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18 comments to “RHONJ Jacqueline Could Lose Her Job Because Of Her Twitter Rant!”

  1. 1

    God damn that is one ugly dude…errr, chick. She looks like Chyna from the WWE. Who married that thing? And, while i'm at it, why do you report on these horrible fucking women? Most of them are not "housewives" at all, let alone "real". I know you wish you were a rich housewife vacationing in the hamptons but your not, apparently your a dude, so MAN THE FUCK UP!

  2. 2

    nooooo i dont want her to leave the show:(

  3. 3

    Wasn't her exhusband arrested for arson and insurance fraud in June? How hypocritical considering he was on RHONJ trying to get that little spoiled brat of a daughter of theirs to behave herself.

  4. 4

    I love her! She's the best mother,wife and "housewife" on the show!!! (which doesn't say alot i know) Stay put Jacks!

  5. 5

    Dear dumb fuck blogger:

    It was leaked over two weeks ago she was not coming back. You are the laziest fucking fat fuck in the god damned fucking blogosphere. Go eat some fucking chiaccaronnes and find a real story to blog about you fucking fuck.

  6. 6

    Im so sick of these old azz woman acting like they are in high school.I never care for this show.What's the old lady with the 2 son, she act to much like awant to be gangster always told about I had family in the mob sfw. this show is a joke really.

  7. Otter says – reply to this


    They need to clean house on that show. Get rid of the Manzos as well. They are DULL.

  8. 8

    Oh please she said she wanted to quit

  9. 9

    At this point I don't think she really cares- it seems apparent that she wants off the show. I am sure that is one of the primary reasons she tweeted. She's over it,.

  10. 10

    agrees to corporate? Or cooperate?

  11. 11

    One of the most popular (??) gossip sites on the Internet, and it's operator still running the site like it's a podunk blog that can't get "cooperate" and "corporate" right.

  12. 12

    she was the nicest one when the show began
    she needs to quit or let them fire her if she ever wants contol of her own life and her own circle of freinds
    and if she stands a chance at getting her spoiled daughter on the right track
    a lot of things you would want to say to your child that you wouldn't because of a camera in your face

  13. 13

    I am so disappointed at what has happened to the RH franchise. Minus Danielle, this used to be a good show. Now Caroline has turned into someone unwatchable, Teresa and Melissa are annoying with their instigating and constant arguing about the same thing, and the rest are forgettable, including this one with her whiny daughter. Ugh! What happened, Andy?! Please give us something to watch.

  14. 14

    Your typos are so distracting! Let's be professional folks!!!

  15. 15

    WOW, really? Geez!

  16. 16

    WOW GaGa… seriously? Geez!

  17. 17

    Why dosen't anyone sue Andy Cohen, he's destroying lives so he can get some giggles…he disgusting.

  18. 18

    I have to say that I have been watching all the housewives since the beginning and Teresa Giudice has been my favorite housewife since the beginning of New Jersey housewives. I mean I love them all (Not Danielle)but always looked forward into seeing Teresa every week (and I like watching the re-runs). Now, she has blown it. What she put into her cook book can never be taken back, and her TRUE colors have been shown. I am So disappointed, so disappointed. I am so sorry to say this…. but with all the drama she has brought and the way she communicates with others………..she's gotta go. Keep Caroline & Jacqueline, they have sound minds and good decision making. And seem to side on the side of caution, open to take responsibility in their relationships, wants the focus off of themselves, etc. Though they are NOT perfect and they do not claim to be, at the end of the day these women are women I can look up to, respect, and I am truly interested in them and their thought process on life and family and its all entertaining!
    Teresa, she's gotta go…. I will not be able to watch a sinking ship sink and watch her take everyone down with her. My friends & I will be getting together every week to watch another show that captures our attention, I just hope it will be BRAVO! Shape up Teresa Giudice or you just might be history like Danielle (Thank God she's gone).

    Blessings, BellevueBeth