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Jason Derulo And LeAnn Rimes Have DISASTROUS Debuts On Billboard 200 Chart!

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jason derulo and leann rimes have weak debuts for new albums

Tough break for these two!

The Billboard 200 Chart did NOT treat Jason Derulo or LeAnn Rimes well this week AT ALL!

Jason's new album Future History debuted at the #29 spot, while LeAnn's album Lady & Gentlemen landed the #32 spot. Ouchie!

Hopefully these two can climb their way AT LEAST to the top 25….although to be perfectly honest, we're no optimistic.

Better luck next time!

Have U heard Jason or LeAnn's new albums? Do U think they deserve to be higher up on the charts???

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21 comments to “Jason Derulo And LeAnn Rimes Have DISASTROUS Debuts On Billboard 200 Chart!”

  1. 1

    People have affairs. I understand that. But calling your album "Lady and Gentlmen"? How odd. Cheating is not a very lady-like thing to do, so most people are not going to think of you as a lady. If this was damage control of some sort, it has backfired. Also, calling it "Lady and Gentlmen" gives the impression that this is for her and her male fans, but not her female fans. Kind of alienating to other women. If she chose the title herself, it says alot. I'm guessing she probably doesn't have many female friends.

  2. 2

    Isn't that the girl that was married to her back-up dancer and cheated on him with a married character actor who was cheating on his family with another girl when he met her?

  3. 3

    Re: Demode – She has no girlfriends; she's known as a Husband Stealing Vampress all around the world.

  4. 4

    Hey Leann, how's that Bulimia & Anorexia working for ya? It's OK if you have to stick your fingers down your STOMACH ACID ETCHED THROAT to throw-up before answering my question; go ahead ……. PURGE!

  5. 5

    Re: Demode

    Agreed. Horrible album title. She does have a great voice, though.

  6. 6

    Crummy album cover photo too.

  7. 7

    Agree with Demode. People have affairs all the time but she's so in your face about it. There's something really off-putting about the way she's acted so I think people are holding it against her a lot more than they usually would.

  8. 8

    @Pam's - im pretty sure you take this whole cheating thing harder then any of the parties involved.

  9. 9

    Funny how all these comments are about Leann personally rather than her music. Leann had an affair. It happens all the time. Move on. She has. She titled the CD "Lady and Gentlmen" because she is singing songs previously associated with male singers. That's all. It's not about offering her music only to her male fans or trying to alienate women. I think women have alienated her by judging her so harshly when many of the people who judge her probably have cheated themselves.

  10. 10

    LeAnn's "fail" is just karma biting her on her bony ass.

  11. 11

    just listened to Rimes' new album… it SUCKS so bad. her voice doesn't even sound as good as it used to

  12. 12

    Re: ciperez

    That may be true, but the fact that you had to explain to everyone why it was titled "Lady and Gentlemen" shows that it wasn't a well thought out title. People are not going to get the meaning of the tiltle at first glance. They are going to associate it with her having affairs with other 'gentlemen'. We live in a tabloid world, and that's just the way it goes.

  13. 13

    I do not find this disastrous! At least both albums debuted on Billboard's Top 200. The albums are brand new! Sometimes it takes a while for new albums to climb the charts. Sometimes they don't and it's just not LeAnn's album here, Mr. Dumbass Hilton. So why file it under just LeAnn's name? Always having to post negativity. Don't you have something positive to post? Guess there isnt anything else to talk about huh? Freaking idiot.

  14. 14

    Maybe Jason Derulo should stop saying his name in auto tune in the beginning of all his songs! Frankly, it's a bit annoying. As far as LeAnn Rimes goes, I was never a huge fan of her songs, but the girl does have a striking voice. The sad thing is that the public can not seem to get past her past indiscretions. Personally, I think everyone should leave it alone already, but then again, it doesn't really help matters that she's very annoying with her constant tweeting of bikini pics and so forth. I hope Eddie Cibrian was worththe drama!

  15. 15

    they should have sold their albums for 99cents I mean It worked for lady gaga lol

  16. 16

    …wow, brandi's friends are bright…the album title reflects the fact that she's a female singing songs famously covered by males…and, she isn't "in your face" about her private life, she's in the media spotlight…has been for years…

  17. 17

    The Billboard 200 Chart did NOT treat Jason Derulo or LeAnn Rimes well this week AT ALL!

    Really? It's the chart's fault. Maybe the blame should go to their fans who didn't support them. Or perhaps the music is terrible and no one wants it. You know, Perez, words mean things. Why don't learn what words mean before you string them into a dumb sentence.

  18. 18

    Jason album was ok like his first single but the rest was just so so. I think he tried to just make his last album again but it didn't work, and LeAnn's was hard to listen too. Just a bunch of remade songs. She really needs to work on NEW stuff. She can sing and that's the kind of songs she needs to sing. TOO MUCH auto tune stuff.

  19. 19

    It is what she deserves.. specially for throwing what she did in peoples faces constantly..mostly that morons ex-wife and her obsession with her.. she is such a joke now.. fake tits, stick figure.. insecure as hell cause they are both cheating nasty people..

  20. 20

    Re: youllneverno – Oh wtf ever dumbass.. I don't know Brandi and I think Leann is a piece of shit.. and she is in your face about it because she can't stfu up about it, his kids, him and constantly posts pictures of herself and tweets about anything and everything in the media.. so stfu.. if she wont fuck off then neither will people.. keep sucking her ugly ass

  21. 21

    Re: youllneverno – oh and she was never in much of a spotlight till she became a hoe.. who the fuck talked about her before that??? You are fucking kidding yourself.. hilarious..