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Amanda Knox Was Sexually Harassed By Prison Officials And Told She Was HIV Positive

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How horrible!

More details are coming out about Amanda Knox's time behind bars in an Italian prison.

The American exchange student claims she was subjected to numerous disturbing incidents at the prison in Capanne, Italy.

On one occasion, a male guard entered her cell alone and made sexual remarks to her. And in another incident, she was called in for a late night meeting with a high-ranking official where he did nothing but speak about sex with her.

She was even asked to compose a list of all the sexual partners she had (which ws later leaked to the media and published) and shockingly, was falsely told that she was HIV positive by prison authorities!!

How terrible.

During that time, she wrote in her diary:

"Please oh please, let it not be true. I don't want to die."

Vanity Fair's Judy Bachrach commented on her time in jail, saying:

"I think the Italian courts … practically made sure that Amanda was going to be harassed in prison since they made her sex life so much of a focus of the first trial."

Amanda could sue for the alleged incidents, but she'd have to fly back to Italy and file a suit, meaning she would have to endure yet another trial away from home.

It seems so unlawful that prison officials got away with such crude behavior! She most certainly did not deserve to be treated that way.

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40 comments to “Amanda Knox Was Sexually Harassed By Prison Officials And Told She Was HIV Positive”

  1. 1

    a small price to pay for getting away with murder

  2. 2

    What a pack of dirtbags
    Why is it Americans always ant to SUE someone, for things that are their fault
    If she did not commit murde,or had been part of murder, she would not have had to be in prison

    I expect next to read that Gloria Reddress is involved, and than she can really go to town and start to sue

  3. 3

    Re: d20beckham – how do you know she got away with murder? do you have legitimate reliable proof and/or evidence? because the italian course sure did not.

    I'm not saying she is innocent but I also don't think it's fair to just straight up say she is guilty. No one will ever know what happened to Meredith Kercher and Amanda Knox is the only person in the world that will ever know whether or not she killed her. The evidence against her is inadmissible. She can either live with her guilt for the rest of her life or she can rejoice in her recognized innocence.

  4. 4

    Dang. What a friggin nightmare. She'll spend the rest of her life in therapy trying overcome that horror. God Bless her and her family

  5. 5

    I hope she can eventually write a book about it and make some profit off it her personal nightmare so that she can help pay back her mom and dad and grandmother and others that mortgaged everything to get her out. What a wonderful family she has.

  6. 6

    How naive. How do you think beautiful women are treated in prison in America, Canada ad every other country we think of as "nice" today? News Flash: they're treated the same, or worse.

  7. 7

    That's hilarious to me.

  8. 8

    Re: MR Pete – That's the dumbest thing I've ever read

  9. 9

    Google this skank and you will also think she is a killer. Nancy Grace said it best. She got away with murder and that she would never tell the truth in an interview or a book. Problem is it will eat her inside and out till she finally tells the truth. Fithy skank

  10. 10

    Re: Edgenet – Not necessarily. Sociopaths don't have a conscience. So it won't eat her up inside.

  11. 11

    She might know more then what she is saying but I dont think she did it!

  12. 12

    Blah blah blah.
    Meredith was sexually "harrassed" (assulted) as well, but everyone seems to have forgotten about her.

  13. 13

    this girl is a murderer, just look at her face! classical american psycho…should´ve rotten in prison! who the fuck goes underwear shopping, laughing it up, the day after your friend and roommate was brutally murdered?????

  14. 14

    she's LYING to get sympathy…..she deserves everything she gets, the lying dirty murderer!

  15. 15

    Re: Elron Hubbard - Con Man – Exactly! I bet she sleeps soundly at night too.

  16. 16

    Well, not to minimize her trauma because trauma of any sort, mental or physical, is still trauma, but unless she hasn't talked about it, thankfully the guard entering her cell didn't beat the crap out her and rape her.

  17. 17

    Re: d20beckham – You know? I rarely say this anymore,but… FUCK YOU! but that is probably what you want to hear from people, right? You no-life troll… hear that sound? It's the oxygen being sucked away from you.

  18. 18

    of course the italians play the saint but deviants

    boohoo girlie just be glad ur not there for LIFE!

  19. 19

    fuuuuuuuuu*k her! she deserves to get HIV and die slowly. so sick of ppl making her the victim, when really there was a girl murdered that is now forgotten. how awful for the victim's family. perez don't even post such sympathy for murderers. it's really pathetic of you

  20. 20

    Re: philip83 – by that logic casey anthony is innocent as well so people should rejoice in her"recognized innocence" the reason this fucking whore got off was because the italians bagged the evidence wrong, she got off on a technicality, not because of her innocence. she she deserves everything she got and more in prison. and im sorry if someone talking about fucking you is soooooo much of a big deal then cry about it. they didnt touch her

  21. 21

    Re: lastonestanding – i dont care what you say about me or to me. you can say fuck you all you want but at the end of the day your the one upset at a comment online, not me.the oxygen being sucked away from me? your a fucking moron.

  22. 22

    Using the threat of HIV as a prison torture mechanism is a sad indication of the fear and stigma that continue to exist with this virus.

