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Harvard Research Shows Gay Resumes 40% Less Likely To Score An Interview

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Andrew Johnson Statues Gay Rights Discrimination

When Harvard researcher Andras Tilcsik finished composing two faux resumes — one boasting a leadership position in an LGBT organization and the other in a progressive organization — he sent them both to the same 1,700 job openings.

The latter received more phone calls…

The resume without sexuality reference had an 11.5 percent chance of receiving an interview, while the resume with a reference to the applicant's sexuality only scored a 7.2 percent chance.

Andras also found that Southern and Mid-Western states were the main culprits:

Discrimination in white-collar employment is substantially stronger for the Southern and Midwestern states in the sample.

He also found the 'gay resume' to garner less attention in job postings looking for aggressive and decisive applicants:

It seems, therefore, that the discrimination documented in this study is partly rooted in specific stereotypes and cannot be completely reduced to a general antipathy against gay employees.

Sigh. Unfortunately, we're not surprised. We remain positive, though.

Progress is being made ever day, and studies like this one help raise awareness to the discrimination!


[Image via AP Images.]

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24 comments to “Harvard Research Shows Gay Resumes 40% Less Likely To Score An Interview”

  1. 1

    I'm sorry but this is ridiculous! Of course the resumes without reference to sexuality got more phone calls!! This is work for goodness sake! I'm gay and I don't see anything wrong with the results of this study at all. My sexuality does not define me as person, therefore there is no reason for me to be out and proud on my resume. Time and place people - time and place!

  2. 2

    Maybe employers don't care to know details of an applicants personal life before they even reach out to them. I personally prefer to know as little about my coworkers as I can, because who they are outside of work is none of my business.

  3. 3

    A fair study (unlike this one) would have contained some resumes that referred to heterosexuals (e.g., president of "heterosexual doctors of Boston") so as to identify if the bias was specifically against gays' etc. or against disclosure of sexual preferences on a work application.

    Just like workers want the right to go to a workplace that sees only their work performance (as opposed to personal characteristics), most bosses want employees who simply deliver work results- without any unnecessary context.

    Another good study would have been to add resumes of cross-dressers, people with animal fetishes, etc. to see if those get even worse treatment.

  4. 4

    This doesn't prove anything. You fail to mention what this "other progressive organization" is, it's possible that the other organization just made the candidate more qualified for more positions. Not everything has discrimination written all over it.

  5. 5

    Why don't you talk about age discrimination? It is very real and I am up against it all the time.

  6. 6

    Why the FUCK would someone reference their FUCKING sexuality on a FUCKING resume?! Dumb FUCKING shits. You're gay. We get it. Stop rubbing it in everyone's FUCKING face! Keep it in the bedroom for FUCK FUCKITY'S FUCKING FUCK sake.

  7. 7

    So basically this "study" was completely redundant because it didn't tell anyone anything we couldn't have all already guessed. As awful as job application discrimination is, it applies to far more than sexuality…like gender, ethnicity, religious involvement. I hope there wasn't grant money involved…

  8. 8

    No offence, but its probably the very flamboyant gays that can come off as arrogant and pushy (Like you perez) that is a part of this study. there are many gays that i know who you would never once think are gay and they have amazing, high quality jobs,.

  9. 9

    Who the hell puts what they like to stick where on their resume, unless they're applying for a sex worker position??

  10. 10

    Uhh, why in the world would you write about your sexuality in a resume? This is the dumbest thing I've ever read. If anyone, straight or gay referenced their sexuality in a resume I was given to review I'd throw it in the garbage. How inappropriate.

  11. 11

    Actually, this sounds like progress to me: progress in hiring people who know what is WORK-APPROPRIATE information and decorum. You don't get paid to gay or straight it up. You get paid to work.

  12. 12

    I don't understand peoples stupidity….when someone says they mentioned their sexuality, or they want to be open about their sexuality, IT DOES NOT MEAN that they want to show you how they had anal sex with their partner, it does not mean that they are going to pull out a dildo in the office and say 'hey so my partner and I really got freaky with this last night!'

