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Ratings Were Pretty Much Down Across The Board Last Week

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Community Ratings

What's going on with television?? Ratings are down pretty much everywhere!

Though, when we say that ratings went down, it doesn't spell bad news for ALL the shows, just ones that are doing worse and worse. Like Charlie's Angels — which has been largely panned by critics — getting a 20% drop following the week before having a 29% drop… we smell cancellation.

Also struggling is Thursday night comedy on NBC, which sucks, because those shows are still incredible, especially Community:

Prime Suspect was not the lowest-rated NBC series on Thursday this time – it was tied with Community (1.5/5), which was down 17%. Parks & Recreation (1.9/5) was down 10%, while The Office (3.1/8) was down 11% to log its lowest-rated episode in 6-and-a-half years, since the finale of its poorly rated 6-episode first season in the spring of 2005. While baseball was a factor, it is still disconcerting for the veteran comedy to drop so much as it raises concerns about the show’s viability without star Steve Carell.

Plain and simple, more people should watch Community!

Fox took a hit because of baseball, but X Factor is holding strong without really growing or losing viewers. Which is great news for Simon!

And lastly Whitney was down 8%, and we're wondering if the execs are regretting giving it a full season… just sayin'!

What have U been watching lately?

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26 comments to “Ratings Were Pretty Much Down Across The Board Last Week”

  1. 1

    Regarding The Office: thank God. That show has sucked badly for the past couple seasons, and each year it's not canceled only further destroys its legacy. Considering how much it's changed from the early, good seasons, I can't even imagine putting the whole thing in a box set and calling it one TV series.

  2. 2

    Its the usual. Everyone checks out what ABC/NBC/CBS has to offer, is basically unimpressed, and goes back to the more reliable cable channels that dont just can a show before its had a chance to build itself. Why get invested when the "Big Three" can no longer take a chance on shows? Besides, the better shows are on other channels anyway.

  3. 3

    I only watch Dexter, Breaking Bad, Revenge, American Horror Story, Hung, and Haven.

  4. 4

    I don't want to live in a world where Parks and Recreation gets more viewers than Community. I've seen every single episode of both shows, so don't tell me 'it gets better'. I swear this is some sort of conspiracy theory. There's no way Parks and Recreation is actually a well-liked show, right?

  5. 5

    I'm sorry, but the way in which they count how many viewers are accually viewing shows is REALLY outdated. Thier have probably been shows with many many viewers that got cancled because the system is so outdated. Vampire Diaries doesnt have the best ratings in the world, yet its one of the most liked shows out right now…for the cw anyway….they have a much bigger fan following than just a couple million….they need a new way to detect viewers ACURATLY.

  6. 6

    Not much left for older folks. We just get into something we like and poof, it's gone.

  7. 7

    First of all, I agree with Shortiestyle, it is outdated the way viewers are counted. Nielsen has NO IDEA how any people are sitting in front of a tv when it counts the number of tvs tuned in. Why is NEILSEN STILL AROUND ANYHOW? A few viewers across the country are supposed to represent EVERYONE. Anyone with satellite or cable could be measure IMMEDIATELY to see what is coming into their houses…. with just a little work, but THAT WOULD BE BIG BROTHER WATCHING!!!! (pssst, they are already watching…)Now, with HULU, ON Demand, Tivo, Dvrs, and watching episodes on your computer on the networks the day after….how can networks tell, HOW MANY PEOPLE WATCH THEIR CRAP!

  8. 8

    I will say though, Charlie's angels REALLY SUCKS. Didn't you write that they were going to use OLD SCRIPTS MARIO? And you were PISSED!!!! I was a young kid when it came out, don't remember much, but I can tell you, THIS CRAP ISN'T WANT HIT THE AIRWAVES BACK IN THE 70S! Maybe, they should consider using the 70s stuff, can't be worse than this….. well, yeah, it could. These actors could not act their way out of a paper bag. Really amazing how many MILLIONS are put into a project, leading up to a pilot than approval for a series, how many actors they must go through, IS EVERYONE, SCRIPT WRITERS, DIRECTORS, CASTING, PRODUCERS, so DRUGGED OUT, they can't make anything decent with all that money?

  9. 9

    HEY Simon X Factor SUCKS !

  10. 10

    Community is the BEST show on tv

  11. 11

    Re: lilyawesome – Ditto

  12. 7tizz says – reply to this


    While I can't speak for the entire east cost, in Toronto, we've been having a really nice sunny week after weeks of rain, overcast/dampness, and cold. I've been outside and haven't watched much TV (except that Ringer show - it's too good).

    Speaking of Charlie's Angels - I really tried to give the pilot a shot but I fell asleep about 3/4 in. I rewound it to where I dozed off and fell asleep again - not a good sign so I gave up…but I tried!

  13. 13

    At this time of year I watch the baseball playoffs religiously, but I DVR all of my shows, especially Community. I watch everything I missed when the game is over. Thursday is particularly hectic, with Community, Parks & Rec, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The League (just back), and of course Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice.

  14. 14

    How on earth can Whitney get a full season and the Playboy Club get canceled? Whitney is a great comedian, but the show is AWEFUL!!

  15. 15

    Best new shows of the season hands down is American Horror Story and Revenge.
    Office is totally stale! I'm not sure I can hold on to that one much longer, especially with no more Michael Scott. :(

  16. 16

    What's the use of ratings?? What about fan base? American TV has been sucking ASS and it needs to get it shit together by stopping the cancellation of every show out there that doesnt get high ratings!

  17. 17

    first off Whitney and Parks are the best thing on Thursday night!!

  18. 18

    Love Love Love REVENGE!!!!!! Also liking Ringer….Caught pilot episode of Hart of Dixie, and I liked it! Pilot of Pan Am looked good, but too busy to catch the next two, will do it on demand or on line.

  19. 19

    I watch "The Good Wife" and "Glee". I'm tired of the X-factor and American Idol etc. because it's all the same. And anything with Charlie Sheen is a total write off for me…

  20. 20

    The good shows just don't last on TV these days. I think COMMUNITY is one of the best comedies on TV these days. Its absolutely brilliant. People need to tune out of angsty teen stuff and focus on this show :)

  21. buck says – reply to this


    maybe its because the averge American doesn't want to turn on thier TV at 8:00 pm to watch a sit-com and hear about some chick talk about 'back door' sex or hooking up with one night stands as routine.

  22. 22

    The Office Stupid Parks and Recreation Stupid Charlie's Angels Stupid The X Factor Stupid I don't watch baseball but I don't think that is what the problems are with the ratings. It's the shows people. It's the shows. They are not entertaining and they are boring. If they were the only shows on TV I would turn off the TV and turn on the radio.

  23. 23

    the office has gotten terrible, though spader is doing a good job. community is DEFINITELY the best show on tv. my opinion is less people are watching tv period. i stream almost all of my shows, especially if im too busy on a thursday night to sit on my ass in front of the tv and watch nbc and get bombarded with commercials. no thanks!

  24. 24

    maybe it's a good thing television ratings are down. maybe it has nothing to do with the particular shows but people doing other things in life besides sitting in front of the television…maybe people are reading more books instead. DAMN I SURE HOPE SO

  25. 25

    I still really like the office and I think they have done a great job keeping it fun and fresh with Steve Carrell leaving. I don't understand how Whitney got picked up?!?! Does the constant laugh track not annoy anyone else? I definatly don't need you to tell me when I should be laughing, plus I can't decide if she is pretty or ugly…she looks like a peacock in one of the promo picks:)

  26. 26

    Re: love2hateperezite – You're suggesting they stop canceling shows that don't get high ratings? Um. Can you explain an alternative?