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The FBI Told Clint Eastwood There's No Proof Hoover Was Gay

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Yet after watching this trailer (above), we don't think he took what they had to say to heart.

Making a movie about such an influential and controversial man like J. Edgar Hoover requires a lot of research and careful scrutiny of history. Being one of the best directors in the biz, Clint Eastwood took his movie about the first director of the FBI very seriously and made it a point to learn as much about the man and the myth as he could. He even went so far as to visit the Federal Bureau of Investigation personally, which is where he was promptly informed by officials that as far as they knew, Hoover was NOT gay.

There were several meetings this year between Clint, Assistant FBI Director Mike Kortan and Leonardo DiCaprio, who plays Hoover in the film, where they discussed the topic in depth. Kortan time and time again insisted that there is no substantial proof confirming the claims of Hoover's homosexuality, adding to the press later:

"Vague rumors and fabrications have cropped up from time to time, but there is no evidence in the historical record on this issue. We provided information so that their story could be accurate. What they did with it, as with any production, has been entirely in their hands."

Obviously, they didn't agree with you.

Look, we've already heard that the "rumored kissing scene" isn't really going to happen in the movie. Clint and Co. are supposedly going to stay as vague on the subject of their rumored love as history is.

Still, we wish people wouldn't get so bent out of shape. The film is going to explore a side of history so many people don't know about. It's going to bring resurgence to a historical figure who's name has been forgotten unless mention in reference to a vacuum.

Let's all see the movie first before we start a damn riot, okay!

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9 comments to “The FBI Told Clint Eastwood There's No Proof Hoover Was Gay”

  1. 1

    I see nothing remotely romantic or sexual in the trailer…

  2. 2

    What the FBI says is true. There isn't any PROOF.

    There a lot of speculative circumstantial evidence, but not a shred of "proof."

  3. 3

    This fake accent is horrible, it's almost unwatchable.

  4. 4

    Hoover controlled the historical record, all the "proof". Why is the bureau so paranoid? What if he was gay? They should be more concerned about the real truth of the man coming out.

  5. 5

    This movie has oscar written all over it. Mabye Brokeback mountain could get away with stuff but not this one for it's non-fiction and such a historical figure bio pic would get watered down and america wouldn't be able to appreciate it alot if there was gay sex in it.

  6. 6

    There has always been talk that the Mafia had photos of them, and that is why Hoover was so easy to control
    You think if that had been true, someone would have come forward with pics ???

  7. 7

    Fvck J. Edgar. He ruin so many innocent people lives just because he had power and had vague rumors or no proof.

  8. 8

    It seems that only one person is getting bent out of shape about it…

    I can't wait to see this movie. The courtroom clip reminded me so much of The Aviator and truly hope this will give Leo his Oscar. With all that "Oscar buzz" the media talks about (that they perpetuate) with Brad Pitt's movie, I hope THIS is one of the ones to win Leo his Oscar without having even seen it yet.

  9. 9

    He was a cross dresser that had a boyfriend. There are people that know he cross dressed and had a boyfriend. Just because Hoover didn't have a sex video for the world to see doesn't mean that he wasn't sweet on his boyfriend. ———————————————Jodie Foster, Anderson Cooper, Richard Simmons (and many more) haven't came out either. I don't "know" if they are gay. However, I strongly suspect that they might be.