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The OWN Network's Ratings Are Worse Than The Channel It Replaced!

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Although Discovery was hoping to increase ratings - and revenue - by replacing Discovery Health with Oprah's OWN network, new rating comparisons for the new network in the third quarter of this year and Discovery Health's last year show that things are not looking too hot!

According to the adult viewership demographics:

Total Day Avg. viewership: Down 20%
Total Day Women 18-34 viewership: Down 32%
Total Day Women 18-49 viewership: Down 24%
Total Day Women 25-54 viewership: Down 15% (likely the ad target demo for OWN)
Total Day Adults 18-49 viewership: Down 25%


It's even down for women! That cannot be good!

We wonder what The Big O is going to do?!

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15 comments to “The OWN Network's Ratings Are Worse Than The Channel It Replaced!”

  1. 1

    Discovery health was at least unique. OWN is like lifetime, tlc, bravo instead less entertaining.

  2. 2

    I am not surprised in the least. Oprah thinks that just because her name is attached to something it's going to take off. She had her time. Time is up. Retire already. Your not all that anymore. Go and enjoy the billions of dollars you have. I sure would. If you don't want it send it my way. I will enjoy it for you.

  3. 3

    IF they did a documentary on Oprah's lesbianism with Gail, the ratings would go through the roof ! ! !

  4. 4

    Good. I loved Discovery Health channel, hopefully this will convince Discovery to ax OWN and bring Health back!

  5. 5

    I am surprised at how awful the OWN is…I tried at first but the same thing is on all the time and it's boring! Each time as I channel surf it is always Dr. Phil-I don't want to see Dr. Phil so I skate right on by it.

  6. 6

    Hey Oprah, I hear All My Children and One Life to Live are looking for a new home. Those would bring you viewers!

  7. 7

    Considering the line-up i am not at all surprised, it wll only go down as soon as rosie bitch comes on

  8. 8

    What might have made an OK show for the jobless and drunk, does not necessarily transfer to a full channel full of beyond shallow crap! Nice to see the only ego that can be seen from space gettin her ass kicked!

  9. 9

    Part of problem OWN has is that many people feel Oprah
    misled them into voting for Obama, and now with the economy, unemployment etc
    They put some of that blame on her

    And having Rosie waiting in the wings to come on and talk about how Bush was behind the collapse of the World Trade center will be her end

  10. 10

    when i heard Oprah was going to have a channel i thought it would be exciting and interesting! every time i check the tv guide it's the same shit all the fucking time. the only shows that are slightly interesting is searching for and that show about paranormal events and they try to figure out if its paranormal or scientific

  11. 11

    Re: mysticalflute24 – Exactly. I don't know if the SOAP network is gone but Oprah should buy it and put the ABC soaps back on TV.

  12. 12

    I can't name a single show that's currently playing on OWN and have no interest to find out. Bring back Discovery Health!!

  13. 13

    people are flat out sick of oprah and all of her ah ha moments. now shes relying on rosie to bring in the ratings. i mean how out of touch can she get. imagine, relying on someone as hateful, angry and disliked as rosie to bring in ratings. rosie will only make an already sinking ship sink even faster.

  14. 14

    Good. After her condescending rant about soaps profitability and basically sh*tting on daytime viewers she had this coming. She's been thinkin with her va-j-j…..lol. Forgot where she came from and all.

  15. 15

    Re: MR Pete – I never thought a tea(douche)bagger would read perezhilton.com, i thought all they do is watch fox(faux) news all day…hmmm