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Oh No! Is Lindsay Cutting???

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Honey, what is wrong with you? Why aren't you getting any better? Why are you still the hottest mess of the Western Hemisphere? What's it going to take to get you back on the right track???

This week, Lindsay Lohan is in Paris for Fashion Week and of course, the paparazzi is capturing her every move on film. Last Friday, they captured this disturbing image of Lindsay leaving Terry Richardson's party in the early hours of the morning. Look closely at her arm … and you can see a fresh scar.

We've seen that kind of scar before. We've seen that kind of scar on HER before. We have a deep, dark feeling we know exactly what is going on - and we want it to stop.

No more parties, Lindsay. No more jet setting to Europe and crazy nights in El Lay. You need to stop and evaluate the rest of your life. Take the hottest of seconds and really think about what you want to do next. You know where there are awesome parties? College. Have you ever thought about an education? You actually might like learning about something else other than how to identify a mood-stabilizer by the color of the pill.

Think about it.

[Image via Fame Pictures.]

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88 comments to “Oh No! Is Lindsay Cutting???”

  1. 1

    Anyone can get a scratch. Does he have cats?

  2. 2

    Good grief… she could have just scratched her arm! So dramatic! I'm not saying its not possible, I certainly hope she's not, but way to get the rumor mill started! Rumors can hurt just as bad as bullying Mario!

  3. 3

    Dear Perez, some views are really disgusted by your constant berating of Lindsay Lohan. YOU NEED TO STOP GIRL! This picture shows that Lindsay has a SLIGHT

  4. 4

    you're kidding right? it looks like a scratch. one you can get 100 different ways. it doesnt even look like a new mark/"cut" and with things shes been wearing in pairs..if she was cutting, it would have shown long before now

  5. 5

    Dear Perez, some views are really disgusted by your constant berating of Lindsay Lohan. YOU NEED TO STOP GIRL! This picture shows that Lindsay has a SLIGHT scratch at best and it does not appear to be the very serious "cutting" disorder. I thought you took a stance against cyber bullying but you have not let up with Lindsay. LEAVE THE GIRL ALONE!!!

  6. 6

    When you sport your purse "à la saignée" (don't know the english for that…just below elbow/where the nurse put the sting when she needs your blood…), it happens ; especially with this kind of chain handle..maybe she's not into THAT self destroying behaviour after all!! ;)

  7. 7

    seriously El Kreepo. you're going to far with the insinuations! disgusting, as always!@

  8. 8

    You're such a condescending hyprocite pig……we all know she's in a bad bad place, however, your constant rantings about her on this blog is ridiculous already. BTW, CaCa should look close because that'll be her this time next year…….

  9. 9

    If she even IS cutting, gee….I wonder why on Earth would she do it?!

    Maybe b/c of assholes like you who constantly berate her, make fun of her and turn around and act all concerned and fake.

    Leave her alone. Try that. Then, maybe she will get her shit together.

  10. 10

    It looks like a scratch, and a minor one at that. That isn't a cut. Bully.

  11. 11

    i visit this site several times a day and love it
    but seriously Perez?!

  12. 12

    Side effects of Monarch mind control and Big Pharma.

  13. 13

    It looks more like "rug burn" from carrying a purse. Stupid fat head.

  14. 14

    oh the drama you bring PH. This is a fucking scratch. Now you are bullying and sensationalizing minor shit for what reason. OMG enough already.

  15. 15

    Perez leave her alone. Always trying to start shit and be a little bitch. Grow up and quit making stupid assumptions about people you don't even know

  16. 16

    Quit being so dramatic, Perez. Looks like a simple scratch. Why don't you leave this gal alone? Her career is all but over.

  17. 17

    Ammmmmm………… I think Perez is exaggerating here, that doesn't look like anything!

  18. 18

    Could you at least try not to bully this girl and shower her with fake concern in the same breath? Being mad at her for not having her shit together does not help anything. Plus, if that is a 'fresh' scar (which I highly doubt) it certainly is not helping any for you to point it out to the world. Besides, if she had a really serious cutting issue her arms would covered in cuts and she would be wearing long sleeves 24/7. But of course you wouldn't know that, because you have probably never known anyone with that serious of a problem in real life.

  19. 19

    I hope her Dad catches you in an alley and beats the asshole bully out of you're ass FatBoy. For that matter she could do it her self.

  20. 20

    I love Lindsay's dress…beautiful style for a low cut dress.
    Young gals should wear them, every chance they get, while they can.
    You'll miss wearing a cute dress like this, when you get to senior citizen status, dammit2hell.