    When someone refers to their sexuality they mean, just their right to be open about who they fall in love with….or in the case of this study, the only thing they said one their resume, is that they WORKED in an Gay organization….not their sex life, not how many men they had fucked, just about their actual WORK experience that happened to be in a gay organization.

    I can't handle people saying 'Well I don't flaunt my sexuality at work, why should gay people?'
    Gay people do not want to flaunt their sexuality. They just want to be able to comfortable say, "Well last night my husband/wife and I went out for dinner with our kids." Just like any other straight person would in the office….they should be able to be open about their family!!!

  13. 13

    People don't want to hire some left-wing nutbag activist.

  14. 14

    Re: justinruttan – In a mass-market resume, it is generally inappropriate to have political, gender-based, sexual-identity-based, religion-based activity mentioned on it. This is a guideline taught at liberal public universities nationwide. Unless one is applying for a job in which, say, religion is pertinent to the job, it is irrelevant information.

  15. 15

    Re: Gay Republican – You forgot lawsuit-happy.

  16. 16

    Guess us straight people should feel bad…? ASS

  17. 17

    Seriously WHY does sexuality have to be shoved in peoples faces in every setting of life. Employers are hiring you to WORK not shove your annoying gay agenda down their throats. GET OVER YOURSELF.

  18. 18

    Re: Kimberella – They're not talking about gay activity, they're talking about a leadership position held in a glbt organization. That's like saying that if you were the ceo of and HIV/AIDS Research company, that you shouldn't put that. Or that if you were a ceo of any of the fundraising companies that raise funds for Human rights organizatiosn….or that if you were a lawyer for a human rights based firm you shouldn't put that in.

    PEOPLE they are not referencing anything SEXUAL!!!!
    They are saying they worked for a glbt organization….that could be many different things! There are big businesses that are GLBT based.

    Why are people so ignorant.


  19. 19

    Re: KingBublo – OMG!! LOL!!!! i was drinking water when i read your comment and fucking CHOKED on the water when i read your last line! omg i practically drowned myself hahahaha for FUCKS SAKE!

  20. 20

    Re: justinruttan – why would saying they used to work for a "gay" organization make the companies not call someone back? I'm sure plenty of straight people have worked for them too. Plus, this study doesn't really tell anything. All it says is he put two different resumes out there and one got more calls then the other….sounds so scientific to me. Whatever

  21. 21

    Hey! I like to fling feces at other chimps and try to bite off their genitals (perfectly normal behavior for a chimp). But that doesn't mean that I have to put it on a resume or that an employer has to act like it's not their!

  22. 22

    Re: justinruttan – You don't put anything on a resume that could put yourself one way or the other. If you are applying for a wide spread jobs where you aren't going to change your resume for each company (A weird thing to do anyway…) then you should keep it completely neutral. From reading the resume one shouldn't be able to tell if you are liberal, conservative, or anything else. Why anyone would send out a resume in that fashion is beyond me. What would be more telling study is if each resume was tailored for each company and then with those activities included - now which are completely appropriate to put on depending on where you are working - what the results would be. How did we know that this study didn't send out the resume to more conservative places that you would think would have a bias?

  23. 23

    …well what type of jobs did he send the resumes out to?

  24. 24

    Including any details about sex and/or sexuality on a resume/ application is completely inappropriate anyways. If you held a high position in some type of human rights organization (for example, LGBTQ) then great for you but if you held that position and felt it necessary to "boast" about it then you seem like a high maintenance person who will put their personal life and beliefs before hard work. …. discussing heterosexuality would be equally as inappropriate.

    Perhaps "boasting" about this type of work and overt sexuality would be appropriate for a job where it was relevant…. like something at an LGBTQ organization to show that you have experience within that particular line of work or at a publication that deals with sex and sexuality to show that you have experience and also an important point of view on the subject matter.