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In Bed With… Wilson Phillips!

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A very special installment of "Chatting With"!

In bed with Wilson Phillips!

Perez gets up close and personal with Chynna, Carnie and Wendy!

The iconic California trio invited us over to talk about their new reality TV show, why they're going down that route, the "drama" in their lives, Chnyna's foray into Dancing With The Stars, their upcoming tribute album to their parents - and lots more!

Read some highlights from our chat - after the jump!

Watch the interview in full above!

Perez: Hey everybody, it's Perez. I'm in bed with Wilson Phillips.

Interviewee: Hi.

Perez: And if you would just turn around, and you will see that they're filming. Because you working, you can turn back now. You're filming a reality TV show.

Interviewee: Yes.

Chynna: Yes, we are.

Perez: Now there's three of you as we can see. So I can imagine that you all had to agree upon this.

Carnie: Yeah.

Perez: Well who's idea was it originally? Was there was one person who said, "Oh I think we should do this", and that kind of spearheaded that movement.

Carnie: No, Winston did, our manager.

Chynna: Yeah, but you were the one who really wanted it, and Wendy and I were a little freaked out.

Carnie: I did?

Chynna: Yeah.

Wendy: We said no about ten times.

Chynna: Does anybody have a baby wipe?

Carnie: I'm chewing a mint. Okay, Zeke isn't coming.

Chynna: It is?

Carnie: I had a reality show, so I told them it's a great idea. Because what they wanted to do is they wanted to capture like nine children, working mothers, 21-year reunion, new record that we're touring so much, and like how do we do it. And we're actually really that kind of a thing. And it's probably a lot of fun.

Perez: And you two have not done reality TV before though?

Chynna: No.

Perez: Did it take a lot of convincing?

Chynna: Yeah.

Carnie: Yeah.

Wendy: A ton of it.

Chynna: A ton.

Carnie: I said, "Get ready, you'll be exposed, and you'll probably regret it but lets go." Perez: And it's also not just you guys, your family too.

Chynna: Yeah, well not so much. I mean, today is especially (inaudible).

Perez: Not so much. Okay. I'm getting answers, I'm getting answers.

Carnie: Talk about today.

Chynna: Today because we had family barbeque, the kids are actually here. So but they're not really going to be a huge part of the show.

Perez: So mainly just the three of you?

Chynna: That's right.

Wendy: And our relationship.

Perez: So it's not like — because I imagine too then, like you have partners. Are your partners going be on it too? Like that could add like a whole level of strain on a relationship.

Chynna: Yeah.

Carnie: Yeah.

Chynna: If they pay my husband, he might do it.

Perez: Are you going to — is it dramatic, you're lives, is there drama?

Chynna: [Watch above.]

Perez: You were mentioned covers of your parent's songs.

Chynna: My mom's going to be (inaudible).

Perez: So, I saw your mom here, and your mom here. Will you're parents be making more cameos in the show?

Chynna: Sure. My moms a media whore.

Wendy: She's going to love it.

Perez: Will your parents maybe also be collaborating musically too? Will your mom maybe be on a song?

Chynna: Yeah, we'd love, you know we'd love to do that.

Carnie: Figuring it out

Perez: Figuring it out.

Chynna: You know we'd love to do that. We also bring them up on stage sometime.

Perez: That's cool.

Carnie: We're figuring it out, we're figuring it out. We have to have the right song, and the right — it's, you know it's really a good question, but it's a big decision. Do we put our parents when we're making an album, cut it by them, for them, their songs or is this (inaudible) –

Chynna: Make it all around. It's all about her.

Perez: Make it have a bonus versions with the parents.

Carnie: That's another idea, bonus track.

Perez: Bonus track.

Chynna: Yeah.

Carnie: And we record them with — that's a good idea.

Perez: I have good ideas.

Carnie: I like that idea.

Perez: I saw a video of your daughter singing a Taylor Swift song. Are any of your other kids musically inclined?

Carnie: Yes.

Chynna: Oh are you kidding? All of mine.

Perez: They're going to be the Partridge family.

Perez: Do you think they're going to want to be in a group together?

Chynna: Oh (inaudible) about the next show.

Carnie: There's a generation for you coming.

Perez: Will you encourage it? Will you discourage it?

Carnie: [Watch above.]

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12 comments to “In Bed With… Wilson Phillips!”

  1. 1

    I thought Carnie "The Carnivore" Wilson had her house & industrial reinforced bed repossessed…

  2. 2

    Beyond damaged Monarch slaves.

  3. 3

    How is Carnie fat again??? didnt she have lipo and get her stomach stapled and go on Celebrity Fit Club??? She is a medical anomaly.

  4. 4

    I wish the video camera would have panned down to film all the EMPTY family-size potato chip bags, gnawed-raw beef rib bones, and Snicker Bar wrappers underneath the bed…..

  5. 5

    You people are ruthless and evil! Who cares if she gained her weight back or not. Worry about you and stop being so critical of everyone, oh but I forgot…you're perfect!!!

  6. 6

    I'm not being critical here but I really would like to know how Carnie gained it back. From a medical perspective it seems almost impossible unless she had her surgery reversed. I'm sure I saw her in an interview saying that the after the procedure she had her stomach was so small that if she tried to overeat she would throw up. She needs to get to the bottom of her reasons for eating so much, clearly it's emotional binging. FIND OUT MARIO!!!! We want to know.

  7. 7

    After stomach stapling/gastric bypass and lipo, you pretty much have to eat all day, every day to get that big again. I know of a few people that had gastric bypass years and years ago, and they NEVER gained anything back.

  8. 8

    Perez, why are there pubes all over the top of your head?

  9. 9

    She had gastric bypass which is a weight loss tool, not a cure. It is common for patients to regain weight post surgery. Obesity is a disease with many components. It is cruel to make fun of someone with a disease, you would not make fun if someone with cancer. People with weight issues are not lazy or glutenous, they have a serious problem!

  10. 10

    Gawd…I can just IMAGINE being in Carnie Wilson's bed ! It would be full of Chitos, chips, peanuts, donught crumbs ….Just say'n !

  11. 11

    Notice how Carnie is on the one side, and the other three are on the other side of the bed … ? BALANCE ! ! !

  12. 12

    Carnie has MORE chins than a Chinese telephone book ! She stands in front of the micro-wave and yells: HURRY ! She had her ears pierced, and out came gravy ! She went to the beach, lied down, and people kept trying to push her back into the ocean ! She irons her pants on the driveway ! She had a dress made, and there was enough material left over to slip-cover New Jersey ! She was arrested at the Candian border for drugs ! - They lifted her skirt, and found 60 pounds of CRACK ! ! ! FAT ! ! !