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Some Little People Support The Florida Repeal Of Tossing Little People Ban!

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Well, this took a turn we did NOT expect it to!

In an attempt to create more jobs in the market, Florida Rep. Ritch Workman has filed a bill to repeal a law against the sport of dwarf-tossing, which bans the "launching little people for the amusement of an audience!"

Of course, as if it's not bizarre enough that there was ever such a sport in existence ever, many advocates for the law, like Little People of America, claim that this is as offensive as "Jew Tossing" or "Woman Tossing" would be, OTHERS, including 3'2" Dave "the Dwarf" Flood says that it's HIS right to do what he wants with his body!

He explains:

"If I was 7-foot-tall, I'd be playing basketball. Being short gives me an advantage in dwarf tossing. I'm just playing the hand that's been dealt me. Those first couple of tosses were scary, because I'm not a wrestler. However, I prefer it to jumping out of an airplane. The thing is, I'm doing well now, but if I didn't have a job, yeah, I'd be tossed."

Ch-check out a news report on the issue (above)!

Yeah…we mean, as we said, we can't even really grasp why on Earth this is even something that became such a practice that it actually needed to be banned, but…well, yeah!

It's not really our place to decide whether or not it should allowed? Ha!

We really have no idea what to even think about all of this!

How about U??

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7 comments to “Some Little People Support The Florida Repeal Of Tossing Little People Ban!”

  1. 1

    Yes, ban something that is degrading to little people. Degrading women on a daily basis - no problem!

  2. 2

    This is stupid bullsh#t! All the things they could be writing laws on, they write something up for this. They should be working on re-appealing Prop 8!

  3. 3

    How is it degrading if they are doing it willingly?

  4. 4

    I am sure no little people are being tossed unless they are willingly putting themselves up for the job?? I don't see the problem if people actually WANT to do this?? All you're achieving is depriving someone of an income.

  5. 5

    Well women stripping for money is offensive to women but it's legal. If a little person doesn't want to be "toss." then they don't apply for the job but obviously if this sport is legit and their a re little people who actually participate then it is their right to do it….why make them loose their job?

  6. 6

    we can see it now, the sign at the border says, "welcome to florida blue hairs and spring breakers! grab yourself a dwarf talent and toss them with the grand kids and girlfriend for more fun than disney world!"

    we're not opposed to dwarf tossing, in fact, everyone should experience it at least once in their lifetime. but really, it's not the tossing we have a problem with, it's the landing that's the issue.

    what we are opposed to is any individual or organization that seeks to restrict employment of an "underemployed" population as they stand or are thrown now.

    what we find humor with is why State Representative Ritch Workman, a republican from Melbourne, needs to introduce legislation to roll back a prohibition on dwarf tossing. it seems like this is all Ritch's little reality show, much like the salahi's, matt roloff, and sarah palin with their "televised freak shows."

    yes, there is danger and potential harm from this, but if the midget or tossee takes sufficient measures to protect himself and his boys, why should he not be allowed gainful employment?

    we did a survey of how our dwarf talent felt about the issue and it was a toss up. we guess that in the end, dwarf tossing is for little people who aren't grounded. shortdwarf.com used to cast a lot of dwarfs for this type of activity - casts on their arms… casts on their legs…

    we're just glad the politicians are focusing on the really BIG issues.

  7. 7

    Then they should also ban stunt men/women who do the dangerous/crazy stunts they put in some movies. Ban female and male strippers for demoralizing all males/females. Ban boxing and wrestling too while their at it. If they want to do it, why is it anyone else's business? They're adults trying to earn a living.