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Patti Stanger Has A History Of Being Rude & Offensive

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We kind of already figured that, mind you. A person doesn't just wake up one morning and instantaneously have horrible homophobic and anti-Semitic thoughts. The crap grows with time.

On the heels of a very public - and very disgusting - display of homophobia and anti-semitism from Millionaire Matchmaker star Patti Stanger, one of her former clients has come forward to talk about how unnerved she was to be offended by the reality star in the same fashion not too long ago.

Bryce Gruber was a client of Patti's during the 4th season of the her show and explains that Patti made several anti-Semitic comments to her during their time together. She revelas:

“She mentioned several times that my curly hair was ‘too Jewish,’ and asked me why I didn’t get my nose fixed for my Bat Mitzvah … She didn’t listen to me when I said what I wanted. She got upset with me when I said I didn’t like any of the men she picked and, off-camera, she pulled me aside and said, ‘If you want to look like a sweetheart to America, you’ll pick the teacher.’ She coerced me.”

The latter doesn't surprise us - TV is all about ratings after all!

But what the hell, Patti? People are all different and beautiful in their own way. Your job is match people with someone compatible for them, not change people so they can be compatible for someone you have lying around.

For shame, Patti Stanger. For shame!

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42 comments to “Patti Stanger Has A History Of Being Rude & Offensive”

  1. 1

    Funny how it wasn't brought up until now.

  2. 2

    its not homophobia asswipe….its facts you dont like..so youd like to silence her. your a liar and a bully. how many relationships you been in? how long do they last? how many people you sleeping with? what is the longest relationship youve ever had. when you dont like facts, call the person who tells you them a homophobe and try to hurt them…hate them thats you buddy!!!

  3. 3

    This woman is OUT OF HER MIND…She is rude, bossy and classless…And a tip for all you folks here in LA that think you are the bees knees, treat everyone with respect, because you NEVER know who could be your next boss…Oh and the next time you go shopping Miss Stanger, treat your shop girl with care…We are ALL watching you…

  4. 4

    my fav is when she tells women that they CANT sleep with men on the first date but CAN give them blow jobs!!!! LOL

  5. 5

    I also condemn Patti's behavior but in her defense, i saw the bryce gruber episode and let me just say Bryce isnt the sweetest girl. She was very stuck up and she was very difficult to work with and even though it might have just looked that way, by the tone of Bryce's voice in decision making and what not was very rude and conveyed the stuck-up girl she is. Even though she is stuck up it doesnt mean patti can say that stuff i just thought to whomever it concerns should know that Bryce isnt a "sweetheart"

  6. 6

    FYI Perez, you have a history of being rude and offensive too! Kinda the pot calling the kettle black!

  7. 7

    The fact that perez hates her makes me love this woman even more. Guess it doesnt help that she herself is jewish and PRO gay rights. Lol

  8. 8

    she is a slug in high heels. And who gives a shit what some reality show whore has to say about ANYTHING.

  9. 9

    Omg I am sooooooo Not a fan of this chick. Who knew the gay community and the Jewish community were Fox news in disguise. You are NOT really allowed to have an opinion. She is obnoxious, yes, but she was just stating what SHE has found to be true. I don't think she said it w/ malice or disrespect. Who knew a gay man (perez) was the most close-minded of them all and feels comfortable to throw hurtful words like homophobic and anti-semitic around—–you know Hitlers boys couldn't have their own thoughts either.

  10. 10

    Re: pie107 – actually she tells them no blow jobs and no sex…. no nothing actually but kissing

  11. 11

    she is jewish…she isnt anti semetic… she is talking about her experience in la as a match maker. She isnt homophobic either because she has tons of gay friends and sets them up and is a huge supporter of them. She is speaking in generalities based on things she experienced just like everyone does something in their private lies. She never said it is all gays, and all jews

  12. 12

    She may say what she thinks and not 'filter' very well, but she is definitely not anti-semitic (She's Jewish) nor homophobic (Otherwise why would she set them up?) I think she was talking to 'Jew to Jew' so to speak, and since she is Jewish she felt she could speak her mind to her Jewish 'sister'. If you are thin skinned you shouldn't go to Patti.

  13. 13

    Has anyone actually seen the show? Why is this news NOW? It's not like she's any different than she was day one.

  14. 14

    isnt it strange how someone who claims to be so privy to relationships yet she herself is 50 and never been married or maintined a longterm relationship? i guess those who cant, teach?

  15. 15

    Re: baller2 – LIES!!! I watched that episode!!! She told a room full of women not to sleep with the guy but they could fondle and give blow jobs!!

  16. 16

    Oh please…Patti isn't a "homophobe or an antisemetic", she calls it like it is! She's allowed to have an OPINION, she backs it up with her EXPERIENCE! Give her a break! And as for this chick Bryce, I saw that episode…Bryce was a complete stuck up b*tch! Patti just told Bryce like it was…end of story. Bryce is probably still single (or dating another married man!), because no one was "good enough" for this little stuck up jewish girl/princess…

  17. 17

    Re: thebigboot – That is Exactly what I was thinking. I watched this Biatch once and thought how rude and disgusting she was. Why does it take her being rude to certain people for it to be brought up???? Just wondering??

  18. 18

    She's only rude, sexist, racist, and a c&nt because she's projecting half the time. She is the least datable person on planet earth, yet somehow gets by on generalizing in her match-making ability (a monkey can do what she does.) She's a fraud, she knows it, and that's why she's such a mean spirited person. Nothing complex about this run-of-the-mill broad.

