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Michele Bachmann Really Pushes Her Desire To Reinstate Don't Ask, Don't Tell

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Michele Bachmann Wants To Reinstate Dont Ask Dont Tell Crazy Eyes Photo

We were disgusted to tell you about this when we first heard it, but now we're hearing what else she has to say on it and it boggles our minds.

It's one thing to have disagreeing opinions on fiscal issues, but these opinions suffer equal rights. These opinions hinder American lives, lives who cause no harm.

As she masquerades her hate in moral superiority, Michele Bachmann says:

I think of all the candidates that are running in the race, I have been very vocal about this. I would reinstate the don't ask, don't tell policy. It worked before and what it says is the issue of sexuality is one that doesn't come up and people aren't allowed to be open about it because the United States military, it's not a social experiment.

We also believe that God has a design for marriage between one man and one woman. I was the chief author of the marriage amendment in Minnesota and we persisted, and after seven years, in a very hostile liberal state, we finally passed that marriage amendment and it will be on the ballot and I believe it will pass in 2012.

Don't settle. Don't settle for anyone less than a candidate that will stand up for pro-life, pro-family, pro-marriage issues. I have a titanium spine. I will put my spine up against any man who is running in this race.


Oooh, Michele! Even the majority of Republicans are more compromising than you in wanting to work toward a better America. This is clearly shown with you always ending dead last in the polls.

Most people think consider you a bigot.

So keep preachin' hate, Michele! Love will prevail!!!

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