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EXCLUSIVE! Glee Spoilers About Santana, Mercedes … And The Return Of Lauren Zizies!

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Yeah, we’ve got some scoop for ya - but you had better have read our recap of last night’s episode first! Trust us, this will all make much more sense if you do!


Alright, back to business:

As you might’ve saw, we were at the premiere of Ryan Murphy’s new show American Horror Story Monday night, and it was our pleasure to catch up with some of the divas of Glee about what’s coming up on the show.

First, our favorite dream girl Amber Riley stopped by to talk about last night’s episode. We mentioned how much we adored her Jennifer Holliday moment and she shared that filming the “I’m Not Going” performance was very special to her. She said:

“I felt like I was in a dream. It was dark in the auditorium; you couldn't really see the cameras. It was just crazy … I really felt like I really had to bring it. It was surreal.”

And bring it she did! As we had prior knowledge of Mercedes’ decision to leave New Directions to join McKinley’s other Glee club, we had to asked one pivotal question – has Mercedes clashed Sugar Motta yet?! Amber’s reply:

“Mercedes does have scenes with Sugar Motta. That girl is crazy. She is hilarious. She's probably going to be one of my favorite characters.”

Do we sense another diva-off in the near future? We hate to say it, but we don’t know if Mercedes can take her! LOL!

Naya Rivera, while gorgeous as ever, was a little less forthcoming when we chatted about what we can expect from Santana in future episodes. We did, however, get a very coy “maybe” when we asked about the possibility that she would be dueting with Lea Michele on A Boy Like That from West Side Story. She added that it would be “awesome” if they got to do it, but then zipped her lips tight and wouldn’t say anything further. Hmm… Combine that with this mysterious tweet from Lea, and we think we might have stumbled upon a Glee song spoiler!

Finally, we thought all hope was lost of ever seeing Lauren Zizies again, and yet there she was – or least her portrayer Ashely Fink was, lovely as ever, and excited to tell us that Lauren will be back on the radar this season – and she’ll be back with a “vengeance!”

When asked if this “vengeance” had anything to do with a tease we got from Ryan about Lauren and Kurt getting an interesting storyline, Ashley confessed she didn’t know yet, but added:

“I adore Chris Colfer. Although, we'd get into too much trouble if we have a storyline together - in a good way.”

Kurt could stand to get into a little trouble, if it means having Zizies back in the picture! We sure do miss you girl!

Thanks ladies for the time and the tidbits! We know the World Series is important and all, but right now, we have some serious beef with the all-American pastime. How dare it interfere with this stellar season of Glee! Who’s even playing?! We don’t know! We don’t care! WE WANT GLEE!!!!

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13 comments to “EXCLUSIVE! Glee Spoilers About Santana, Mercedes … And The Return Of Lauren Zizies!”

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  2. 2

    "As you might have saw" ?

  3. 3

    Oh, "might've" - even worse.

  4. 4

    Wow, those aren't spoilers at all. You/they gave like, barely anything away.

  5. 5

    I love Glee and all, but I love baseball more. It is America's pastime. Even though my team, the Rays, are out, I will continue to watch the playoffs and World Series because baseball is AWESOME. Maybe you should try to watch it sometime, Perez. Baseball has gotten the shaft for years because of football and basketball. Baseball came first and every aspect of the game is fascinating. What signs are they giving? what pitch is he gonna throw? Are they gonna bunt? Are they gonna steal a base? Hit and run? Especially in the postseason, everything is awesome. Glee can wait.

  6. 6

    your opinion aimsterrr. I watched glee last night. not everyone likes sports

  7. 7

    santana yum

  8. 8

    Re: treggeee – Your opinion too.

  9. 9

    I DVR'd Glee and watched it after baseball. You can have the best of both worlds.

  10. 10

    kurt's storyline might have something to do with the new guy from our favorite male school…the character is played by grant gustin and will be appearing in episode 5

  11. 11

    i love glee and all, but BASEBALL RULES!!

  12. 12

    Re: aimsterrr – IM A RAYS FAN TOO!! and i literally ran into Evan Longoria at International Plaza in tampa!! woo hoo!!!

  13. 13

    yes Naya and Lea voice are the best!!! can´t wait for that duet :D