  23. 23

    do you still believe her? please!

  24. 24

    Why even waste time posting this bullshit?

    And of course she is innocent . . . Why look at Orenthal James (o.J. Simpson). We shouldn't worry. She will do something else later, get caught, and locked up for life.

  25. @v@ says – reply to this


    Welcome to the jungle. It's Prison, not Disneyland.

  26. 26

    She is so cute. I would love to take her out on a date.

  27. 27

    Re: d20beckham – She got off because there was NOTHING AT ALL to have her convicted in the first place. Her DNA was on a kitchen knife? That is ALL that they had. Of course it was, she FKN LIVED THERE!

  28. 28

    Shocking! They talked with her about sex in prison… wow… maybe you should start writing about rapes in american preasons than about having conversation about sex… poor gril was a virgin and very shy, I'm sure she had such a difficult time! Ask Casey Anthony what she went thru, cause I really don't see a difference between those two. Both of them are not guily. If Knox ""would not" commit the cirme in USA, everybody would hate her like Anthony but cause it was in Italy… the story it's just a perfect movie plot so we make of a ling gilr a star. please… she might not kill but sure she was involed.

  29. 29

    everything about her to me says she is innocent….. leave this girl alone! if anyone of us were falsely accused by asshole cops you would not want this continuous abuse from people. let her get on with her life and healing from a very tragic story.

  30. 30

    Re: NOLAgurl2010 – if she would have killed someone in america she would be just as hated as casey anthony is. murder is murder no matter what nationality commits in in whatever country. her dna was on the murder weapon you fucking moron, but they used paper bags instead of plastic, which made it inadmissible in court. shes a murderer and i hope she has a terrible time readjusting to life and i hop people shun her because while everyone is talking about her, there is her victim that is still dead. amanda knox=murderer. grow a pair and look at the facts. you dont get convicted and serve 4 years if yoru completely innocent. she had something to do with the death, only a moron would see otherwise

  31. 31

    she's a cold lying bitch

    and she got 3 years in prison for being such…dont forget that! Only the murder charge was dropped for technicl reasons.

  32. 32

    There was absolutely NO real evidence to link this girl to the murder, it all came about from some weird idea a prosecuter had about Kercher being killed as part of some satantic ritual and that "only a woman would have covered up the body". Do none of your idiots actually read the news? The original trial was a travesty, the appeal exposed the fact that ALL the forensic evidence was contaminated and was not gathered in any event until at least 6 weeks after the murder! That would not happen either here in the UK or, so far as I know, in the US. This girl was tried and convicted by the media and, from the evidence available, is not guilty and should never have been convicted in the first place. The man who was convicted (and had his conviction confirmed) for the murder had his DNA all over Kercher's bedroom and all over her, there is no evidence whatsoever that anyone else was involved other than the fantastical theory introduced by a now discredited and criminal prosecutor. Knox was convicted of defamation in relation to the landlord, fairly, and sentenced to 3 years (she actually served 4). All I see is a young girl who was desperate and being pressurised by the Italian police. The failures of the Italian police are the mainstay of this case, they need to take a long hard look at the way they do things.

  33. 33

    Casey Anthony and she should have lunch together and compare notes. Professional liars believe the lies and flashbacks are a B###H!

  34. 34

    Stop making this girl the victim, the victim was Meredith.

  35. 35

    only hope that she was in no way involved in the killing of her room mate, Meredith Kercher, and that it was a gross miscarriage of justice
    feel so terrible for the Kercher family
    my heart goes out to them that they may never know the real truth and that they are suffering such a great loss

  36. 36

    boo freaking hoo- grow a pair, she was involved in the murder of her roomate and we all know it0 she got off easy…she can suck it..and im sure she did…wow they talked about sex with her- this would be interesting if they actually assaulted her or something seriously horrible..i get sexually harrassed everytime i go to a bar or club. deal with it. stupid slore i hate amanda knox

  37. free says – reply to this


    It's not true anymore that attracting HIV is a dead sentence, but of course preventing getting infected in the first place is better. Getting so dramatic over this issue is quite stigmatizing.

  38. 38

    YOU FUCKING PEOPLE MAKE ME SICK!!!!!! I would love to meet you losers in a cage fight. She was ACQUITTED!! You blogging nerds think that you know more than the Italian judicial system? How pathetic your lives must be sitting around twiddling your thumbs wondering why you have no one in your life. You morons seem to neglect the FACT that the guy that killed her, the guy that owns the DNA found all over Meredith (the real victim), inside and out, who's handprints were found in the blood of the victim, IS ALREADY IN JAIL!! You all are immensely ignorant individuals that deserve every single bit of the sad life that is impending. Let us please forget about fighting for gay marriage, and focus on more important problems. The earth is far too populated. Every year there should be a subtle, yet effective government approved "clensing" of ignorant people. Just tell me where to sign. RIGHT ON MY ASS…AFTER YOU KISS IT!!!!!!!


  39. 39

    I don't think that she was responsible for the murder and i feel sorry that she has to go through all that shit.

  40. 40