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Nostalgiarrific News! The Cranberries Releasing A New Album On Valentine's Day!!!

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the cranberries releasing new album

No, this isn't just IN YOUR HEAD…The Cranberries have a new album on the way!

That's right, 90's music fans! For the first time in over a decade, the Irish band is coming out with a new studio album entitled Roses, which is set for release on this upcoming Valentine's Day!

Here's what vocalist Dolores O'Riordan had to say about it:

"Having recorded two albums with various different musicians during our hiatus, I could clearly see that Noel and Mike have a unique way of creating chords and Ferg keeps it together in a subtle way. We had a blast in the studio, Stephen was in his zone and it came together rather quickly. There is a sense of rejuvenation in the group, a freshness."

More from guitarist Noel Hogan:

"I always had the attitude that there would be another album. Over the last six years, Dolores and I were sending each other ideas on and off. The icing on the cake was to work with Stephen Street again who helped us rediscover our sound."

How exciting! Check out the full track listing for the new release AFTER THE JUMP!

Are U pumped for the return of The Cranberries?

Roses Track Listing:

1. Conduct
2. Tomorrow
3. Fire & Soul
4. Raining In My Heart
5. Losing My Mind
6. Schizophrenic Playboys
7. Waiting In Walthamstow
8. Show Me
9. Astral Projections
10. So Good
11. Roses

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7 comments to “Nostalgiarrific News! The Cranberries Releasing A New Album On Valentine's Day!!!”

  1. 1

    This is a prefect example of one of the many reasons people see your gay ass as a joke. If this was horrible willow smith, or some gay fucking boy band pop act you would be cumming all over yourself, but a truely talented group like the cranberries and it's as if you barely bothered with the post. Douchebag!

  2. 2

    Re: hoochpit – I agree totally, gays don't know nothing about music. They hear Britney Spear signing shit and the call it art. One of my best friend is gay, and we always fight about music. He really don't get it. He don't like music like this. It is because gay guy don't think music as expression of a soul, or art, they feel it only for dancing and shaking ass. That's why.

  3. USON says – reply to this


    Can you guys cool it with the gay stereotypes? The Cranberries have a very large gay following, including myself. We all don't worship at the alter of Lady Gaga or wet oursleves whenever Brittney Spears releases a new single. Just because your best friend or even the majority of gay men like a certain kind of music doesn't mean we all do. RE: gays don't know nothing about music

  4. 4

    re: Argentinian - Don't stereotype all gay people. I happen to be gay and I love music of most types. I am not bound by Britney or Gaga, although I do enjoy them. I am always on the look out for good music and have been a fan of the cranberries for many years. I bought the first four albums. I also bought the boxed set of theirs. I have lost touch with them as of recent but hope that this new album captures what I loved about the cranberries in the first four albums.

  5. 5

    I also love The Cranberries …and I am gay. I don't care for Britney or Christina …I hear their stuff on the radio but I don't have any desire to buy the crap they put out. I really look forward to another Cranberries tour. I've traveled to St. Louis, Ft Lauderdale, and Los Angeles just to see them …and I'll go where ever they are once again.

  6. 6

    I loved the Cranberries and I am so glad they are coming out with a new album.

  7. 7

    Yeah, um… I think I'll choose not to hop on the "gay" bandwagon and stereotype their taste in music. Anyway, I love The Cranberries and I look forward to their new album. Their album 'No Need To Argue' played on repeat in 94' and 95'. I swear, it's the soundtrack to my adolescence, and it helped me through some difficult times.