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Smokey Robinson Feels Sorry For Dr. Conrad Murray…But Still Says He's Guilty

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smokey robinson clarifies conrad murray comment

Good thing you clarified, Smokey!

Yesterday, we recommended that our Perezcious Readers check out an Access Hollywood article about Smokey Robinson saying that he "feels sorry, in a way" for Dr. Conrad Murray.

Now, Smokey has come forward to say that while he does feel sorry for Dr. Murray, he believes that the doctor is still completely guilty in the MJ murder trial.

Here's what Smokey had to say about his controversial comment:

"Let me be clear, I believe Dr. Murray is responsible for Michael Jackson's death through his absolute negligence."

"I knew Michael Jackson since he was 10 years old and loved him like a little brother. His untimely death was one of the most tragic events in my life."

What do U think about Smokey's comment? Do U "feel sorry" for Dr. Conrad Murray AT ALL???

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5 comments to “Smokey Robinson Feels Sorry For Dr. Conrad Murray…But Still Says He's Guilty”

  1. 1

    As much as Michael Jackson liked to consider himself an eternal child, he was very much an adult and I assume made his own decisions. Yes, Dr. Murray should have been more responsible, and should be held accountable for his death…but not entirely. He was being paid a king's ransom by MJ to keep MJ in that propofol coma as well as to be supplied with a multitude of other drugs. If Murray didn't take that $150,000 a month, some other doctor would have.

  2. 2

    MJ paid $150,000/month to someone he could pressure to procure the drugs he wanted.
    MJ put the Dr. under irresistible pressure and has ruined the Dr.'s life.
    The MJ estate should be sued.
    Aside from being a PEDOPHILE, MJ was a FULL BLOWN DRUG ADDICT.
    This is what PEDOPHILES and FULL BLOWN DRUG ADDICTS do. They ruin other peoples lives as well as their own.

  3. 3

    I do feel sorry for Conrad Murray. He is only partially responsible for MJs death. A long list of other DR's, associates and enablers fed MJ's drug habits FOR YEARS up until his death but he is the only one on trial. He effed up, for sure, not supervising him properly in those last hours, and should not have been administering the propofol in the 1st place, but he is the scapegoat. Clearly.

  4. 4

    If not Conrad Murray another Doctor would have been paid to enable an addict. There have been other episodes where this type of inccident has happened . Part of America wake up! P.S. Don't support the circus!! Poor Animals mistreated!!

  5. 5

    Murrays actions after he realised MJ was in trouble are just as bad as him administering those deadly drugs.
    He didnt call for help straight away, he was more concerned about packing up his drug collection and making phonecalls to various people than getting MJ the help he needed to stay alive.
    Each day is looking worse and worse for Murray, the evidence is stacking up against him with each testimony that is given. So far it is clear that the only person Murray was concerned about was himself.
    i get what smokey is trying to say, its a shame this so called doctor has ruined his life for the sake of a bit of cash, however i feel more sorry for Michaels parents, children, brothers and sisters who have all lost someone they loved.