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Occupy Wall Street Protestor Who Schooled Fox News Interviews With ABC

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Jesse LaGreca, the Occupy Wall Street protestor who has recently garnered attention after schooling Fox News, got a chance to talk with political analysts on ABC.

And it. is. wonderful.

To recap…

…after Fox News proved Jesse's point, that the media ignores the working class point of view, by failing to keep their promise of fair coverage, never airing his articulate and intelligent interview (click here to watch), The New York Observer exposed the footage. Within a day, it was the viral talk of the town…

So ABC invited him on their air to speak with other politically opinionated minds. What they captured was a lovely, civil discussion on how the Occupy Wall Street protestors, as well as the more seasoned political observers, feel and what could be done to strengthen the country's core.

Please, take a look for URself. His interview begins at the 4:22 mark, but we really encourage you to watch from the beginning so you can grasp a better idea of the whole conversation.

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21 comments to “Occupy Wall Street Protestor Who Schooled Fox News Interviews With ABC”

  1. 1

    If only all media could be as fair and balanced as you are!!! Like I don't ever see you post anything fair about conservative candidates or groups. Stay out of politics Perez - you can't even get your "star" gossip correct - so many errors everyday - Georgeanne Lapierre as Chaz's half sister - no she's Cher's half sister. Do you ever proof read your stuff????

  2. 2

    He did a great job with the interview. I hope to go to NY and protest right beside him soon!

  3. 3

    Re: Bluebob – No job or responsibilities? or are you just going to party? Just wondering - what do the protesters expect to happen - what resolution are you looking for??

  4. 4

    This Guy Jesse is a perfect example of why we are failing as a nation we ALL feel so entitled … um so okay you have nothing you want "done" in order to resolve the problem you just want to complain … how about this instead of hanging out … get a job… instead of sucking our country dry… Get A Job… instead of feeling like you are too good to work at McDonalds… GET A JOB!!!! He is some blogger who has practiced this same speech for 3 years … this country is founded on the harder you work the more you gain… Just like the Grasshopper and the Ant these protesters are the Grasshoppers while us Ants are working while we see them doing "demonstrations" with no demand for weeks brilliant!

  5. 5

    Perez, stick with gossip because the news is not your forte, you, like all the rest are far too biased. I lost my health care dealt with a brain tumor, lost my job, my house and my ex tried to take the kids and I'm not sitting in NYC whining. I have bills to pay, so I took a job far below my education and started paying it. I feel for those folks but I've been there and I'm busy working and paying taxes despite my disability and despite the fact that the job pays less. If you aren't making money work at sometime else but don't expect me to carry you because you won't try.

  6. 6

    CLEAR AS DAY that the left is covering for the Federal Reserve. What does a guy cleverly doling out his grievances against Fox News have to do with Wall Street or the real culprit in all of this : The Federal Reserve Bank of NY (not Washington). What you are watching are the tools used of Marxist-Leninists under heavy fire. The radical left coming out of Europe is behind the funding of this Occupy Wall Street as well as JP Morgan (Dimon) and Goldman Sachs (Blankfein). Christine Amanpour needs a Tel-Aviv guillotine!

  7. 7

    All this is is a group of losers who don't have jobs and old nasty hippies. They are not bathing, they are shitting on cop cars, doing drugs, having sex out in the open for all to see and what is their message? No one quite knows. It is just an excuse for the non working losers to protest.

    Russell Simmons was their protesting capitalism and he OWNS a debit card company! Hey Russell, that is capitalism!

    They are creating jobs though because someone has to clean up after these pigs.

  8. REPUB says – reply to this


    I dont understand this group they stand for nothing, all they want to do is punish p;eople that are more prosperus than they are, but then again the asshole in the White House is trying to do the same thing

  9. 9

    suck shitt conservatives…

  10. 10

    Excellent post!
    No matter one's political bent, this is important information to disperse.
    People view news from many different sources, which is good because it can help to curb narrow-mindedness to some extent….
    The political climate is going to get even more interesting as we inch toward election time. Makes ya wonder if it really is 'game-over' for O …
    I watch w/excitement !!!!!

  11. buck says – reply to this


    Re: Senaka – unfortunatly its the shit left behind by the street occupier guys. they are pretty classy.

  12. 12

    I live in a major city that has a branch of this stupid "occupy" protest. My brother and I thought about counter protesting. Then we decided we had too many responsibilities and didn't have enough time, nor did we want to spend money on poster supplies and gas! Logic and common sense always prevail, unless your a lib protesting "________" (fill in the blank)! So the country will never see my "Capitalism is Green Energy" slogan! :(

  13. 13

    He speaks well and clearly. Go protestors! Join the National HIring Day movement too.

  14. 14

    Re: BOOYEAH – Yes, I have been secretly preparing for this interview for the last 3 years, working tirelessly for this one moment in concert with the conspiracy to hide Obama's true birth certificate in conjunction with the with the people who put fluoride in you water. Keep that tin foil hat on your head at all times, junior, or else we will find out everything about you with our conspiratorial series of tubes. FAIL

    P.S. Perez, you rock

    Peace and love to all

  15. 15

    More people need to be like him. These conservative bastards (FOX News) don't want to do anything to HELP our country, but just want oppose anything brought up by the Democratic Party. Glad these protests are going strong too.

  16. 16

    How come I never EVER heard anyone say the "teapartiers" needed to get a job, were lazy and whiners? It's funny how anyone who opposes the Conservative Republican agenda is a "dirty hippie". Pretty piss poor example of democracy.

  17. 17

    Re: ElleFromVan – You didn't hear this, because the Tea Party didn't protest longer than a few hours because they have JOBS! They cleaned up their own thrash and didn't do the nudity, public sex, public crapping, drugging, that has been documented with the Occupy Wall Street "hippies". Most importantly, NOBODY has been arrested at a Tea Party protest! So do your research next time you're wondering about the difference!

  18. 18

    These protesters are your typical college age idealists who would do stupid stuff like poop in streets and (how "shocking") have sex in public. Just stupid. Not sure what wasting all theory time there will accomplish. Half of them arent even on the same page. A bunch of entitled losers…

  19. 19

    I love how the media & politicians are treating them with kid gloves. They really don't have any detractors. It's impossible to not agree with whats going on. Wall Street & big investors are running scared. I support this movement 100%

  20. 20

    If you have a group of people who have the "government" make no rules for regulation, then they use this engineered environment to run off with heaps of dough, deliberately planned, then you have a problem. It may be best to see recent American history in terms of medicine: one per cent of the population is a psychopath… without conscience, that is they have no mental machinery for conscience. It is interesting that it is also 1% who "make all the money" right now. It is, I consider, well proven that there is a significant matching statistical correlation between the two groups. Based on the normal allocation of human merit, somewhere between 5 and 10% of the population (maybe even up to 30% of the population) should earn most of the money.

  21. 21

    why does every Occupy Wall Street picture i see from protestors themselves is taken with a Nikon camera? you know the really nice ones that cost over a thousand dollars