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RHONJ Reunion Sneak Peek: Caroline & Teresa Go At It!

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Wow! So really, no one is on Teresa Guidice's side anymore? No one?!

Oh, how the flipping tables have turn on this skinny Italian.

When this season of Real Housewives of New Jersey started, it seemed like only her sister-in-law Melissa had an issue with Teresa. But now, months later, the truth has been revealed and it seems she hasn't a single ally on the show anymore, not even Caroline Manzo.

Have a look at this sneak peek (above) where the ladies ERUPT on each other, talking about everything from Teresa's feud with Melissa to Jacqueline's absence to - GASP - Danielle Staub?!

If that woman shows up clutching a ripped out weave and a panini, we're going to LOSE IT!

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19 comments to “RHONJ Reunion Sneak Peek: Caroline & Teresa Go At It!”

  1. 1

    Why would anyone be on her side? She has been bitchy, catty, and downright hateful to everyone this past season. She is so jealous of her sister in law it's sickening. She needs to change her hateful ways.

  2. 2

    I've hated that obnoxious Carolyn from the time the first time I saw her. I cannot watch that series because of her. She is like the girl who goes around calling boys f*gs in high school.

  3. 3

    Caroline, the biggest hypocrite in the world.

  4. 4

    I guess it takes a REAL friend to see when your friend is in trouble…
    Theresa is in trouble, her life is falling apart, she's slowly loosing everything and yes it's making her CRAZY but how else would one act being in the same situation ?
    A true friend would have enough love to see when someone starts trashing there life it's usually a personal problem but INSTEAD they ALL do what they do best act like a bunch of high school girls….
    Shame on you Caroline, I guess all the FAME made you loose your Motherly instincts…
    Melissa is finding too much pleasure in Teresa's melt down and it's such a shame because that's her husbands sister…. she's family BITCH… where's the CONCERN?
    You know your next in going BROKE… KARMA BABY….
    I hope when you have your melt down, Teresa sails that boat….

  5. 5

    So Dina and Jacqueline aren't speaking to Caroline because of Teresa? And Melissa was in touch with Danielle to get back at Teresa? Wtf is going on! Lol The cousin is irrelevant in this show though. Bring back Dina and Danielle! DRAMA

  6. 6

    THESE ARE GHETTO PEOPLE WITH $$MONEY$$! Being white and having $ does not mean you cannot be G-H-E-T-T-O!

  7. 7

    I used to love Caroline but now she seems so superior to everyone. She knows everything and she knows best. I never liked Melissa or her family after the first show. She always starts drama like when she invited Kim G. to her party and her stupid sisters and their husbands calling out Teresa and her husband for owing them money in front of people at a party. So tacky, classless and desperate for camera time.

  8. 8

    Re: boston61 – Just agree and bLeh to Caroline

  9. 9

    Well said Ray2Ray!

  10. 10

    I love RHWONJ. So GOOD!

  11. 11

    I agree with Ray2Ray & Brienna92. I used to like Caroline, but now I don't even want to see her on the show. Melissa is not a good person. Her family including her sisters and brother are a bunch of mean people. I read somebody's comment about Caroline's first son. She/he (I forgot) commented that Greg is Caroline's first son's boyfriend. LOL. I hope not. But, how if it's true?????? I love Teresa anyway. I'm on her side. Dina knows that her sister Caroline was not always right. I don't think Teresa is the cause of Dina & Caroline's family feud. Caroline is a fake!!!!

  12. 12

    I don't believe what Caroline said that Teresa didn't want to make up with her brother. Teresa loves her brother so much. Caroline is a liar. To bad that Melissa and Kathy adore and admire Caroline as if she is their Godmother.

  13. 13

    I'm surprised to be saying this but I actually agree with Teresa. Yeah, she's made mistakes and definitely could have taken the high road one too many times but Caroline has gotten so into her self since the end of last season. It's all about how she's above them and better than them and all her little sayings she has now. Can't stand her.

  14. timie says – reply to this


    Caroline Manzo is so fake. She thinks she is better than everyone. She is mean. Why would she try to bring up the past and cause Teresa and her brother to fight. If she is the forgiving kind and believes in family, why is she out to hurt Teresa? Is it because her ego was involved and now she want to fight with Teresa over a silly comment. Carloine is evil and I hope she falls down like the rest of them so she can become humble and more understanding of others.

  15. 15

    Re: RAY2RAY – A true friend no matter whether they're in trouble or not DOES NOT SAY SUCH HORRIBLE THINGS ABOUT YOU BEHIND YOUR BACK or to blantantly cut one down as they stand in front of you. If you have friends like this maybe you should reconsider your circle

  16. 16

    RHONJ is not one of my favorite shows While we all love drama this show is violent not sure if its the Italian with a history of the Maffia have you noticed that each husband has an unlimited amount of cash flow….or did in the past yet when the wives are ask what their husbands do for a living ..there is always a broad answer except for Caroline and Her husband they clearly have a sable life with stable kids and a stable income. Teresa said on one show even though he is not the best looking they have great sex..What KIND of SHALLOW REMARK IS THAT! as for teresa you can dress a woman in diamonds and pearls but that does not change the trash that comes along with teresa is always trying to one up the other wives she is miserable and has a self esteem issue. BTW teresa your forehead is ugly looks like you have on a wig riding forward. Teresa is jealous of Melissa for her beauty because melissa gets the attention of Teresa's brother for her financial stability and for the career as a singer.

    Caroline Jacqueline and lisa have it together They are all class acts as a matter of fact they are all normal except Teresa have you ever heard that Karma is a bitch and it is not so bad when someone betrayed like teresa has done to all its not so bad to see karma take full circle. take and take and take eventually it will be tsken

  17. 17

    theres a reason teresa is fighting with everyone—-she ALWAYS plays the victim. caroline was a great friend to her, she did not get involved with her business willingly teresa chose to complain to her and then stabbed her in the back as soon as she was friends with her in laws again. she owes caroline and is an ungrateful bitch.

  18. 18

    Caroline is not perfect as no one ever is no matter how hard you try BUT she is a damn good at reading people and does a great job of NOT being FAKE unlike most of the others. I would like to point out that Caroline was spot on regarding Danielle and the 2 Kim's so as of now I have to say with what I see she is not wrong about Teresa either, just sayin'…

  19. 19

    I wish they'd get rid of that egotistical cow, Melissa Gorga. Team Teresa