  21. 21

    any intelligent human being would know just by looking at the pictures, that she's definitely cutting herself. She's got at least 3 cuts on her arm, and you can tell they're not scratches. So, yeah, she's a cutter. She's gonna deny she's a cutter but she definitely is.

  22. 22


  23. 23

    Re: KellyM_in_CA – thats the most stupid thing ive heard in a while. I've had cats my entire life and thats not what a scratch from a cat looks like. Get a clue

  24. 24

    it does look like a scratch but if u notice carefully there are a few like that going down her arm kind of hidden under the tattoo i think that something might b wrong but i wouldn't dramatize it yet

  25. 25

    i can no longer come on this website. this is seriously the last straw. perez is the WORST!!! UGH. u should all follow my lead. Bye everyone!!!

  26. 26

    you are seriously calling her a cutter shame on you Perez……… have you never scratched your self?!? i swear the press makes the stupidest things out of nothing get real shes human too and if she was cutting im sure she'd hide it to avoid people seeing it

  27. 27

    I used to be a cutter, and it doesn't look like someone cutting, there would be more than one line right there if she was cutting. It looks like a burn that she got and is recovering. I burn the shit out of my forearm taking something out of the oven and it looks exactly like that, it could also be a hot iron burn (I don't think one person who uses a hot iron hasn't burned themselves somehow. I hope she stops partying and focus on recovery but it seems like it will never happen and its unfortunate until her parents step up to the plate but we all know that is not going to happen

  28. 28

    It's probably just a scratch. Why don't you get off of the bully Lindsay Lohan bandwagon!?!

  29. 29

    isn't she too old for that

  30. 30

    Re: CandyDanny – what a stupid comment…

  31. Rohan says – reply to this


    Mario, if I ever saw you I'd punch you in the face and gladly take the charge!

  32. 32

    Rough sex

  33. 33

    That scar….if it really IS a scar….is at least a year or 2 old. But I don't think its a scar…I think it is a mark from the strap of her purse. You made yourself look like a dumbass again P.

  34. 34

    And how sweet of you to offer her some advice on how to change her life while you exploit her. You are all class. How about YOU go to college and get an education and stop trying to make a "career" out of other people's lives?

  35. 35

    Uh, guys why don't you look at the actual pic. What you are looking at has either been photoshoped or blown up so far you are seeing pixilation. If you take the original photo shown above and blow it up 400%, guess what you don't see what is in the second blow-up that is posted.
    As usual Perez you are full of yourself, get a life, get a job and at least check your sources….

  36. 36

    You are such a fucking gay ass drama queen, no wonder people make fun of you and those that are like you. And if that is a "scar", it is really really old. Scars don't heal and fade away like that for a very long time. It looks like she rubber her skin and it left a red mark. Your stupid fucking dooshyness is out of hand.

  37. 37

    How about a simple scratch like we all get once in a while! WTF! I'm no fan of her but cmon Perez, if you have nothing to blog about, don't blog!!!!

  38. 38

    Holy shit, way to blow things way out of proportion. Even if that was a cut, it seems to have been healed and not recent.

  39. 39

    Your nothing but a fucking fame hungry bully. U fucking disgust me with you bullshit. I wish there was someway to complain about you.

    Utter disgrace.

  40. 40

    Re: Lilygirl27

    exactly what i was thinking! a mark from her purse strap!

  41. 41

    Gaed she is ugly. jUST SHOWS YOU ALL WHAT DRUGS DO TO YOU. sHE LOOKS LIKE crap !

  42. 42

    well u make her like she was super emo.

  43. 43

    She has a real, skankey looking body …like a WHORE in a small town bar, waiting for the guys to get drunk, and take them to the motel next door for %60 bucks ! Really Grooooooooooooooos !

  44. 44

    Jeeze Perez, way to be a first prize d-bag. Girl had a scratch on her arm and you're calling her a cutter? Shame on you! Leave her alone!

  45. boo says – reply to this


    stop being an idiot! one scratch does not a cutter make. i have known a few cutters in my life and they made sure to cut where people didnt see it. she has 1 scratch on her arm and you are starting the rumor mill. this is a serious accusation. watch yourself before you say something like this.

  46. 46

    Yeah, just stop it with the Lindsay bashing. Let's pretend you *know* it's a fresh scar. NOTHING good comes out of reporting it and chastising her for it. Much less good comes from the endless dour speculation. You ooze with paternalistic, moralizing rhetoric and you feed the endless gossip machine that is her life. It has to stop. STOP. I generally like you, Perez, quite a lot–have a soft spot for ya–but please leave her ALONE.

