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Kim Kardashian's #1 H8R Speaks!

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The CW's H8R may not have been a success, but maybe the network should give THIS woman her own show. HIGHlarious!

Check out the NSFW video (above) of Kim Kardashian's #1 hater Deena Jacobs ranting about why she is not a Kim K fan.

What do you have to say to that, Kim? We dare you double dare you to make a video like this in response to Ms. Jacobs!


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108 comments to “Kim Kardashian's #1 H8R Speaks!”

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  1. 101

    Re: Vigilant Phantom – You and the 50 other people who pointed out that Armenian people are caucasian are 100% correct. Middle Eastern people are considered caucasian.

  2. 102

    Allow me to chime in here: As a white bitch, I can swear not ALL white women want a big fat jello ass. I know I don't. Feel free to mess around with the father of my child - I stopped caring what he does the instant we broke it off. And Deena, don't brag about having brains and heart when clearly you are deficient in those departments. Yes, you're pretty. I would venture to guess your ancestry is Masai but, you're not THAT pretty. Looks alone aren't enough - your big mouth and ridiculous pseudo-scientific rhetoric would have any man running for the hills.

  3. 103

    Re: VivaLaJuicyxo – I agree with you this woman is not funny and she is racist. I am curvy due to my Italian roots so I do have a somewhat big butt so for her to think this characteristic is only for African American women is ignorance at its finest. With that said, you are an idiot to make such an ignorant statement by claiming all African American women are angry I'm sorry but have you met all the AA women in the world to make that type of statement…you are also an aggressive bitter bitch. My best friend Trinity is African American and she is nothing but pure hilarity and smiles. So think twice you dumb piece of shit before you go around making such bold silly statements. People like you and this dumb ass girl Deena are the type of people who keep this world in the shit hole it is now. Race is an illusion, that does nothing but to further divide us so those who are the in the minority (rich/powerful) can control the majority.

  4. 104

    yeah um Kims not white.

  5. 105

    Re: lala nyc – … you don't read the other comments, do you?

  6. 106

    Re: Josephine05 – WOAHH. get off your high horse sweetheart. seriously in what part did i say ALL black women?? i said 'many'.. alot of black women do come across aggressive and are aggressive.. im not talking for every single one just because i said 'many'… ugh did you make yourself feel better? people like you are ridiculous, you want to put me in the same box as this racist bitch.. na i dont think so i have never been racist to ANYONE. so maybe YOU should think twice before saying such bs, you dont know me. am i the one making videos hating on other women/races? naaa.. so pipe down.

  7. tamma says – reply to this


    Am I the only one who did not find this funny? How come she have a big booty and all that and is still single. I have less than her and I have been married twice. Oprah could have been married 100 times if she wanted to.

  8. 108


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