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Parents Television Council Winning Fight Against The Playboy Club

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ptc winning fight against the playboy club

To quote Andrea Bocelli, it may be time to say goodbye for The Playboy Club!

Back in July, the Parents Television Council (PTC) called for NBC affiliates to NOT air The Playboy Club because it "glorifies and glamorizes" the pornography industry.

Then things got even worse for NBC's controversial new show when it premiered to weak ratings, with only 5 million people tuning in!

Now that the ratings have continued to go down, it appears that advertisers are listening to the PTC, and they're pulling their ads form the show. So far, 7 advertisers have dropped out!

Here's what PTC president Tim Winter had to say about it:

"What has been clear to everyone outside of NBC must now be clear even to those inside NBC: The Playboy Club is a commercial disaster and must be removed from the airwaves. We call for the network to cancel this degrading and sexualizing program immediately."

"As a licensee of the public airwaves, NBC has breached the public trust by airing what amounts to a weekly advertisement for a pornographic brand. As demonstrated by the Nielsen ratings for The Playboy Club the past two weeks, any further airing of the show not only pushes an anti-family agenda, but is a profoundly bad business decision."

"Until the program is removed from the public airwaves, PTC will be calling on its members and other concerned citizens to contact the sponsors. Today, we ask Capital One, Chrysler and Samsung if their corporate values are in step with those of the Playboy brand."

Sounds like the PTC will likely get what they want! The show isn't doing well AT ALL.

If the show goes off the air though, we'd say it'll most likely be due to poor ratings, as opposed to requests from the Parents Television Council.

What do U think? Is The Playboy Club doomed???

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29 comments to “Parents Television Council Winning Fight Against The Playboy Club

  1. 1

    It actually is a good show. It's a shame that people aren't watching because they think it will be a light porno or something. It is nothing of the sort…the PTC starting hating on it from the getgo based on name alone. I bet you they haven't even watched a single episode. Guaranteed if it was called anything else, they wouldn't have this issue. They need to realize that times have changed. We have a show on the air called Cougar Town for crying out loud. It's time to stop being so prude and accept society for what it is now!

  2. 2

    It's sad because the show is really good. It isn't even that raunchy at all. I still wish it was on a cable network so it could push more boundaries. I hate these parents that bitch about TV shows. Watch your damn kids instead of expecting the TV to do it for you. my parents never censored what I watched on TV and I have zero issues. I hope this show gets a chance.

  3. 3

    I haven't watched the show and will not partake in watching the show but you say 5 million people have. That is very hard to believe and would like to have proof of that many viewers. As far as the PTC they seem to be some sort of weird cult. They butt their noses in all over and make mountains out of molehills. The "Playboy" name has been around for decades. It's not hard core porn like so many other things out there now. Most of the things associated with Playboy are in good taste. And I repeat the word MOST. I think one of the problems with the show is just common sense. Women don't want to see pretty woman dressed in hardly anything and men want to see more (or less if you know what I mean) and because they can't show anything it's boring and not interesting enough to watch.

  4. 4

    Omfg, don't these people have anything better to do? America is supposedly free, but we can do anything here.

  5. 5

    theres absolutely nothing wrong with this show .. its wonderful its actually at a point in time before our generation took over and made everything slutty. its about a classy period in time when sexuality was kinda okay to be open about. these people are making it seem like the girls are running around naked the whole tv show. so these PTC should probably realize whats actually poisoning our teens … teen mom .. sixteen and pregnant .. just maybe

  6. 6

    I like the show and there is nothing pornographic about it. Next to Rihanna it is tame. The show is 1960, less flesh than you see all day long anywhere and everywhere. The story line is not even vulgar. The bunny getup is more modest than what Katy Perry wears. All these women, even on daytime shows with their boobs all over the place. These complainers are jacking off to daytime tv and this is their excuse to exist.
    Cibrian is a presence.

  7. 7

    This is my favorite show of the new season, don't understand the poor ratings? The mix of strong storyline and good music and dance numbers make the show unique. PTC being against the show is just a bonus reason for tuning in. Won't be the first great show to not find an audience.

  8. 8

    Most Playmates end up dead from being murdered, drug overdoses, alcoholism, or suicide…REAL GLAMOROUS!

  9. 9

    Isn't that guy the one who cheated on his wife & family to have an affair with the home-wrecking country singer who suffers from bulimia & anorexia?

  10. 10

    I love this show. Its not at all raunchy. How about True Blood anyone? Every two seconds someone's taking off their clothes. Just because its called the "Playboy" club doesn't mean its about 24 7 sex. Not at all. I really hope this show stays on.

  11. 11

    i hate the PTC and hope they all die very gruesome deaths….they stick their noses in everyone's bedroom and business…i wud hate 2 b their kids…"Parents"…haha…just sick bastards…that's what they r.

  12. 12

    The show's actually really good. PTC is a joke–everybody knows it except for them.

  13. 13

    I don't see how this show promotes pornography anymore than many other shows on television. This show is after 10, which means that according to the FCC, it is outside the hours where programs can be regulated for children. Shows like Girls Next Door play all hours of the day and no parents are whining about that, and that show is about the real man who started Playboy! Parents need to stop blaming the media and simply switch off the TV if they don't want their kids watching something. Why shouldn't adults without children and people over the age 18 have a say in what stays on TV? We're the ones that actually buy the products in advertisements and create real audiences for shows we enjoy.

