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3 Of Jamey Rodemeyer's Bullies Will Be Charged With Hate Crimes

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Maybe a stretch in prison will let these bullies figure out if it was worth it in the end.

As it turns out, at least THREE of Jamey Rodemeyer's bullies will be charged with hate crimes, as they played integral roles in the harassment that ended with his suicide.

We reported on the Police department deciding to look into placing charges, and we're glad to hear that a few of them have been found deserving of just that:

District officials said they’re cooperating with the investigation. Three students in particular appear to have been involved.

These are probably the same students involved with the chant of "we're glad you're dead" at the school's homecoming dance in front of Jamey's sister.

Punishment is absolutely deserved as this whole ordeal is just terrible.

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49 comments to “3 Of Jamey Rodemeyer's Bullies Will Be Charged With Hate Crimes”

  1. 1

    I actually find this sorta good news. Because this means Mario's days are numbered. Maybe they will even charge you as an adult FatBoy

  2. 2

    This entire situation is sad, tragic and nothing can be done to bring Jamey back. But if those bullies are, in some form, held accountable for being a party to his death, then I hope this will set a legal precedent that allows for bullies to be held responsible and to experience legal punishment for their actions. The bullies' daily torment of Jamey was absolute abuse and they had an invisible hand in the cause of his death. Perhaps this may provide his family with some sliver of comfort and may set the stage for tough anti-bullying laws within schools and the legal system. They already exist in the workplace. I hope Jamey is finally resting in peace - he seemed like such a sweet sweet kid.

  3. 3


    youre kidding right.

    This is their first offense (most likely) and they're a minor.

    GL giving them prison sentences.

  4. 4

    Totally sad situation BUT I really don't see how you can equate this to a hate crime that would command a prison sentence…major guidelines are going to have to be set forth if the legal system gets involved.

  5. 5

    oh for god's sake…these kids didn't force him ti kill himself. He chose to do it. I was bullied in high school too yet I'm still here to tell the tale. Maybe if society didn't baby kids and tell them all how special they are, they'd have more backbone and learn to ignore bullies.

  6. 6

    Have a feeling there will be some problems with this. The school (if that's where it occured) is also at fault.

  7. 7

    It's scary how ice cold these young kids are. No concious. No compassion. No sympathy. WTF are people raising these days? Animals? Demons? I can't!Teary eyed right now. This is a somebody's life and they have absolutely no regard for it. It's sickening. Not one of them feels any remorse? May this poor kid child in peace.

  8. 8

    Re: Jthemac – Maybe this Christmas, someone might give you the gift of tolerance and compassion. You desperately need these instead of an iPad or new clothes.

  9. 9

    The school needs a huge civil suit that'll really get some attention to get these people to start doing something about it. The "we're glad you're dead" chant is the only psychological way those kids can deal with the fact they might have caused someone to commit suicide. Disgusting but it unveils the deeper truth to these kind of kids. You can thank their parents whom also should be sued.

  10. 10


  11. 11

    People are insane. These kids do not deserve this. His parents need to be locked up

  12. 12

    Oh yay, lets criminally charge a bunch of boys for being boys and ruining their record for the rest of their life. Its not their fault the kid was a weak minded twat and couldn't fight back and ended up taking the easy way out and killing himself.

  13. 13

    If they can be charged with a hate crime for words then couldn't Mario be? He spouted anti-gay slurs at Will.I.Am. Let's be consistent and prosecute all these bullies.

  14. 14

    Re: Mad Dog – Oh please stop with the perez is a bully shit..Not only is it old as hell but it also makes you look like a retard..He's trashing entitled elitist celebs on a website..in which whom the people he talks about doesn't even acknowledge his existence or read what he says about him.

  15. 15

    Re: NookiesWA – Nice attempt at trying to be controversial; but we all know that there's no way you believe what you're saying. It's clear that you've been bullied or have some insecurity issues of your own and use this website as a way to safely lash out and get some much-needed attention. Good luck with whatever it is that you're experiencing.

