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10 comments to “New Details On Demi And Ashton's Camping Trip!”

  1. 1

    no idea if there is truth to the rumors or not
    but if it's true- then it's admirable that they are taking their vows seriously enough to not end it until they have tried all avenues to save it
    and if it's not true- it's equally admirable that they are taking taking their vows seriously by taking time as a couple to focus on keeping their relationship strong by going away from the maddness of Hollywood and cameras etc.
    …so either way- they are doing the right thing and should be left alone

  2. 2

    Ashton needs to be with women his own age. He is young and should be having the time of his life!! It's such a shock to me that this marriage isn't working! NOT!!!!

  3. 3

    That's Ashton's twin brother…yah those are the exact people I would want with me if I was trying to mend my marriage…my brother in law and my "spiritual adviser"???!! Who are we to judge on if they can make it or not? They deserve a chance at happiness whether it's with each other or not.

  4. 4

    They needd to let it go. He was too young. They got their mileage out of it. He needs to be with a woman his own age. Have some kids someday. He may not want them now but he will regret it later. She had her kids, she should meet an older man or someone her age.

  5. 5

    What do I think? I think the press should stay out of people's marriages.

  6. 6


    Fake story

  7. 7

    So Ashton gets to take his GAY LOVER with him, and Demi can't take her LESBIAN LOVER with her???

  8. 8

    thats Ashton's fraternal twin Michael I think.

  9. 9

    People, this is pathetic: Kabala, instructor.. like Tom Cruise with his Scientology…
    He clearly not into to her enough! I can belive he is attached to her, maybe feel bad, maybe what ever!!! But his d*k made very clear statement by visiting other vagi*s!

    If she forgives him and "work this out" with Kabala or any other brainwashing, - - she just a super desparate woman. with no dignity left. She need to do "Madonna" thing- go outside of USA and F*k someone hot! And than once again and again up to a point of: "Ashton who?"

    It is not about "saving marriage" - it is BROKEN. It does not exist!. Ashton screwed it by screwing a scunk! So there is nothing to save.

    Demmi MOVE ON, FAST! Just cut it off ASAP and never look back. He already said what he has to say LOUD and CLEAR - this is what he has FOR YOU? MOVE ON! Take a vacation with your kids out of USA, find comfort with hot boy toy and gat a new project.

    It just matter of time and he would do it again and again and again… And he will stop even trying to pretend to be sorry….

    Cut him off and go on vacation than to Europe, focus on your girls. Your girls would not respect you if you stay…

    Just sayng…

  10. 10

    i have to admit im a cougar and its like holding back a rabid dog at times .. basically u cant win and ashtons tasted it and hell want more

    its not a bout love its about human nature …

    they can photo shop for so long then theyll want the real thing .. ashtons high maintenance and is a great guy and maybe stays another round but eventually the whores will win out.. (maybe)