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You Gotta Watch This! Short Occupy Wall Street Doc!

| Filed under: PolitikInspiration

If you've been wondering what it's like up on the front lines of Occupy Wall Street, this documentary gives you a real slice of life look.

It's nothing too intense, nothing too light. Just real Occupy Wall Street life.

With everything surround this situation, it really raises some questions.

And we want to know what UR questions are! How do U feel about the message Occupy Wall Street is sending?

What do U think we could do better, and as a country, HOW could we do it better?

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15 comments to “You Gotta Watch This! Short Occupy Wall Street Doc!”

  1. 1

    What the majority of these people don't realize are two of the following facts: 1) Obama received almost a million dollars in campaign contributions (more than any president in history mind you) & 2) Taxpayers actually made 10-20 billion from interest etc. due to ROI from the tarp funds via bank bailouts. Government Motors is the only account that has cost taxpayers to foot the bill. At least, thus far.

  2. 2

    Though I know what the protests are about…not entirely concerning the bank bailouts. Just corporate greed in general….well news flash, the world runs on individuals pursuing their own self-interests. And what makes political greed any more nobler than economic greed? I heard that Michael Moore was there to support the protests condoning greed and "economic kleptomania" to paraphrase. Man obviously doesn't know his a– from his elbow. The man's size defines greed in addition to the fact that he makes as much as these evil CEOs make in a year. And he's also suing the Weinstein Brothers over the Fahrenheit 9/11 profits when the guy already made almost 20 million. Ha wow, greedy much?

  3. 3

    The US Government passes legislation to benefit the fortune 500 companies and the Wall St Bankers NOT the people. These are the political bankrollers for every administration. The people should be marching on Washington NOT Wall St, DUMB ASS Americans!

  4. 4

    Re: Tnorris – Thank you! Finally someone is telling Perez we made money off of the banks!

  5. 5

    Uninformed sheep. Their time would be better spent job hunting or in job training.

  6. 6

    I think the #1 thing companies can do and government can help with is keep jobs in the USA. Outsourcing is what is hurting this country. Yeah it's cheaper, but it's gonna hurt everyone in the long run. If government gave incentives to companies to keep jobs here it would help the country.

  7. 7

    Mario WHY do you have a blog if you do not allow comments to be heard? You have posted a video asking the people who visit you site and support your site, 'what our questions are and how we feel about occupy wall street. So WHY is it that you filter what you LIKE to hear and deflect or block what you DO NOT want to hear? CLEARLY you are 'trying' to direct the point of view of the post for your own personal reasons as opposed to what really is going on. It's ok though because you reveal yourself as the example of the pro Euro-Marxist in the united states.

  8. 8

    Sorry but I did not get any money from the banks or the government (did get a small check from the Bush tax cuts). As someone who has seen my job outsourced to India and cannot find work, I agree these folks should be protesting at WDC not Wall Street - or better yet both. There was a small protest here in LA over the weekend.

  9. 9

    So the Whitehouse is quick to get behind this messy, loud, and obstructive mob but according to Barry the other group that if for less government, no bailouts, etc., are "teabaggers". Interesting. And that's why I will never vote for a Junior senator brought up in the Chicago political system, that glad handed with the likes of a radical bomber and a mad reverend.

  10. 10

    Perez Hilton, you scumbag full of yesterdays jizz - the only movement you know anything abt or has anything to do with you - is the movement of your bowels after youve taken the load up your ass… You are a pimple on the acne of bullshit… Take your queensized ass on home Mario. Fuck you.

  11. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re-regulate banking and Wall street, and increase tax and reduce loopholes on bigger money. Provide encouragement to give back/re-invest inside America with specific tax incentives for U.S. corporations, along with a higher tax rate for offshore productions profits for U.S. based firms. Fund new technology research to create future employment and advancement within America. Create and monitor ethical regulations and laws concerning D.C. lobbying and minimize legal corporate campaign contributions that clamp down on backroom deals that aren't the best ethical way to go for America. Get your head out and pay attention to what elected officials actually do rather than what they say just to get elected, and don't vote for them if they flip flop once they get in. Don't vote for the party; vote for the candidate's policy and then hold them to it. Get off the couch and get involved. Do your bit to make the country a better place.
    If America showed shows that emphasized ethics, ideals, honor and doing the right thing rather than show after show idolizing the lifestyles of the rich and famous, the greed of people trying to soothe their souls would diminish and be replaced with still industrious but better human beings with solid values that contribute to the country as a whole.

  12. 12

    It is about time that the average American stood up & used their power.
    After three years not ONE person in the financial sector has been charged or jailed for the crime perpetrated on America.
    people have died, are in poverty & children are suferring because of corporate greed.
    Free enterprise is a good thing - but - it carries with it responsibilities.
    Stand Up America & demand justice & fairness!

  13. 13

    The paradigm is shifting from conservative versus liberal to corporations versus democracy.
    The middle east had it's Arab Spring. We are having our Wall Street Fall.
    Perez, where are the celebrities? Are they joining the protestors?

  14. 14

    Re: Hunkasaurus – You have it slightly twisted. The 'paradigm' which is left/right or right/left (so called democracy), is no longer. The left = right and the right = the left. There is no longer any difference. And you are correct in saying that corporations are being used and pushed on us in an effort to eliminate democracy and freedoms in the US and have the corporations RUN IT ALL, many from offshore as well. Don't count on the celebrities, their allegiance are to the corporate studios (their paymasters) who cut their large checks and employ them. Beware of Occupy Wall Street and what it can become as it has no direct message yet. Instead take a look at the BRAND NEW 'Occupy the Federal Reserve' nationwide!

  15. 15

    Corporate fascism is pure Mussolini. This is now a corporate fascist state in America.