  16. 16

    Re: Meggie246524 – Nah, I used to bully this kid in 6th grade. LUL, So I know firsthand about the bullying issue. I would go into details about how we are breeding a bunch of pansies but I won't bother, everyone that post here are 14 year olds.

  17. 17

    Re: NookiesWA – Fuck their records. At least they still have their lives. Jamey doesn't anymore.You dare call him a "weak minded twat"? How equipped to deal with the difficulties of life do you really expect a child to be? If you can't have any compassion for a kid who was so distraught with his condition in life that he saw no way out but to kill himself, God help you. How many times does this have to happen before strict measures are taken? Children are taking their lives. They are killing themselves. Do you get it? Bottom line is this: When does it stop? There have been too many instances now and something needs to be done about it and fast.

  18. 18

    Re: Meggie246524 – Oh so if someone disses gay they must be gay, if someone speaks the TRUTH on bullying I must be a bully victim lashing out..Please stop with the idiotic shit that can be seen a mile away..it makes you look like a fucking retard.

  19. 19

    Prison? Never going to happen even in a liberal state such as NY. Only a handful of people have been sentenced to prison and it was due to the fact that murdered the victum. There was no direct assault on the kid only words, harsh and evil words but words non the less. A good attorney will see the charges dropped or reduced. There will be no prison for the bullies.

  20. 20

    People go to prison for actions that result in death. Unfortunately for the police and the prosecutor they have not charged the ones who made the decision resulting in the death. This kid made the decision to die. In court this case will fail even with a new from the bar public defender. It can't be a hate crime if there is no crime to begin with. The whole concept of hate crimes is faulted anyway. It says some people are more special than others in the eyes of the law. Which should be blind and unbiased. Where were all these people shouting out while this kid was alive and being bullied so terribly? Survivors guilt is all this shit is.

  21. REPUB says – reply to this


    how many years should your hypocritic ass get you freaking asshole?

  22. 22

    I'm taking this with a grain of salt because its from a UK newspaper but I hope this is true. I also hope that Jamey Rodemeyers parents file lawsuits against the 3 kids and their families. Plus the school deserve a big lawsuit for not protecting their son. How were those 3 brat still able to go to that school dance without being suspended? The school did nothing to protect Jamey and the administration deserve to be fired.

  23. 23
  24. @v@ says – reply to this


    The bullies should have been read the riot act by their own parents regarding their behavior long before it came to this. Parents are accountable for what their kids are up to at school, and it's up to the school to bring them in, let them know, and DEAL with it. What if their parents are shocked and had no knowledge? It takes a village to raise a child. The village let Jamey firstly, AND these kids down.

  25. 25

    This is misuse of justice. He killed himself and unless they can find evidence of him getting beat up by these specific people then they can't charge them with anything.

  26. 26

    I wanna thank you Perez for sharing these stories. I think That boy suffered a lot before deciding to take his life. And I am sure he is not alone in this situation. And sorry to say that but as I read the comments listed below I realize that a lot of people are defending the kids who caused that…. Sorry guys but you are just demonstrating to me how stupid society can be. These kids did something Evil. And then they did what? they chanted to that little boy sister they were happy about what they did. I agree that is may be the fault of the parents and all. But in the end, a boy had to die and if we want society to change action must be taken. I say put them in prison for the rest of their life if it can set an exemple and save the life of another boy somewhere else.

  27. 27

    I wanna thank you Perez for sharing these stories. I think That boy suffered a lot before deciding to take his life. And I am sure he is not alone in this situation. And sorry to say that but as I read the comments listed below I realize that a lot of people are defending the kids who caused that…. Sorry guys but you are just demonstrating to me how stupid society can be. These kids did something Evil. And then they did what? they chanted to that little boy sister they were happy about what they did. I agree that this may be the fault of the parents and all. But in the end, a boy had to die and if we want society to change, action must be taken. I say put them in prison for the rest of their life if it can set an exemple and save the life of another boy somewhere else.

