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Barbara Walters Uses The N-Word During The View, Chaos Ensues As Sherri Gets Offended

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It's an age old argument, one that has been debated upon for many, many years. We're actually a little surprised that this might be the first time this topic has come up on The View. Then again, we're more surprised to have heard seen Barbara Walters so effortlessly turned the phrase.

The hot topic today - The N-Word. We know we all shouldn't use it, yet its still a colloquialism heard frequently. Granted, its mainly only heard in rap songs and stand-up comedy, but its also only seems expectable to use it if you are a certain race. Today, both Whoopi Goldberg and Barbara Walters used the full version of the n-word when talking about the Herman Cain's/Rick Perry scandal. Sherri Shepherd quickly interjected after Barbara spoke, exclaiming that Bab's way of saying it had a "different connotation" than Whoopi's. Things exploded from there.

Check out the video (above) to hear the panel get very heated over the topic and usage of the word. Personally, we'd like to see the word fade into nonexistence from everyone's vocabulary. But we also agree with Whoopi in that we shouldn't act like it never existed either. In fact, we agreed with a lot of the stuff Whoopi was saying.

What do U think? Did it bother U that Barbara said the full N-word?

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108 comments to “Barbara Walters Uses The N-Word During The View, Chaos Ensues As Sherri Gets Offended”

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  1. 101

    Re: Santeezy – To say that white people have never had to deal with racism like the blacks is truely ignorant. It used to be said that the Irish are "about the same intelligence as that of an old grey-headed negro". Guess what? Irish people are white. And they were treated terrible because they were immigrants from a different country.
    Think that white people have never had to deal with racism? How about you learn some history first.

  2. 102

    why not just remove the fucking word from the dictionary totally if noone is allowed to use it at all . im happy with the c word than k u

    c*** c***

  3. 103

    No one should ever use any OFFENSIVE RACIAL SLURS, it doesn't matter what race is saying it. EVERY ETHNIC GROUP IN AMERICA, has been harassed throughout the years by ignorant people who hurled those words at them.
    Sherri was making a valid point, when a white person says the word, even though Barbara, was reporting the story, the history and pain behind the word comes rushing through everytime it's said by a white person. This is one of terrible after effects of SLAVERY, YEAH AND AMERICA doesn't like talking about that INJUSTICE as well.

  4. 104

    Shepard is such a Dumb C#NT - Babs was just reporting…how stupid of her to make such a twisted issue out of this. Ignorant !

  5. 105

    W*P, K*KE, L*MEY, H*BE, WETBA*K, CH*NK, SLIT-E*YES, PAK*, C*ON,….The list goes on for ever !

  6. 106

    This is the dumbest most inane TV show EVER. Lost all respect for Barbara Walters.

  7. 107

    Black people call each other n|gger all the time.

  8. 108

    @MikkiB - You yourself were not a slave, so how in the hell can you feel the "pain" of it. People of all ethnicities throughout history have been enslaved. Not JUST black people. Ignorance and feeling like the world owes you something because your great great great great great whatever was is a slave is horribly annoying.

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