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Watch A Demo Of Apple's iPhone 4S Voice-Activated Siri!

| Filed under: Tech Talk

Oh, okay. So yes, it can basically cook dinner for us.

Earlier we posted the deets on the new iPhone 4S, but now watch a demo of its new voice-activated program called Siri.

It not only reads our text messages and makes appointments for us, but it also tells us the time, weather….and converts measurements for baking purposes?? Whaaa??

Minds = Blown.

Watch the new demo above. It will only make you want the new 4S even more!!

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22 comments to “Watch A Demo Of Apple's iPhone 4S Voice-Activated Siri!”

  1. 1

    Well I'm due for an upgrade - so yep - I'll be getting one.

  2. cmg says – reply to this


    Well all andriod phones do that already. Iphones is trying so hard to be an andriod phones that its copying everything that is already feature on current Android phones. So sad…

  3. 3

    There's a Siri app that I have had for a while and I love it. So, if it's anything like that I'm upgrading!

  4. 4

    Your mind is blown b/c it can convert measurements? Seriously? You do know that is a fairly basic function…. I can do that on my old school phone that doesn't have an apple stamp on it. (Not that I'm saying the iphone is bad… but that shouldn't be why the mind is blown…)

  5. 5

    Re: cmg – This literally made me burst out laughing. iPhones are so much better than Android phones it's not even comprehensible. Did you really just say that?

  6. 6

    Cool - just change that horrid metallic voice of hers. "Hold-on-a-mo-ment. O-Kay. Here-we-go." Ick.

  7. 7

    Re: Samtra – Not trying to defend Perez, but who are you to choose what blows someone's mind? Seriously, you look like an ignorant fuck.
    Re: SpiceGuy – I agree. The voice sucks.

  8. 8

    People are too dependent on technology now a days, it's really dumbing down our society.

  9. 9

    Re: Samtra – Not trying to defend Perez, but who are you to choose what blows someone's mind? Seriously, you look like an ignorant f*ck.
    Re: SpiceGuy – I agree. The voice does suck. A lot.

  10. 10

    Great….something new to kill me in a car accident.

    get a life losers……..you don't need ADHD phones.

  11. 11

    i don't see what the big deal is, other phones, including windows mobile 6.0 had this functionality some 4 years ago

  12. 12

    Well at least if you say your text messages they will be spelled correctly.

  13. 13

    Apple could have done better. This is an extremely weak product launch from them… Glad they updated the iPod Nano though and are actually selling watch accessories.

  14. 14

    Will it NOT DROP every call i make/recieve like my piece-o-crap iphone 4??? After the hubs bought it for me as a surprise, I wanted to go back to my iphone 3G cuz i had almost never had dropped calls but once I got the 'NEW AND IMPROVED IPHONE' EVERY fricken call i made/recieved was dropped!!! I went to a 'tech' and he told me to download software and stand on one leg and jump and down and i did that and it STILL DROPPED EVERY FRICKEN CALL!! So then I was told I needed to buy the RUBBER-BABY-THIS-PHONE-IS-SUCKY-BUMPER and that would solve my dropped call problem. Guess what…it has! And it only cost me over $550 (I had to buy 2 white Iphones cuz when I dropped it it shattered like an eggshell and of course they can't fix that so I was instrucTed to buy a new one). So Yes, bring on the NEWEST AND MOST IMPROVED IPHONE! I CAN'T FUCKING WAIT!!

  15. 15

    Now that is pretty cool!

  16. cmg says – reply to this


    Re: SpiceGuy – Its my opinion. and also FACTS! I just don't care for Apple and their cult. I'm glad i made you laugh. =)

  17. 17

    Re: cmg – Cult is right! When I pushed for new apple products, my husbnd said he doesn;t like it when a company gets a 'god complex' cuz then they feel they can get away with anything and are not held to a standard as far as customer service is concerned. In my experience with my iphone4 they don't give a shit cuz they don't have to. But isnt it poetic that their LORD FUCKING, KING GOD, GUURU HAS STEPPED DOWN. GOD WORKS IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS…..

  18. 18

    Re: cmg – That's a little hypocrite to say, Because without Apple first came out with this big touch screen thingy called iPhone, Android phone might not even exist.

  19. 19

    I couldnt even watch the video because of the fucking advertisment ! im going to youtube.

  20. 20

    Re: OhHeckYes! – You do realize every cookbook has the coversion chart on the front or back cover or fairly close to it? I'm not sure why I'm ignorant because I think that is a weird thing to get excited about. Maybe if you don't cook ever… or don't know how to do basic math I can see you being offended.

  21. 21

    Re: Samtra – I don't see how cookbooks having a conversion chart or basic math has anything to do with this new iPhone device. Oh, I get it. You're just one of those people that try too hard to go against the grain, right? "All those people like it, well I DON'T so I'm gonna go against it!" Hahaha. You're a fool. And I don't need to cook. Your mom's hot ass does it for me every morning.

  22. cmg says – reply to this


    Re: sloppyflow – Like I said I am giving a OPINION. And if you read about apple most of their stuff is from SAMSUNG. I am not being a hypocrite for giving an OPINION. I didn't say anything about who started what. All i said I prefer my andriod phone. It does all the stuff already that Iphone is just now coming out with! and that is all!