this family is wrong and not something anybody should be doing. No these kids did not physically kill Jamey, they just made his life so unbearable that he felt that there was no other option for him. And I'm sorry but they need to know that. Maybe it is harsh but how are they going to learn anything from this whole mess if they don't realise that? Yea sticks and stones and all that, but I don't agree with the words will never hurt me part, because words can be so much more painful than a slap to the face sometimes. I do think this is something that people need to speak out about, otherwise lessons will never be learned. And telling this girl how she should be grieving or giving out about how she chooses to is not helpful in the slightest. Again I apologise for the limb comment it was thoughtless, and I am sorry for you loosing a family member in such a way. I know how it feels.