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Wow! Tupac Sex Tape Surfaces! It's Kinky & Features Unreleased Tracks!!!

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At least, from what we hear.

A sex tape featuring the late Tupac and some groupies has surfaced and while there are plans to release the tape, we've learned the intimate details of the, shall we say, plot of the story! LOLZ!

We fade in on the five-minute video with Tupac, circa 1991, in a living room during a house party. Pants down to his ankles and his shirt off, he walks into the room of groupies all eager for his arrival. He quickly pulls one of the women toward him, and as a never-before-heard Tupac track plays in the background, she performs oral sex.

As the music plays and the woman, um, does her thing, Tupac sings along, with a drink in one hand and blunt in the other. He starts a conversation with Money B from Digital Underground. The pair sing, dance, chat .. all while this girl gets her job done. In fact, she never stops once throughout all of this!

As the tape ends, it looks like he's ready to begin servicing this woman back. However, there is no word of the existence of a second tape.

Gotta love a guy who knows how to multi-task, huh!

[Image via WENN.]

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16 comments to “Wow! Tupac Sex Tape Surfaces! It's Kinky & Features Unreleased Tracks!!!”

  1. 1

    Such class. Ewwww! Just plain nasty.

  2. 2

    I could see Tupac doing this! He was a bada$$ like that! But I think it was a drink in one hand, and a blunt in the other? Bunt just made me giggle, can you imagine? I did! lol Keep it up Papa Perez! XoXo - Shawna

  3. 3

    I hope this isn't released, his mother already had to endure losing her son and the heartache from the loss, must she now endure public humility over this? Have some respect..

  4. 4

    If this is true, than this is really sick. The man has been dead for 15 years. I don't know what's more disturbing; the fact that someone would dare release something like this or the fact that they have held on to it for so long!

  5. 5

    So Ashton has a party with a bunch of girls at a so-called sex party and you call him a pig (even though he was clearly seperated from his wife), but it's ok with Tupac to be part of an orgy. Ah… Classic Perez.

  6. 6

    Yeah, why don't you go write another children's book Perez?

  7. 7

    He did this while holding a "bunt" in his hand. Who knew Tupac had a secret love of baking!!

  8. 8

    Re: Shawnalicious – - Ha! I cracked up too! :)

  9. 9

    this is one tape that should never see the light of day. its been what 14/15 years since he died? let the man rest.

  10. 10

    wow sounds like he was a real classy guy and had such respect for women. just because your famous and someone is willing to degrade themselves for you doesn't mean you should take advantage of the situation. what a creep. and what's up with him an public blow jobs?

    In November 1993, Shakur and others were charged with sexually assaulting a woman in a hotel room. According to the complaint, Shakur sodomized the woman and then encouraged his friends to sexually abuse her. Shakur denied the charges. According to Shakur, he had prior relations days earlier with the woman; she performed oral sex on him on a club dance floor and the two later had consensual sex in his hotel room. The complainant claimed sexual assault after her second visit to Shakur's hotel room; she alleged that Shakur and his entourage gang banged her, and she said to Shakur when she left, "Why you let them do this to me?" Shakur claimed that he fell asleep shortly after the woman arrived and later awoke to her accusations and legal threats. In the ensuing trial, Shakur was convicted of sexual abuse. In sentencing Shakur to 1½–4½ years in prison, the judge described the crime as "an act of brutal violence against a helpless woman." After serving part of his sentence, Shakur was released on bail pending appeal. On April 5, 1996, a judge sentenced him to serve 120 days in jail for violating terms of his release on bail.

  11. yeez says – reply to this


    Blow jobs really aren't that kinky as far as porn goes…

  12. 12

    Re: AttFinch – thank you thats the smartest thing i read all day. tupac was a fucking idiot and die a fucking idiot.

  13. FeMe says – reply to this


    When the tape was shot he was between 19 and 20.. How many idiotic things did most people do at 20? Myself? Many. You also have to remember that he was only 25 when he passed. I know that if he were alive today at 40 he would have some regrets or feel like those things that he did as a young person were idiotic but HE WAS HUMAN. No human being is without fault. Even those of you who are bringing up his trial. RIP Tupac Amaru Shakur. Gone but obviously not forgotten.

  14. DGeee says – reply to this


    Re: blugre

    said by a REAL idiot.

  15. 15

    he was soooo fine…and while I wouldn't have given the service in a room full of people I would have definitely serviced Him!!!!

  16. 16

    They have a video posted over at WatchCelebSexTapes.com

    They claim it is the Tupac sex tape. Can anybody confirm this?