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Britain's Top Divorce Lawyer Is SHAAADY

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britain top divorce lawyer is shady

As if getting divorced wasn't already expensive enough for rich and famous people!

According to newly revealed documentation, Britain's high-profile divorce lawyer Fiona Shackleton pads bills and rips off her clients during their divorces.

Some of Fiona's famous clients include Madonna and Sir Paul McCartney, both of whom were apparently charged "hundreds of thousands of pounds more than the hourly rate would have demanded."

Lady Shackleton also represented both the Prince of Wales and the Duke of York in their divorces AND she currently reps Prince William and Prince Harry!

Here's what Shackleton wrote in an email regarding a heavily marked up bill that was paid by Madonna:

"This is good news as I was worried that they were cross about the bill. We obviously shd have asked for more?!!!!! F x."

And here's what the lawyer's firm Payne Hicks Beach had to say about the email:

"We would have thought it is obvious that the internal email dated 15 December 2008 was intended to be humorous, from its punctuation alone. We are satisfied that the bills rendered were fair and reasonable for the work in fact done."

“It should be obvious from the SRA’s conclusion that often substantially more work can be done than is formally recorded at the time"

"You are quite wrong to treat only the time which is formally recorded as the time and the basis upon which a client can be properly billed. In relation to clients, and in particular high profile ones who are often out of the country and lead particularly busy lives, extensive work on complex issues is done at anti-social hours and under considerable pressure."

What do U think? Is Britain's top divorce lawyer overcharging her clients? Or is she being fair and reasonable???

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8 comments to “Britain's Top Divorce Lawyer Is SHAAADY”

  1. 1

    What do I think? WHO FUCKING CARES. Why is this news that super rich people get overcharged, big fucking deal.

  2. 2

    If you looked closely…..
    BAD thing's are happening to very wealthy people and because of how greedy they have become…
    It's in the bible… I would be scared if I was them…
    When GREED start to make you take advantage of other people, steel from them and even LIE, YOU BEST WATCH YOUR BACK BECAUSE KARMA A BITCH…..
    The BEST part of this recession if watching the greedy rich people FALLLLLLLLLL and I honestly do not believe that it is because of the recession i believe it's GOD's way of teaching them a lesson….
    When you start to take God out of everything you do in life, your luck just goes down the hill….

  3. 3

    We all bill time for work that will never be done. Unless the client notices it on their invoice, guess what, they pay it…

  4. 4

    I think she bills for more than just her work time and the paper deal, its also about silence and all the things she must know.

  5. 5

    What is the story here…how successful attorneys operate? In those fees might be back door payoffs and such. Sir X might get to look good and say publicly say, "Forget that!" which on the down-low be actually paying the person off to "move on."

  6. 6

    She's a, er THE Fixer…taking care of (other) rich people's dirty business. This is what the TOP attorneys do.

  7. 7

    @bleahf haha true. probably. That would explain it and its not that hard to believe

  8. 8

    The extra pittance was tacked on because MadDonna insisted that staff turn and face the wall whenever she visited the office.