  47. 47

    Honesty that looks like a scar or a scratch! Its a huge assumption to say that someone is cutting unless you have proof and if you did it would be super insensitive to even talk about it. Its none of our buisness i wish Lindsey all the best and she certainly cant get better by the constant negative scrutiny by the media. She's only human.

  48. 48

    perez, leave lindsay alone. and she obviously isn't cutting, i get marks like that all the time from scratches.

  49. 49

    I work in mental health. You missed something here Perez, there are two marks on the lower part of her arm as well. With cat scratches, you look for multiple claw marks in one area or for the scratch to be at a unique angle. there are three scratches widely spaced on her arm all perfectly perpendicular to the arm and straight. If she were my client, I would be asking her the same question.

  50. 50

    I seriously think you post ridiculous things just to get hits on your articles. It literally looks like her purse chain was resting there, left a red mark, slid down and left a mark in a different spot. This happens to me pretty much every day with my purse.
    And don't you think if she was cutting SOMEONE would have noticed actual cuts on her arm before hand not just the marks they left. She's not exactly the most modest dresser so it's not like she was hiding her arms.

  51. 51

    Probably not since she loves herself too much but I could care less if she is because she is a waste…-.-

  52. 52

    no wonder she has issues, noone ever leaves her alone and are always judging her

  53. Bates says – reply to this


    I have no idea if that's a cut or not. Why do people cut themselves, it's disfiguring, and it hurts.

  54. 54

    Too bad it wasn't her wrists.

  55. 55

    Yeesh! Talk about reaching! There's at least a thousand different ways to get a scar like that, i've gotten them just from scraping against a tree branch or a sharp piece of plastic or metal, and besides, why on earth would Lindsay want to cut herself anyways? She just got a job that pays $500,000, so I thnk it's EXTREMELY unlikely that she's cutting herself. Looks more like a burn scar then aynthing else, and it's NOT freash either, Perez is just trying to generate webhits with another BS Lindsay story like he's done many times before.

  56. 56

    That looks so old. Find another celeb to exploit.

  57. 57

    people please look down her arm at her wrist and slightly above that you will see some more scars but they are old so im guessing she has been a cutter at some point

  58. 58

    Looks like an old scar to me. Give the poor girl a break already.

  59. 59

    You know, looking at that image, it's clearly been sharpened and filtered so hard you could make anything appear, just look at how her tattoo looks on that pic.
    Seriously, you SWORE you'd become a better person yet you keep HARRASSING this young woman.
    Have you EVER stopped to think maybe YOU are one of the REASONS to her downfall???
    It's a miracle she's still alive and it's no thanks to you, SHAME ON YOU for stalking her like this!!

  60. 60

    i bet when she dies, youll say you were friends, that you had so much respect for her, she was an inspiration, blah blah blah..

    well its not even a bet. i know for a fact you will.

  61. 61

    OH COME ON!!!! Seriously!?!? Perez, man you are grasping at some pathetic straws here. Lets boil all this cutting hoo-ha down to a couple of very important points:

    1) A real cutter cuts multiple times often in a location that is typically covered by clothing.

    2) If LL were a real cutter, and chose do slice up her arms, you'd think she would wear long sleeves all the time, especially considering that she is hounded by the paps 24/7. But every picture I see of the girl, she is showing some serious skin.

    3) For a person who takes a stand against bullying, you really should try to practice what you preach…to decry bullying one day then to go on and essentially bully someone the next (and starting lame rumors about someone is bullying, don't get it twisted) is the very definition of hypocrisy.

    4) LL has the same right to live without bullying just as much as any gay teen does, so be an example of someone with a heart, not a stupid high school mean girl.

    5) Last time I checked, LL is an adult, and can therefore do what she pleases as long as she's not putting anyone else in danger. So if the girl chooses to get hammered every night, that's her choice, as long as she doesn't get behind the wheel of a car I have no room to judge her. And neither do you, Perez.

  62. 62

    This woman IS cutting herself. Maybe not this week, but she IS in fact a cutter…SO STFU and let mario do what he does best. Preach the truth Perez, we love you dahling !!!

  63. 63

    You're a disgusting piece of shit, Mario.

  64. 64

    i hope she sues you for everything you have!!

  65. 65

    She is ugly, and does drugs all the time, and nobody in HollyWood will hire her, except for quick, rough, drug-fuelled sex .

  66. 66

    I wouldn't be surprised if she did, it fits her borderline personality. And if she did, it would most likely be both a cry for attention and an act of genuine self-hatred.

  67. 67

    Oh please, you should see my arms. Full of marks from oven burns. She was probably cooking for homeless shelters for community service hours. Oh wait…never mind

  68. 68

    She looks great, actually. Very pretty dress! I think those are scrapes… Sheesh, if you go outside at all, you'll have 'em.

