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Guess Who's Suing Lindsay Lohan Now?

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Another day in the life of Lindsay Lohan!

The hard-pAArtying former actress has been slapped with yet another lawsuit, this time for not paying her limo bill, which is - get this - $90,000!

According to Elite Transportation Limo and Security Services, which Lohan used from February to May of 2009, she also booked limos for her friends and family, which would cost as much as $6,000 an hour!

Well, between the original $33,978 outstanding bill, and all of the penalties and late charges, she now owes $90,585.79!

But how does Lindsay Lohan respond?

She goes out and buys an $80,000 Porsche from an El Lay dealership on Thursday!

Yeah. That's all we have to say about that.

[Image via WENN.]

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25 comments to “Guess Who's Suing Lindsay Lohan Now?”

  1. 1

    Maybe if you had a car like that you might get laid Pube head. Oh wait!!
    Sorry guess you wouldn't. Little boys don't get aroused by cars that much

  2. 2

    Sucks for her that all that drunk dialing racked up such a bill, but I appreciate that she ordered limos Lindsey behind a wheel was a public health hazard… AND what the hell did she do to you personally Mario, it comes across very personal the vendetta you have out for her.

  3. 3

    Just sold my Independent film at MNPNY best place for low budget , out of print and hard to find films. -W.C.

  4. 4

    The are also suing TriStar Entertainment in the same case. Report the facts!

  5. 5

    Who would ever let that slut charge anything
    IM sure she will be dead before the end of the year,it's Amy all over again, only Amy had talant

  6. 6

    It's it's Lindsay Lohan, people, you need to demand cash up front. She doesn't understand the concept of purchasing goods or services on credit. Once they are in her possession or she had used them, she is so deluded she actually believes she has no oblgation to pay.

  7. 7

    She's not even pretty anymore. stop with the stupid fingers in ur stupid fake lips. UGH she is so annoying!

  8. 8

    Re: Christina Polo – I completely agree with you. Whatever business lets her have a credit with them at this point deserves what they get. However, I will give this limo service the benefit of doubt because this was in 2009 and maybe it wasn't a well known fact that likes to skip out on her bills at that point. The fact that they let the bill go from $30k to $90k because of late fees is a bit suspect, however. I hope they realize that they will not be getting $90k from her because they should've filed this lawsuit long ago.

    As for the $80k Porsche, either this chick is lying to the judge about being broke or some idiot at the dealership is going to lose his freaking job! From what I have seen, Lindsay owes everyone and isn't exactly bringing in Herbie Fully Loaded money right now. Why can't this girl live within her means? A couple of months ago, I bought me a new car, and while I would've loved to have bought a Porsche like the one Lindsay bought, I was realistic and got me a new Jetta instead. And guess what? No one is after me behind a deliquent bill!

  9. 9

    She thrives on this. Are the public to believe that she is running with the limo crowd? Next it will be she's behind on her private jet fuel bills.As strange as it seems, it's like she is desperate to be Kim but the difference being Kim can pay her bills so therefore people could feel true envy. This woman's stories are just that…..stories.

  10. 10

    How does she have all this money?? She doesn't do shit anymore and tells everyone she can't pay for rehab.. what a lieing p.o.s. .. i was hoping it was pitbull.. I hope she loses everything.. such a waste..

  11. 11

    Who gives this hooker credit?

  12. 12

    She's a mess and I don't feel bad for her anymore. She'll never learn.

  13. 13

    who charges 6000 an hr i wouldnt pay it either

  14. 14

    How is she getting all this money? She has been washed up for years. Anyone who lets her charge anything is looking for trouble.

  15. 15

    Why is this girl still living a celebrity lifestyle when she can't afford it?!? I appreciate that she's not drunk driving around LA, but call a taxi, girl, don't order $6K an hour limos that you clearly can't afford.

  16. 16

    Gawd, IF I WAS THIS COKED-OUT, washed-out Hag, I would pay up, PRONTO ! I mean, is not the confidentiallity agreement she has with the limo co. null and void if she is in arrears … ? Think of what some of those poor limo drivers must have seen early Saturday and Sunday morning ! I mean, HoHan snorting coke off a roll of stomach flab of Gerard Butler, HoHan snorting coke off Ronson's mosquito bite of a boob, HoHan 'attempting' to go down on the Maroon 5 guys, HoHan screaming obscenities about Paris Whoreton…HoHan snorting…well, you get the pic. Pay Up, Pronto, ya Dumb Bitch, or expect EVEN MORE of your dirty laundry to be made public. Maybe you don't care, but all your skanky HollyWeird friends who let you use their tits, cock, flab for snorting surfaces will !

  17. 17

    …And you mean, THIS TIME, someone else is suing ? It is not HoHan doing the suing, which is usually the case !

  18. 18

    She sure is getting uglier by the day. Look what drugs do to you, kids !

  19. 19

    Dear Limo company suing Lindsay,
    Why the heck has it taken you NEARLY 3 YEARS to file a law suit against her? Shouldn't this have been dealt with in 2009 when it occurred?
    just sayin

  20. 20

    They were giving the 'star' a break …didn't want to upset her. That is how it works in HollyWood.

  21. 21

    Re: iamfilmmaker – suck my cock film fucker

  22. @v@ says – reply to this


    Hey, Linds, pay your bills. When all is said and done, all you have that doesn't cost a thing is your reputation and your word. Life is give and take, not just take. Do the right thing.

  23. 23

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  24. Bates says – reply to this


    $6,000 an hour? Bill from two years ago? Another company trying to get free publicity from Lindsay. Buying an $80,000 Porsche is sure smarter than forking over $90K to those limo crooks.

  25. Bates says – reply to this


    Oh, and God she's cute!