  14. 14

    I am all for this show, but I agree with the poster who asked why it isn't on a cable or premium cable network? I think it would have done so much better if it was on HBO, SHowtime or FX! I really don't understand what the PTC's problem is with this show, but they have no problem with Teen Mom, a show that is dedicated to TEEN PREGNANCY! Pick your battles wisely PTC!

  15. 15

    I'm a conservative, when it comes to my kids. But I hate all the windbags who jump on the bandwagon to ban something when it doesn't appeal to them. My kids are not allowed to watch most of the trash on regular or cable tv, because I DO THE WORK and watch out for them. I do not expect censorship to handle it for me. If you don't like something…don't watch, dont' read it and don't buy it. Easy peasy. Don't ruin it for the next guy-if that's what they like, more power to 'em. Simple!

  16. 16

    I don't understand why Perez is campaigning for this show to be cancelled. I thought this site roots for good shows that are on the bubble.

  17. 17

    I think the PTC is wrong, as this show isn't even close to being pornographic or inappropriately racy; but it should be cancelled because the acting by the 2 leads ("Nick" & "Maureen") is terrible and the whole show just lacks chemistry. It had a good premise; but unfortunately, it just doesn't come together.

  18. 18

    How is it that we're always talking about womens rights this and womens rights that, and YOU, yes YOU all don't think there's naything wrong with a show that sexualizes and degardes women dressed in bunny costumes. True, there are a lot of shows out there doing the same thing, but who said that that's ok too? it's not ok, in this show or any show. It's not about fucking censorship, it's about fucking decency!! This is not just abotu KIDS, this is about adults too who find this objectification of women offensive,m in this show and ALL shows. Something NEEEDs to be done! i mean, how trashy does a show have to be for you to feel it's totallt gratuitious and doesn't add anything to our scoiety but negativity?

  19. 19

    I have watched the show and I really enjoy it. I think the PTC is looking for any excuse to bash it because it is about Playboy bunnies, but it has nothing to do with the porn industry. The PTC should really sit down and watch the show before they start to make accusations. Also, its on a weekday at 10pm majority of children are already in bed by then because they have school in the morning so maybe PTC needs to get a better grip on their parenting if their so afraid of their child watching it. Also, their are wayyyy worse shows on the air then the Playboy Club. PTC do me a favor and get a life!

  20. 20

    I actually really like the show, it's a bummer that it might go off the air.

  21. 21

    I haven't watched it yet but both my sister and best friend did and they really enjoyed it. I don't see what the problem is, it's about a time period that really happened. Playboy bunnies isn't something that was made up to make a "porny" show, all of this is based on a real time period when Playboy wasn't show naked girls with bad boob jobs and actually showing classy women who were showing nothing compared to girls today. Playboy Club doesn't seem any worse than a lot of shows on tv right now. I mean, has the PTC heard some of the jokes on Two Broke Girls? (not that I'm offended by them, they're hilarious, but…definitely sexual, and it's earlier then 10).

  22. 22

    I LOVE this show! I don't see why everyone is upset about it. So what, there's women in a bunny costume! It doesn't degrade women at all. If people would actually watch it before making judgements based on the name they'd realize that there's a really good story line to it. It's not all about being playboy bunny.

  23. 23

    I agree with those who are saying the show is good…or at least not as bad as the critics say. As far as the objectification of women, it's about par with "Pan Am." There's potential for both shows to address how women were treated during those eras. People shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, or in this case on it's name alone.
    It's up to parents to supervise their children and make certail they are watching age and content appropriate material!!!

  24. 24

    Self-righteous pricks.
    The show is good and not at all provocative. It is the kind of show that should be on cable, like "Mad Men" and Spartacus. If it doesn't stay on, I'm hoping the producers can get a cable network like TNT, which would be a good fit and they need to replace leaving shows like "The Closer".

  25. 25

    its a good show…just its a grower for some people.
    and im not sure what the PTC is fighting against…theres been what…2 sex scenes? and the one was just funny. theres nothing thats sexually over the top or raunchy by any means.

  26. 26

    Those bored desperately housewives aren't "winning" anything. They don't have power nor did they have anything to do with this show getting low ratings..It's just a crappy show that appeals to no one. Advertisements pulled out not because of the PTC but because its low rated..

  27. 27

    I don't care about the porn part or the Playboy part or any of that. I have NO desire to watch Eddie Cibrian. If they had cast anyone on the planet but him I'd have watched every week. It wasn't the cheating, but when he started using his kids and hiring PR people on HOW to use his kids to look better to get this role that was it. Sorry NBC, I stopped watching CSI:Miami when he was on and I won't watch this as long as he's on it either. I wouldn't chalk all the low ratings up to the Parents Council's success because I'm sure I'm not the only person out there tired of this asshole.

  28. 28

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Eddie, dude cant keep a job! Karma?

  29. 29

    The show is about the Bunnies, not the Playmates. They're completely different. Do your research next time.