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Casey Anthony Jailhouse Footage Released.

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Yesterday, Judge Belvin Perry ordered that the 2008 previously unseen video footage of Casey Anthony's reaction to the news that her daughter Caylee's remains were discovered, as she sat in the jail infirmary, rocking back and forth, be released to the public.

Although it had been previously sealed throughout the trial because another judge had ruled it to be "inflammatory," Perry has ruled that:

"There is no reasonable expectation of privacy in jail."


We'll let you draw your own conclusions from it (above).

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8 comments to “Casey Anthony Jailhouse Footage Released.”

  1. 1

    Honestly why people are so obsessed with a woman who was set free and found not guilty is beyond me. Somewhere in America I'm willing to bet that a nice young man is being tortured by the Government, maybe for being the wrong religion, maybe for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, maybe because they simply did not like him. He's being tortured and abused, it's been going on for years and nobody is doing anything to stop it because nobody cares. Why, because they're more concerned and interested in Casey Anthony, and the size of Kim Kardashian's posterior. People in the world are suffering and the media wastes people's time by making possible murders into stars, essentially. Why, oh why?

  2. 2

    If it didn't matter then, why does it matter now? Who cares about this woman anyway. We all know she obviously had something to do with her daughter's death, even tho she WAS found not guilty. Lets just keep Caylee in our hearts and forget about this waste of space. I trust karma will get her in the end. She may have beat the system this time, but she will pay in the end.

  3. 3

    Re: Vivi25 – Well put….it amazes me how they make such a big deal about her still. Just let her be!

  4. Rohan says – reply to this


    A vile human being given more exposure by a vile human being, go figure!

  5. 5

    OJ got his, and she'll get hers. And that's all the ink that needs to be dedicated to her.

  6. 6

    We already know that she's guilty and that our system has failed us yet again. So why continue on this? She will get her karma. What comes around goes around.

  7. 7

    She's like…"fuuuuck, now i'm really fucked!"

  8. 8

    I hope she rots,,, she is disgusting. She knew DAMN well where the remains were, because she put them there. And if the child had drowned like she claimed, there wouldn't have been tape over her mouth & she wouldn't have tried so hard to cover it up. Any mother with children or ANY decent human being who came out to notice a child was drowning would have attempted anything in their power to save the childs life, INCLUDING calling 911 even if you knew the child was dead and couldn't be revived, sheer desperation would have kicked in and your first instinct would be to get help, not cover it up. You only cover up things if you are GUILTY.