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Lisa Vanderpump's Restaurant Accused Of Changing Tip Amount On Customer's Receipt!

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Not cool!!!

A customer who dined at the restaurant owned by RHOBH's Lisa Vanderpump is claiming that someone at the restaurant changed the tip amount on her credit card receipt.

Judy Spires says she was extremely unhappy with the food and service at Villa Blanca and only left a 10% tip on a $50 dollar check.

She's shown proof that she only left a $5 tip, however, when she looked at her bank statement, an additional two dollars was added to the final amount.

Judy says:

"The waiter was terrible, the food was horrible and when I left a $5 tip on a $49 bill it was later upped to $7! I saw this on my bank statement when I got home!

I purposely left just a ten percent tip to reflect my dissatisfaction with the service and the food. But it was later altered to a higher amount.

I called the manager three times on Friday and each time the manager promised to call me back with an answer to why this happened – to date I have not heard back from them. It’s not about the money; it’s about the character of Lisa Vanderpump’s employees. This is clearly a dishonest thing to do."

When the restaurant was contacted by another source, a representative did respond with this:

"I’m sure this was an accident. This waiter is one of our best. I’m going to refund the money to the woman immediately."

That would be pretty awful of the restaurant to go ahead and do something like that - especially for only 2 bucks! We're glad they're willing to refund her money.

AND, even if the service was bad, the woman should have left more than a 10% tip. Seems a little cheap to us!

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48 comments to “Lisa Vanderpump's Restaurant Accused Of Changing Tip Amount On Customer's Receipt!”

  1. 1

    WHO CARES?!?!?!?!

  2. 2

    I agree, cheap bitch.

  3. 3

    Two dollars? Wow get a life, loser.

  4. 4

    This lady sounds like an angry sourpuss. Who releases something like that to the press? lol Sounds like someone has a vendetta for Lisa Vanderpump, or as Camille calls her, "Miss Vanderfabulous."

  5. 5

    Not only that, but really, you're publicly admitting that you're a shitty tipper.

  6. 6

    That sucks for the owner who had nothing to do with this. I've worked at a restaurant before (as a server and hostess), and it's a top priority to make sure your customers are happy. Especially since their paying you. If that server really did give terrible service then their lucky they received a tip at all. But if she was unhappy with the food, then there's obviously nothing the server could have done for her. Either way, changing the tip amount is just shady.

  7. 7

    is this for real? cheap lady left a 10% tip and is complaining about $2. she should be ashamed.

  8. 8

    If the service was shitty, they shouldn't have recieved a 'tip' at all. I am sick of people expecting a tip for poor service. You want a good tip? Provide good service.

  9. 9

    Uhh yeah. LOL @ the morons attacking the women. If you charge more than your suppose to..Thats credit card fraud. If a resturant tacks on a couple bucks for every credit card purchase they can easily STEAL a couple hundred bucks a day. Its theft credit card fraud. Simple as that.

  10. 10

    This is news?

  11. 11

    I can't believe you're even reporting this. What a waste of mindless Perez space.

  12. 12

    Excuse me Perez you stupid fuck, and all of you others also who are calling this woman cheap. Fuck off. A tip is for good service, it's not a requirement. She says outright she only tipped 10% to make a statement that the service SUCKED. That's the way it should be. I know Perez is too stupid to understand that but apparently many readers are too. Stupid pricks.

  13. 13

    this is the dumbest thing I've read in a long time, mistakes happen. this isn't news or something scandalous. wow.

  14. 14

    Re: edmonton – I agree with you. If the service is truly bad then the pay should reflect that. I have never worked as a waitress and I commend those who do because it is a though job, but if you are mean to me or inattentive for long periods of time, i'm sorry but you get what you deserve. I think she was completely fair in giving the 5 dollars.In other news however I think this is not news and really not worth the time typing this but it is a better distraction then studying…Night ya'll

  15. 15

    She wanted to make a statement with her tip that the service was not good. Therefore, she left a small tip. A tip is not required; it is there as a sort of 'bonus' for a job well done. If she felt that the job was NOT well done, then she did the right thing. How can people say she's cheap? Though she singled out the food, too, she clearly stated that the service was bad, so it's that waiter's fault that she left the small tip. Furthermore, it seems like she has a good eye if she says they were a bad waiter, as they then proceeded to steal money from her later.