  28. 28

    Poor boy! The thing is, this whole It Gets Better campaign is flawed. It clearly doesn't get better. But i think in the USA (of course excluding those extremist countries that are based on religion, but talking about the western world) things are particularly worse and it's not the kids fault for being bullies, but their parents, for this ridiculous and insane christianity, which is an epidemic in this country. When your parents say to you since early age that you will go to hell for being this or that, that's sick, and they are not fit to be parents, might as well put these kids into care. It's a whole nation that are growing full of psychological complexes just for being human beings! It scares me to hell, i'm a brazilian living in the UK, and although there is prejudice, it is not something so ingrown into people, because these children are growing up thinking if you are gay you are evil! Well, when you think about it, these people that are telling their kids that they will go to hell if they are gay, are also telling that we come from Adam and Eve and deny the existence of dinosaurs, so, what can u say really. This has to finish! Isn't it horrible what's happening in the middle east and africa, the persecution of women and homosexuals? isn't it barbaric? Yet in America, the "westernest" of the west, people teach their children the same barbarism they are doing over there!

  29. 29

    Reality is bullying will never stop and maybe it doesn't need to, weeds out the weak members of society, cold and cruel but true. "Victims" can either lay down and die or fight and become a stronger person for it. There were a couple of times I was bullied relentlessly growing up, I fought back and oddly enough became friends with most of my bullies.

  30. 30

    For every one of these "tragic" stories I bet there are just as many stories of people who used there negative experiences growing up to become more than they would have if bullying had not happened to them.

  31. 31

    hey nookie so you claim to be a bully also great for you i will give you credit for having the guts to admit it but remember this. you will have to stand in front of god someday and answer for your actions and thoughts. and about someone being weak thats why they killed themselfs just remember a small high school in colorado that the kids being bullied fought back and inocent people suffered which would you perfer ……… i have a novel idea for you STOP BEING THE PROBLEM if you cant say something nice to someone then KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT. ignore them walk away do something else. there is going to be a time later in life that the people you pick on now may be in control of your life weather its as a corrections officer watching your sorry butt while you are in jail or as your probation officer or maybe they paramedic that scrapes your sorry butt off the highway after you crash your car….. remember if you are a bully the people that you bullied will be waiting for you

  32. 32

    Re: penny1206 – I live in NY and believe it or not we aren't THAT liberal. If there is written proof online that these kids even ONCE mentioned the word GAY in a bad manner,,. guess what ?? its a hate crime… and depending on how many posts it will be considered harrasment.. I think anything over 30 a month,.,, so we'll see….

  33. 33

    I hope that they get the punishment they deserve, however I am hoping the media does not release their names. They are still juveniles, and 14 is a young and dumb age, and they have a lot of time to grow. I know most people are going to say, why not- let the media crucify them and let people bully the bullies, but do we really need to repeat the cycle? Hopefully they will now see there are consequences for their actions, and hopefully this will reform the children so they can learn from this and change their ways.

  34. 34

    Re: Baranged – you are right. they are minors with no prior offences, and they didn't actually kill him, a typical sentence for an adult convicted is like 4-6 years- probably closer to 3 with good behavior, most likely these kids will sentenced to house arrest, counselling and community service. I doubt they will see much time in juvy tho.

  35. 35

    Re: mistique – Jamey chose to kill himself… He took his own life… it wasn't like the boys did it to him, they teased him which led up to the hate of his own life, but in the end he ultimately made his own choice…. don't forget that fact.

  36. 36

    I went to high school & middle school with a buncha mean girls, and cliques and a whole bunch of bullies.. bullies who even got into physical altercations with people (I went to performing arts schools, which had a diverse student body & at least 15+ known gay students) and there was not one case of them killing themselves. Kids now a day are too sheltered and too coddled. They turn to celebrities to be role models, like in this case Gaga (who is a known ex drug user, smoker and a drinker) to change their lives, when they should be turning to people who can actually do something for them, and think people like Charlie Sheen are “winning”. The flaws lie in parenting (of both bullies & victims) and society who is so oblivious to what is going on now a days. Kids are growing up way too fast & are not prepared for what the real world actually deals them. The real world is tough, scrutiny in the work place is tough, so u mess up at work & are insulted in front of your co-workers, you deal with it. You don't go home and kill yourself. Part of growing up, is learning to deal with the undesirable things in life. And this it gets better campaign, is crap. It does not get better, it stays the same. You will constantly deal with bullies in life, whether it be corporate executives, or mother in laws- that’s just life.

