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Seth MacFarlane Opens Up About Jon Stewart Feud On Piers Morgan Tonight

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Well said, Seth…and we don't blame you for being weary of reigniting the drama with Jon! We can't IMAGINE trying to debate that man!

Check out the video (above) of Seth MacFarlane opening up to Piers Morgan about an angry phone call that Jon Stewart made to him back in '08.

Apparently, Seth mocked Jon on Family Guy for continuing to air The Daily Show during the 2007 Writer's Guild strike…and Jon did NOT appreciate it AT ALL.

What do U think? Team Seth or Team Stewart???

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14 comments to “Seth MacFarlane Opens Up About Jon Stewart Feud On Piers Morgan Tonight

  1. 1

    team seth!!!

  2. 2

    Team seth…

  3. 3

    Team Seth! He has the grace to, while not admitting dick shit, know when to hold-fold and walk-away LOL

  4. 4

    Without having heard the conversation between Seth and Jon, I think I'm more inclined to side with Seth on this one. He admitted that the joke (which I don't recall) was probably a little too severe in its execution, and that was noble of him to say. And while I tend to be irritated by Piers Morgan, I do agree with him that Jon dishes it out so much that he should be able to take it. It probably hurt him on a deeper level because I imagine he is (or was?) a fan of Seth's. A calm phone call to Seth probably would have been a better option, but Jon doesn't seem to be a particularly calm personality….

  5. 5

    Re: sohaveiforyou83 – Well Said.

  6. 6

    Jon Stewart is the rational voice of politics? Maybe for in the closet left wingers who play the fence! Jon Stewart is a baby, he whines like a lawyer - I don't see him as a debater of any kind and I do see him as a VERY ANGRY liitle shit off camera. His brother runs the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). The only thing Stewart has said of late that I liked was his support of Ron Paul to a degree, pointing out that he is ignored in media. Craig Kilborn was and will ALWAYS be funnier than Stewart and I miss Kilborn with that writing team.

  7. 7

    Team Seth!

  8. 8

    Seth. Jon has become an entitled type of person.

  9. 9

    Stewart is the king

  10. 10

    Team Seth

  11. 11

    Seth is a TERRIBLE actor! "How do you know about that?" REALLY? Duh, your publicist set this up and the plan was for you to act like you were shocked. Just one problem: you can't act!

  12. 12

    there's no "team" anything you idiots, can't two people have an argument and get over it without having the whole world speculate crazy rivalry shit? simple-minded doesn't even begin to describe some of you…..

  13. 13

    Uhh Team Jon all the way. I can't tell you one of any relevant random string of jokes off of Family Guy, but Stewart virtually always keeps it relevant. Family Guy is totally hit or miss. Dumb comedy from what seems to be a dumb Seth, Jon Stewart can take you down. Why would you mess with him??

  14. 14

    Re: sohaveiforyou83 – I agree with you. I think Piers was trying to stir up old shit for the sake of a sound bite, which he got. I love that Seth repeatedly said "Um how do you know that?" and even mentioned Woodward and Bernstein (hint at taping scandal) Seth and Jon have probably come to some kind of peace and here's Piers trying to be a shit stirrer. Seth's right that Jon is the sane one and should've stood up but those points were made back then when it happened so it's awkward and off putting to make him talk about it this many years after.