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Kristen Stewarts Favorite Twilight Character Is …

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Herself! Yay!

As we're getting super close to the release of the first part of Breaking Dawn, the Holy Trinity of Twilight is starting to tip their toes back into promotional mode. First up is the Bella of the ball, Kristen Stewart, who was interviewed for Box Office Magazine about the end of the series, her favorite character from the series and even a bit about Snow White and The Huntsman.

Here are the HIGHlights:

On finishing filming on Breaking Dawn:

“It felt good. It was really weird. It was such a long process of the two movies being shot at the same time as if they’re one. You shoot, obviously, out of order and you keep going back and forth between pregnant, human and dead vampire Bella. There’s so many different versions of Bella in this, it’s insane.”

On her favorite character from the whole Twilight series:

“I sound so lame, but vampire Bella really is my favorite character — she’s very representative of a matriarch. She’s very intuitive on almost a psychic level and no one ever acknowledges it, which is interesting. And I think it’s nice to see her finally get what she wants. That’s probably the best thing, even if it sounds simple and indulgent, which is why the f***ing thing is criticized all the time. It’s nice to see people be happy. And she really — if I’ve played it right — is born to be where she is.”

On what to expect from Snow White:

“Not to trivialize it at all, but it’s hard to play an action hero who is also the most compassionate person on earth. You can’t hate. You epitomize bleeding hearts, so how the f*** do you do an action movie like that? I’m exhausted right now and I was thinking, ‘The fight stuff is coming up, maybe that won’t be so bad.’ And then I realized that they’re probably going to be my most emotional scenes because I’m killing people and I’m Snow White. It’s a really f***ing cool way to approach a movie where so many people die. Not that I’m criticizing violent movies — I love them, generally — but it is nice to do it this way.”

Such a potty mouth! LOLZ!

We kid, we kid. It's part of her charm!

No doubt one of the top things Twi-hards are looking forward to is the first glimpse of Bella as a vampire. Hopefully, she's a little less, shall we same, "dreamy" as the one we saw in New Moon.

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9 comments to “Kristen Stewarts Favorite Twilight Character Is …”

  1. 1

    who fucking cares what vampire is her favorite. God damn you a gay bastard, just like a fucking 13 year old girl.

  2. 2

    "It's part of her charm!"? PLEASE!!! You can't stand the girl… You even sell your personal opinions just because you can't fight her popularity. If you are not allowed to bully her at least don't be hypocrite about it. Grow up!

  3. 3

    there is just something about this girl that really does get on my nerves I really wish I liked her but for me she watching her "act" is almost painful. I just wish she would try and do something where she a bit more out there and not just playing her self in the situation of the character. oh well, I guess even though she may not be the most diverse and emotive actor in the biz, she still works hard and does her own thing….

  4. tayto says – reply to this


    Love this girl! She is one of the only people in Hollywood who has the guts to say what she actually thinks and not some scripted drivel that all the others give us. Wish there were more like her to be honest. She is also hot and talented. Whats not to love?!!

  5. 5

    Potty mouth ?
    You'd never say that about a guy. You're so sexist. *sigh*

  6. 6

    Completely agree with oconnoc5

  7. 7

    I love Kristen Stewart, her charm is her everything. Everyone can say she lacks emotional depth or whatever but I've seen her in more than just Twilight movies and she's better than what people say. They judge her base on one Franchise, the Speak movie and book got my attention on her and she's great. I love er and her hair tugging, casual dressing, profanity, I love her … She's fucking awesome, saying what she damn well pleases, who cares who hates her she's doing her and making money; that's what sets her apart from haters. As a matteroof fact, I'm going to watch Speak right now :P

  8. 8

    @oconnoc5 says - hear hear….well said.

  9. 9

    I like Kristen Stewart . I have seen her act in other movies and she is really a good actress. The one thing that has changed greatly seems to be her attitude. Since staring in the Twilight Saga movies and also the movie the Runaways when she would be interviewed she started with the two favorite words : " Insane and the F word. She has a huge career now ..but, does she have to act like that..the tough act or whatever you want to call it takes away from her inteligence. She can say whatever she wants to in Hollywood without being ignorant.People saying:" Oh she is the only one who has the guts to say what she wants that is her charm…Well that is not how charm is taught where I come from . Maybe this is the real her and now she is not afraid to show how she can say the F word. She needs to grow up some more I guess. To much talent to act that way.