  37. 37

    It worries me that there are such hate-filled, disgusting people in the world. Behind bars is the best place for them until they learn how painful their words can be to someone.

  38. 38

    Re: NookiesWA – Ok, but it is still alright to throw this sick f*** into jail for posting kiddy porn, right? Miley Cyrus probably didn't appreciate her vagina being posted on gayperez.com I would rather throw him in jail for that anyway because the sentace would be much more harsh. It all works out!

  39. 39

    Re: NookiesWA – "in which whom the people he talks about doesn't even acknowledge his existence" Not the brightest person in the world, are you?

  40. 40

    My daughter's high school has a huge rainbow flag hanging in the front foyer of the school. There are afterschool clubs such as "GLASS" (gay, lesbian and straight support) that anyone can join. Any act of bullying, especially over one's sexual orientation, would be squashed like a bug in about 3.5 seconds. What the hell happened here?

  41. 41

    It is my personal experience to observe bullies beget bullies. You can't talk to the parents, they won't see anything wrong because most likely one or both of them are bullies too. I agree with Boner in a sense - this child worshipping has got to stop. Children are not perfect, not yours and not mine. I am blessed with a child who has a good head on her shoulders and enough self-worth to let bullying attempts roll right off her back. She has never been in a fight. All parents will deal with this and I'm sorry but, Jamey's parents let him down. I don't mean to be hurtful but why why why did he feel no one was listening to him? As far as jail time for the bullies - I doubt that will happen, as it's been pointed out, these are minor children and suicide is a choice Jamey made. Civil action and monetary rewards won't bring him back. I feel very sorry for that little guy, he could have been parented so much better.

  42. 42

    If evidence exists of criminal behavior (threats, harassment, stalking or intimidation) then criminal charges are appropriate. We don't necessarily need new state and federal laws addressing cyberspeech when offensive speech that constitutes an actual threat or incites criminal behavior is already regulated.
    Jamey's passing has kept the discussion alive - we all must learn & practice respect, kindness and tolerance of others. -Judge Tom

  43. 43

    Re: Mikoras – Kiddie means prepubescent. Porn means sexual content. Kiddie porn means a prepubescent girl was photographed or videotaped in a SEXUAL manner. Miley at that time was 17 years old thats not prepubescent..Thats full physical and sexual maturity for a girl. An upskirt shot does not meet the definition of "porn"..Although highly inappropriate but porn? No. Kiddie porn? Hell no. That argument would possibly stand if it wasn't completely fake in the first place.

  44. 44

    Re: Mad Dog – Are you saying that because I typed or made a grammatical error and thats the only thing you have to use as an attempt to win an argument? Or are you saying that because you're under the naive impression that stars perez trashtalks reads or is effect by what he says? Reporters and other gossip sites say way worse things. It's not bullying if the people thats the target doesn't even read it ROFL.

  45. 45

    I don't think the bullies should go to prison. I do think they should have to take some type of therapy though. I'm not on the bullies side, I know they're messed up. I just think that it was Jamey's choice in the end.

  46. 46

    a weak minded twat….is that really necessary?

  47. 47

    Re: AJ the Skook – You know who should have been parented better? The bullies. All kids are different. Jamey's parents could have been the best parents the world and the insults might still burn. Every kid takes bullying DIFFERENTLY. It has nothing to do with coddling, it has everything to do with bullies who shouldn't be saying hurtful and ridiculous things every single day. And also, saying to his own sister that they're glad he's dead? That's beyond boys being boys. Those bullies have some psychological problems and need some serious help. So before people judge Jamey for choosing to die, realize what the bullies were doing in the first place.

  48. 48

    Re: NookiesWA – Just shut the fuck up. Seriously, save yourself some embarrassment for once and stop being a bully yourself. It just makes you look ignorant and dumb.

  49. 49

    Prison? Their minors..
    Yes they should do something to them but prison for a minor isn't the way to go sorry but thats just my option,