  16. 16

    Oh please. As a former waitress, some of those tips are hard to read. Who knows what really happened. I'm more interested in how she micromanages her bank account. I can go days without checking and wouldn't notice something that miniscule. Either way, who cares.

  17. 17

    Sorry Perez, but if the food was shit and my service was horrible, I wouldn't leave a single dime for a tip! I don't care what people say - having worked in the food industry, I judge people constantly and tip accordingly. If someone is having an off night and still working their ass off, I"ll give them a tip. If they're being a lazy asshole that just doesn't care, I don't think it's inappropriate to not leave anything. You have to work for my money!

  18. 18

    Why are some of you idiots complaining about this not being news worthy? Since WHEN is this a news site? This is a GOSSIP site, and this IS gossip. And I agree with some of you: she shouldn't have left ANYTHING. A tip is not obligatory, especially if you get crappy service.

  19. 19

    I wouldn't have given them a damn dime for a tip. This woman was being generous. You don't get rewarded for POOR service, and to overcharge this woman is ridiculous! I don't know how you all are calling her cheap when she was generous enough to even leave a tip in the first place. I would've just caused a scene and left that bitch without paying!

  20. 20

    As a server myself I have seen several people run into this problem. The most common occurrence was people filling out the merchant slip different then the customer copy. You literally receive two separate receipts and you can write anything on your copy. How about they post the merchant copy rather than the lying customer. Cheap idiot.

  21. 21

    I agree that if the service was bad she had every right to leave a 10% tip, but anyone who thinks that tipping is not a requirement (Edmonton) can shove it. Besides the fact that the waitress doesn't prepare the food and your tip shouldn't reflect that servers wages are roughly $4.50 an hour. They DEPEND on your tips to make a living. At my restaurant I we work hard for our money and if I was rude to a customer I would certainly not expect a tip, but anyone deluded enough to think tipping is optional is a cheap f*ck. 10% for non-stellar service, 15% for average, 20% for great service.

  22. 22

    Typical Canadian not tipping their server…

  23. 23

    Re: EmmCee47 – If the service was bad, why should they receive a bonus, which is, essentially, what a tip is?

  24. 24

    Re: TheDEfeCtKid – Wtf are you talking about? It's Beverly Hills not Canada.

  25. 25

    Um, WHY should she leave a 15-20% tip for crappy service? They should just get money for showing up. NO. They were lucky they got a tip at all. You have to WORK for a tip.

  26. 26

    sounds like the customer was a cheap asshole.. That restaurant isnt cheap either so for them to get out of there with under 50 bucks.. assholes

  27. 27

    I can not tell you how many times a person left say ok 10 dollars but their math was off and according to the ammount is was say a 7 dollat tip due to bad math. So many things can happen, but I will say who would ever jeapordize the livelyhood for 2 dollars. I always ate the bad math and then some.

  28. 28

    I dont know about this one…. The service must have sucked! lmao still

  29. 29

    Re: noontimetea – I'm pretty sure that's not what they meant when they called them Canadian. It's an old server term that's used.

  30. 30

    ACTUALLY she should have left NO tip. A tip does not pay for the waiter or food nor chef nor anything that you get. It's a GIFT if the waiter goes beyond service. She shouldn't have left anything. It's actually commonplace for a restaurant to give themselves a tip regardless if say you give it in cash and then it refunds to your account.. meantime it will leave the customer very confused and worried they just went below their funds! oh where was I.. Chilli… they gave themselves a huge tip which I didn't have enough to cover when I was young and freaked out. (I had given them the cash I had on instead)

  31. 31

    I REALLY wish tips and gifts would stop being common place. It's stupid. Waiters here get minimum wage like everyone else.. why should a waiter make $50 an hour when educated college grads will never make that amount. So dumb.. WHY do I have to tip the garbage man? I mean it's ridiculous. I pay for a service.. end of convo

  32. ljz33 says – reply to this


    well, if it's one of their best servers and service was poor…that's a whole other issue. As for a tip being a bonus? How do you i think servers earn their money? They rarely see a paycheck because any money they make hourly (usually 2.13 and up if you're bartender, etc.), gets taken out from taxes.
    I was an event coordinator at a restaurant and this happened all the time because servers would enter in the amount from the TOTAL line when they closed out the check and half the time people can't add. I had a lady call once pissed because she had written her server am extra tip for $3 by accident (gratuity had already been included) and it overdrew her account. She called pissed off but yet admitted he told her about the gratuity. People are idiots, that's all this is.

