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NBC Not Rushing To Cancel Its Shows - Yet!

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NBC Holds Cancellations

NBC is not rushing to cancel any shows yet, including new shows that probably need to be.

Performance is what they mainly look at, instead of quality, and if we were to go on that — they should be canceling Free Agents and The Playboy Club (though Playboy Club should probably go on quality too).

NBC won’t be pulling any new series this week since NBC chairman Bob Greenblatt wants to give all freshmen more time to send a message to the creative community that he will give their shows on NBC every possible chance to succeed.

This is interesting because last year that wasn't the case. Some shows were even canceled after just two airings.

If you ask us, though, they should weigh whether or not things are terrible too. Some shows just take a while to hit stride (the first season of Parks and Recreation took a while to find its voice, for example, and now it's incredible).

Like, we'd say Whitney needs to be either be totally reworked or axed, because it's pretty painful to watch. Which sucks, because Whitney is a pretty great stand up comedienne! But it's still getting decent ratings.

Do U watch these shows? Which should get the axe??

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15 comments to “NBC Not Rushing To Cancel Its Shows - Yet!”

  1. 1

    the playboy club is actually a pretty good show if you give it a chance.

  2. 2

    I trust you/your writers watch most of the shows you review, but i'm not sure about the Playboy Club. i don't think you would hate it. It is the best new show in my opinion and it's the Monday night time slot that's killing the ratings. the writing is fantastic and so interesting if you are intrigued by the Playboy brand. each episode gets you even more hooked!

  3. 3

    WTF! The Playboy Club is a good show!

  4. 4

    Secret Circle should GO (hate it)!!!!!!!!!! Playboy Club is actually alright, and I agree that Whitney and Free Agents are not very good either. I am happy that Happy Endings is back though! :)

  5. 5

    The Playboy Club is great… why you think it should be cancelled is beyond me. Oh no wait .. your taste sucks. Besides whoever wrote this probably hasn't even watched it. Most reviews of it are generally favorable.

  6. 6

    I like the Playboy Club! Is it the best?? no….but still, a very entertaining, slick show with a good plot line! Give it a chance.

  7. 7

    Which should get the axe you ask ? All of them.

  8. 8

    the Playboy Club is good. you are lame

  9. 9

    The play boy club def needs to get a better writer or something. That show could be so good but right now NO!. And Whitney.. HMMM. She is a good stand up but her show needs help.

  10. 10

    Whitney is great! But Free Agents, yeah, that I wouldn't miss.

  11. 11

    They fixed the laugh track problem on the second ep of Whitney. It was much better.

  12. 12

    I also like Playboy Club, but I appreciate that it needs a LOT of work, and I'm hoping it will stick around and improve. Eddie Cibrian was doing much less Jon Hamm impersonating already by the 2nd episode.. Unfortunately, the whole production just feels kind of slick and cheap. I love Amber Heard and want to keep her on my TV set weekly. I tried about 15 minutes of Free Agents and gave up…

  13. 13

    I'll give Terra Nova a chance, but it seems… Expected and (I didn't think I'd ever say that when wicked dinosaur attacks are involved) boring. Did they think more than 5 seconds before creating their characters?
    Person of Interest seems quite good, but not *great*.
    Prime Suspect is pretty good, but I'm waiting to see what makes it different from other cop shows.
    I quite liked Pan Am, surprisingly.
    Free Agents is funny, they should keep it.
    Suburgatory… I don't know, I'll wait and see.
    New girl is quite fun.

    The Playboy Club is terrible.
    Hart of Dixie too. I wanted to shoot myself after ten minutes of The Secret Circle.
    Revenge and Ringer are just… so bad.
    Unforgettable is very "forgettable". And what's up with her mouth?
    Up all night isn't funny. Too bad, I like the cast.
    Whitney is a disaster.
    2 broke girls is pure crap.

    I haven't seen the rest of the new show yet.

  14. 14

    Oh Im sure NBC will stand up and take notice to what FatBoy has to say.

  15. 15

    And where is OUTSOURCED!?!?!?