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Jon Stewart Says What We've All Been Thinking About Sarah Palin!

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Well, that answers that! Not like anyone with half a brain in their head didn't already know this answer!

Back on September 28th, Jon Stewart very incisively told Sarah Palin that, in light of her dangling the possibility of her potentially entering the GOP race for MONTHS, that "You are either running for President of the United States or you are a crazy person."

Well, now that she's officially announced that she is in fact, NOT running, the hilarious Daily Show host not only questioned what exactly she's been doing all this time, and WHY she also sent letters to potential donors requesting financial support only two weeks ago!

Ch-ch-check out his comments (above)!

Again…correct us if we're wrong, but…maybe because SHE'S AN EFFING CRAZY PERSON?!

Why is that so difficult for people to accept?! Please!

Let's end this side show - for we all know it's overstayed its welcome BIG TIME - and MOVE ON!

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20 comments to “Jon Stewart Says What We've All Been Thinking About Sarah Palin!”

  1. 1

    Perez aka Mario. YOU are a LIAR. You went on The Ellen Show and swore you would STOP BULLYING on your website. You did not say except conservative women. LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE.

  2. 2

    Barack Hussein Obama = "LANDSLIDEABLE"
    Would pay big money to see Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney in a presidential debate, when Obama doesn't have a teleprompter in front of him.
    (Don't know if my Governor Rick Perry can speak in public w/o saying the word "Texas")

  3. 3

    @blsdjan: How in hell do you call this bullying u dumbshit? It's a clip from Jon Stewart telling it how it is. Tha Sarah Palin is a fucken money grubbing whore…and most of Americans are too fucken stupid to see it.

  4. 4

    SARAHPAC only has 1.1 million dollars in it. Obama's political fund has ONE BILLION dollars in it. 90 % of the media are for Obama. 9% of the media (mostly Fox) are for Romney who has spent 100million dollars on his political career. Sarah did not have the backed funds to run. She WILL support a candidate that wants lower taxes, local energy exploration, less gov. regulations, and less gov. wastes. SARAH PAC has donated funds to candidates that did win in 2010. SARAH PAC is not corrupt as Jon tried to make us believe. I would like to see Jon go through the expense sheet of Obama's and Romney's funds.

  5. 5

    "The bottom line is that we Tea Party patriots must take our country back —
    back from politicians who demonize achievers,
    back from politicians who promote entitlement to enslave as many voters to government as possible,
    back from bottom-feeding parasites seeking freebies from Obama's stash,
    back from those who hate moral standards of any kind,
    back from those who hate our military,
    back from those who seek to divide us along racial lines for political gain,
    back from those who celebrate and sympathize with the terrorists who attacked us on 9/11.
    And most of all, we must take our country back from Obama, who, upon entering the White House, toured the world apologizing for America's greatness and has since vowed to "fundamentally transform" her.
    You, Sir, are unworthy of our extraordinary legacy.
    And with God's help, we will take our country back from you come November 2012."
    – Lloyd Marcus, author of "Confessions of a Black Conservative"

  6. 6

    FatBoy is like a 2 year old boy. Oh wait that is what you are attracted to. Oh wait.

    John Stewart another loud mouth. I dont like Rush, I dont like any of those big mouthed loud mouths who cant see any good what so ever in other parties and cant see any bad what so ever in their party. Both sides have good and bad ideas and people like this make sure the good from both sides will never merge.

    Mario on the other hand is Just Deplorable. absolutely disgusting

  7. 7

    Re: lamorena106 – If she is not running its time to STFU about her
    Just Deplorable

  8. 8

    Correct you if you're wrong? If I had to correct you, Mario, every time you were wrong, I'd have no time to do anything else. Why? Because you're a stupid shit. Sarah Palin isn't crazy. She's smart enough to get millions to follow her and send her money; you only WISH you had that talent. I have no use for her or her family, and I'm glad she's not running. But you, Mario, are a heterophobe who despises women in any position of authority. This is why you love your mother so much, because she kisses your ugly ass so you'll pay her bills. You have huge women issues, and need help. Lots of it.

  9. 9

    somehow i don't feel badly for sarah palin supporters getting fleeced. if you're stupid enough to back her you might as well hand all your money over to someone else and give up on life all together.

  10. 10

    Shitney Spears is a sideshow, Lady Caca is a sideshow and you are a sideshow but Palin is far from what the three of you are. You're just pissed that she's not running and cannot be a target of delusional gays such are you in the future. Get over your hate for the lady and accept the fact that she doesn't even know who the fuck you are even though you are obsessed with her every move and spoken word. You take bullying to new heights with each and every Palin post. Obama is as dumb as dirt and his wife is a fat fucking whore but we never hear that truth out of your piehole.

  11. 11

    Re: luvs2tango – DITTO, DITTO, DITTO for both your posts!!!

  12. 12

    who would give this crazy lady that much money

  13. 13

    I love how people are avoiding the issue, and getting on Perez's case because he agrees with Jon. The fact is Palin knew she wasn't running for president, but yet asked for money from donators. And Perez is right…what the fuck has she been doing all this time? A bus tour for what? She's not campaigning, she's not the governor of Alaska anymore. WHAT.THE.FUCK.WAS.SHE.DOING?

  14. 14

    Perez is a bully to anyone that disagrees with his dream of a huge welfare state. A state where the unemployable feast off the efforts of productive citizens. I hope the state garnishes at least 98% of the money Perez makes inorder to support people that refuse to work.

  15. 15

    Wow. She committed fraud; I hope she gets sued. It's unrealistic for her to run anyway– conservatives are embarrassed by her and liberals know she's an idiot.

  16. 16

    This kkunt is a raging narcissist who needs to have her ass reamed out by Newt Gingrich's two-inch herpetic-oozing cock.

  17. 17

    Re: April_Rain – OMG…so many posts and only one that makes any sense (yours)! She quit her job as Governor of Alaska, not for medical reasons, but yet, people think she should still even be ALLOWED to run for President. Um, yeah…..I'm going to stop cashiering at Target because people just complain too much, but um….I might run for CEO later. She got huge bucks for writing a book and went on a book tour, collected money from donors during it, and now…..isn't going to run. Even if you hate Obama…get a clue with her!

  18. 18

    I have been saying this you years This crazy skank was scamming the poor stupid americans. Poor tea baggers scamed againg by skanky politicieans this time by acrazy Palin. I hope she and the her butter face daughter will not be heard from anymore.

  19. Pele' says – reply to this


    Sarah Payme is not running because she has such dirt, crimes, and YES IGNORANCE, she wouldnt be able to survive running for wasilly jr hs basket ball coach. She is a joke, a fake and liar along with the entire BULLYING HEALTH/PALIN FAMILY. Jon speaks the truth and perez reports the facts. Thanks.

  20. Pele' says – reply to this


    Palins are nobodies, they are small town low life bullies, she learned how to wink and smile thus sending the ignorant to orgasam. Well the sex is over and the party is over. The family have been exposed for what they are. They cannot hide the facts. Miss hollywood bristol is just as bad as her mom ………could ya please replace her with levi. He is much better person. Palins are done and not welcome.