  33. 33

    I consider myself a REALLY good tipper, because at the end of the day I know that's what they live off of, HOWEVER, latley I have been receiving really POOR service when I eat out. So from now on I'ma take this womans mindset and only leave a SMALL tip if I get shitty service, cos I'm tired of it. And IDC who calls me cheap.

  34. 34

    She deserves it if that is all she left!!! I'm a server and $5 on $50 is ridiculous!!! That should have been at least 8-10!! What a cheap bitch!! Servers make a living off tips. We cant love off of %10 when we only make $5 an hour!!

  35. 35

    I'm sorry but a tip is based upon the satisfaction of service. If the service was that shitty, she was nice to leave a tip anyways. Some people would have left that waiter nothing and then complained to management.

  36. 36

    I don't agree that she's cheap. I agree with her for trying to make a point. If the waiter who gives poor service gets the same tip as a waiter who provides excellent service, why are any waiters going to go above and beyond to give good service? The waiter is lucky to have gotten a tip in the first place. When I go somewhere to eat, I always tip based on the service I got from the waiter… not on how the food tasted or how long it took to be seated, because that's not the fault of the waiter. I tip on service. If the service is shitty then the tip will also be shitty. And the reason this matter was taken to the press is because the restraunt didn't handle it the way it should have been handled. I know the woman isn't worried about $2 but it's the principle of the matter. The waiter is performing fraud and maybe not only with the woman… this waiter could be adding $2 to every credit card tip. If nobody reports it then he/she would just get away with it. It wouldn't be the first time this has happened and it certainly won't be the last.

  37. 37

    WOW 2.00 and this woman is making a fucking HUGE seen like this, bitch GET A LIFE, ur trying to get ur "15 mins" of fame 2.00 isnt shit get over it, if u live in Beverly Hills or where ever then u have money, why complain about 2.00 stupid bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. 38

    Waiters make less than minimum wage, so any service at all should be tipped. If you don't want to tip people for waiting on you hand and foot, then stay home and carry your own food to the table.

  39. 39

    MORON! "Even if the service was bad????" Leaving a 10% tip is the CLASSY way to communicate that the service was bad. It's still leaving a tip to acknowledge the hard work but it's also a message that the service was bad. IDIOT!

  40. 40

    Shitty service= shitty tip or no tip.
    The woman isn't being cheap, she's being reasonable and fair.
    Some of you guys are probably waiters, that's why some of you guys are bitching and calling the woman "cheap" :/

  41. 41

    That is absolutely not a "cheap" thing to do!! Coming from a former server of several years, you earn tips based on the service you give, if in fact it was bad service, then the server did not earn a generous tip!! Changing the amount is of course wrong, sounds like the server did not think the customer would never notice.

  42. 42

    OK, some banks will tack on a percentage for the tip 15 or 20% to the total as the amount to be cleared for. It's NOT the amount you're being CHARGED, it's what they are CLEARING you for. After the transaction is processed (a day or two), the actual amount charged will show on your bank statement. Her bitch is with her bank, not the server. That's just their system, don't ask why it's done that way, it just is. So the uppity bitch can relax. MMMkay?

  43. 43

    Oh sillies -if she paid w/ a debit card they automatically add 15% until the actual charges clear - then it will be the correct amount charged…If the woman says she checked when she got home…that's what was done. I'm sure it has cleared itself up by now…

  44. 44

    $2 and shes complaining about it? what a horrible cheap bitch

  45. 45

    Re: MelSchlierf – A tip is essentially a bonus. Why would she give her waiter a bigger bonus than she already did when the service was bad?

  46. 46

    Why would you leave a tip for bad service at all?

  47. 47

    I wonde what did she eat and for how many people? Spending $50.00 in a nice restaurant in CA didn't seem a lot. First I thought that she spent hundreds of $ for food or something like that, and a big amount of $ for the tips. So it was about $2.00?????? Please Perezzzzzz, find something else etter to write than this stupid news.

  48. 48

    Re: MelSchlierf – find yourself another type of job dumb ass.