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WTF Is Going On With These Women?! More New Jersey Housewives Drama!

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Could this be part of the reason there's all this behind-the-scenes-uproar?

While Teresa Giudice is reportedly "still ironing out the details" of her upcoming appearance on the new season of The Celebrity Apprentice, her fellow Real Housewives of New Jersey castmember, Caroline Manzo, was reportedly their first choice but declined because she thought it would be "too much pressure," and is now telling friends that she was the one to recommend the reality star to replace her!

However, an unnamed source close to production has countered that they however, "never approached or considered Caroline Manzo for the show."

That's so odd!

Caroline has never come off to us as the type that would lie about something so petty! And why would she even care enough to want to take credit for Teresa's spot on the reality competition?!

Something's shady about all of this!

Either way, there is some DRAMA coming! Big time!

What do U think?? What on Earth is going on with The Real Housewives of New Jersey??

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13 comments to “WTF Is Going On With These Women?! More New Jersey Housewives Drama!”

  1. 1

    love these ladies but i cant stand tersea more, she thinks everthing is about her

  2. 2

    Caroline's true colors are showing……She thinks she knows EVERYTHING and tries to run and control EVERYTHING……they need to get her the hell off the show cause she's the most unbearable bitch now…….she used to be likeable til the fame when straight to the bitches head..now she's just obnoxious!

  3. 3

    dumb bitch on the right likes to say "Everything is fine!" while her family is basically all kinds of fucked up….forcing her poor daughter to sing on tv, you could just tell thats why she was crying and other bitch on the left is two faced with all the housewives, talks alot of crap with her family about them but still acts like she likes them. I'm seriously over the show now

  4. 4

    set the record straight? this nasty kunt has already done that, many times, with her actions and words. This is just a money grab and this filthy whore will fail misserable, just like her career before she tricked kurt into marying her. nasty slut.

  5. 5

    Re: hoochpit – You are hilarious. You sit here behind your computer and use nasty words and cut people down and your not even commenting on the correct post. This is the New Jersey Housewives post and you are commenting on Courtney Love's post confirming that you are not to swift and you don't pay attention to detail and you also show that you are very inmature.

  6. 6

    I love this show

  7. 7

    don't know what Teresa educational backgrond is but she comes across to me as a bit dense
    if my guess is right then she be the first one on whatever team she is on that The Donald fires
    think she'll totally humiliate herself ( not that she doesn't already)

  8. 8

    Caroline Manzo didn't get on a reality show because she is honorable. Her husband is called out by the Gov. for shadiness. Ms. Manzo would lie, cheat or steal to make herself look good, it is comical though.

  9. ael says – reply to this


    Does anyone else sometimes think that Perez is payed or told to comment on certain things espicially when it comes to RWH???? This info is pretty lame and why do we care but yet he comments about it. This sight is sometime a sight of just advertisements and we don't even realize it.

  10. 10

    I actually don't believe Caroline on this one, because we all know that Teresa would make for better TV than Caroline. Same reason why Nene was chosen last season. Caroline is too boring.

  11. 11

    Re: RitaFarb – I said the same thing i dont even know why she's on RHWONJ

  12. Otter says – reply to this


    They need to do a major "housecleaning" on that show — just like they did on RHNY. These women are predictable and no longer shocking or interesting.

  13. 13

    I can't stand Teresa. She is dilusional. Scractching money together to try and live in that house she cant afford. Just so she can feel like she compares to the rest of her cast. She never things she is wrong. Why she thinks she is pretty and looks better than her sister in law is beyond me. Dilusion #2.
    Her husband seems like a low life too. He is always miserable…and it seems she has to coach him to ever say a nice word to someone.
    I dont like her or her husband at all. But I do agree with the rest of you..Caroline is a know it all too…although, at least some of what she says makes sense.