  19. 19

    Mario never mentions this broad because she's on Bravo. Bravo pays him tons of money to place ads thru a third party ad clearing house. Mario, like her, is just as much of a fraud.

  20. 20

    Re: pie107 – Hmmm if she took money and told ladies to give blow jobs….she tells them crassly no holes, Until manogamy

  21. 21

    Love her! To any of her detractors ……. STFU! Love Patti !!!!

  22. 22

    Oh Perez you are truly an idiot!! Maybe you need to look up some facts and see that Patti IS Jewish!! Also, maybe this woman is coming out to get some publicity! Ever think about that??!! Since when do you take the word from an unknown and possibly bitter source, since this person did not find anyone, and make it credible. Patti has been saying this stuff all along since season 1 and as you can see nutjob she continues to have gay and Jewish clients. So shut up!!!

  23. 23

    Horrible homophobic and anti-Semitic thoughts? Don't you think that's a bit of an exaggeration?
    FYI, she IS Jewish so I find it hard to believe she's anti-Semitic. And she's always featured gay couples on her show as well as straight ones. I think she just talks without thinking things through. She's politically incorrect at times but I don't think she's anti-Semitic or anti-gay.

  24. 24

    Sounds like she is the same person who criticizes her participants on the show. Nothing new here, the show is boring i could not watch anymore than 15 minutes of the show.

  25. 25

    This woman is awful. I have no idea why Bravo continues to subject their audience to her and her hateful commentaries. It's painful to watch her berate people for their looks when she and her minions aren't exactly the most pleasurable people to look at themselves. This woman looks and behaves like an ass. I'm really not surprised at all that she's a total bigot.

  26. 26

    I am baffled. Why would anyone rely on her to find a life partner? Bloody scary!

  27. 27

    When she bashes straight men and women "it's cool"… when she bashes gay men and jews… suddenly it's a HUGE issue. She's a Bitch… weather you are straight, or gay, or jew, or christian, blonde, short or tall. STOP WITH THE FUCKING GAY AND JEW CARD. We all get bashed… you are not the exception, by any means!

  28. 28

    yeah, I saw that episode with Bryce…she was a frigid bitch who wouldn't listen to anything Patti said. She was horrible and uncooperative.

  29. 29

    Homophobic, really? She works for Bravo, one of the networks that caters the most to the gay demographic. Have you ever watched her show? This was nothing for her, and it's wasn't even a big deal. Just because she said something true about gay men. Chill out, just because she didn't paint the perfect picture of gay men. Right now your being the hater for making this something its not.

  30. 30

    That Bryce chick is attractive. But I think she thinks she is hotter than she is. And she is too uptight.

  31. 31

    I love Patti.
    Kind of hard to be anti-Semitic when you are a Jew.
    She is far from being homophobic also.

  32. 32

    OMG perez, Comon. I am the first to denounce bigotry, but what she said about gay men ( I AM GAY ) was TRUE! Every gay guy says it all the time. She is not homophobic. And also she is Jewish, so how can she be Anti-semetic. Maybe she is just blunt. Ever heard of the "Truth hurts" Well she is just stating the truth.

  33. 33

    Stanger is a disgusting, delusional piece of self-righteous shit! Her homophobic and anti-semitic comments do not automatically make her a homophobe or anti-semite but her pathetically weak excuses and half-apologies shine the spotlight on her stupidiity and arrogance.

  34. 34

    sounds like this woman cant take a suggestion haha. shes just tight that patti was probably right about her lookin jewish. get over it.
    i also think it pretty clear that shes got nothing against jews or gays. i swear some people are just too sensitive.

  35. 35

    I enjoy Patti's show. I find it amusing. Was I supposed to take it seriously? ☺ All of the people that agree to do her show know what she's like. No one is forcing anyone to come on. If they can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen. I hope they don't cancel her show.

  36. 36

    Patti should be fired, she is rude and crude, I have said htis many times!
    She is insulting to everyone!
    I just don't understand why Andy keeps her on Bravo!

    She is not a nice person! Andy is such a good human being, maybe he just can't see how evil Patti is!

  37. 37

    ew. she's awful.

  38. 38

    Noun: An extreme and irrational aversion to homosexuality and homosexual people.

    She's not homophobic, she just has an opinion about gay men however inappropriate and callous it might be. But it's not homophobia. I think homophobia has officially joined the ranks of "racist". Such an over used word.

  39. 39

    FUCK YOU perez and your stupidity. As an older and MUCH WISER gay male, I'm here to tell you that what she said was far from homophobic!! You do much more harm to the gay community with your constant barking of false claims.

    Just like the black community doesn't want or need a "jesse jackson", the gay community sure as hell doesn't need you!!

  40. 40

    LMAO.. I find the fact that RUDE OFFENSIVE JUDGEY BULLY perez hilton commenting on another rude and offensive person, is just hilarious! You don't just wake up and become nice either Perez. The both of you are vile and shallow and just down right disgusting. It takes a dickhead to see another dickhead.. you guys should be bff, birds of a feather flock together!! How many times have u called celebs ugly (Potato head willis remember? Jennifer Maniston?) and even their children, you called Adam Sandlers young daughter ugly.. HOW DARE you even have the nerve to speak on something like this.

  41. 41

    Jesus, the reason why the show is fun to watch is because she isn't afraid to say what she really thinks. Everything is so boring an P.C. these days!

  42. 42

    Re: MsJules – Good point! I remember being horrified the way he would mercilessly make fun of celebrity children!