  69. 69

    Looks more like a straightner or curler burn to me.

  70. 70

    OMG, a scratch on her arm and apparently she doesn't have money for counseling either. Looks like she's screwed. Next.

  71. 71


  72. 72

    This is like the Britney situation in 2007. You acted like a douchebag, and now that she's made a comeback, you're a complete ass kisser. When Lindsay (hopefully) makes a comeback, you're gonna act the same way..

  73. 73

    that's either a scrape or an OLD scar. god you're a moron. Leave the girl alone..you're probably bitter because she isn't pretending to like you like most of the other celebs that do. i'm getting really annoyed of your repetitive harassment of the same people over and over and not to mention the OVER-repetitiveness preaching! ugh

  74. 74

    a lot of people are saying it might not be from cutting, my issue with his commentary is that he insults her then wonders why she's having a hard time. maybe cuz she has to deal her life and mistakes under the eye of vengeful queens who make there career out of mocking people and shamelessly licking Gagas boots.

  75. 75

    College would be great for Lindsay except she doesn't have the education to get in. Or likely the intellectual ability to succeed. Not to mention the desire to learn. She will continue to party her life away. Hope she gets help for the cutting, it is well known that she has issues with that.

  76. 76

    She probably burnt herself accidently… but if she DID cut I would not be surprised because people such as yourself are making the situation worse and being so two-faced… being so lovey right now because you're SO worried and later making jokes about her.

  77. 77

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  78. 78

    Do you know you are .. Each Shi lets us live Fatiq .. A word you say it and flattening of the "because" … To blame. An apology .. A question .. For example, you so and so why Jaffa. . ~?! The words of heart and an estimated say to them their Pujeh .. You say it is estimated here. In the heart of what love is may beat you and you love my spirit in my blood in the race walking

  79. 79

    just a scratch!

  80. 80

    … Gosh Perez, is only ONE scratch. A person who cuts has TONS of cuts and most of the times they have them in places where they can hide them like their inner thighs and even if they had it in a visible place they wouldnt show it, since they ARE NOT PROUD of it.
    You seriously hate this girl for some reason.

  81. 81

    lololololol perez ur hilarious

    marilyn didnt do that…..

  82. 82

    She almost always has "scratches" on her arms or legs. Her cutting is known and her mother has admitted to it. The denial here is scary. There's more than one cut on her arm and she has them on her legs too sometimes.

  83. 83

    I looks more like a scratch than an SI cut but if it WAS a cut why would she do such a thing? Maybe because she's constantly taunted and abused by media figures, with you largely at the forefront? Don't try and appear concerned when you berate this poor girl nearly every day on this blog. In a strange way I hope something bad happens to her because if it does, like it or not, it will partially YOUR FAULT.

  84. 84

    REALLY??? Seriously??? Come on Perez! You of all people should know better than to ridicule this girl. Poor thing is suffering obviously. But it does not help that people or wanna be paparazzi like you are picking on her! Of course she wants to run and hide. I would too if I was a celebrity. I would want nothing to do with you. I love reading all your websites. They are so much fun to look at esp while at work on break time. But when you are so mean to people and to make false accusations such as this ^ its just uncalled for and mean. You of all people should know how it feels to be ridiculed. SO many celebs hated you and ridiculed you because of how fat you were….Hurts huh? Then how do you think she feels? Stop being mean. Another thing I hate about you…You are two faced! YOu talk so much shit about people then when you actually get someone stupid enough to sit down and talk to you, you then proceed to kiss their ass, You should stop while you are ahead. Don't hurt people. Don't make accusation. Don't over exagerate life and celebs. Just do your damn job and provide us with juicy GOOD gossip not rude gossip. I still love you. But leave her alone. You keep saying you want her to get help…well help her! Reach out to her instead of belittling her. Now get back to work skinny bitch and get us some good gossip ;)

  85. 85

    They look like strap marks from her purse. My arms look like that when I'm carrying a purse too. Someone else who knows better posted earlier that cutters don't flash their marks around (or something like that). It's my understanding that cutting is a very carefully guarded secret, you won't see sleeveless clothing on someone who cuts.

  86. rory! says – reply to this


    You're jumping to conclusions! Be quiet.

  87. 87

    Its just a scratch like really!

  88. 88

    1) When "consoling" someone, you do not call them a "hot mess"

    2) College is not for everyone and telling her to go to one because her acting career has lost momentum, makes you a self rightous prick.

    I'm hoping she doesnt die of a drug over dose and etc. but just remember Amy Winehouse, Perez and no she was not your bestfriend, no one talks to a bestfriend like that.