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Devastating! Gay Teenager Takes His Own Life In Ottawa

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15 year old jamie hubley takes his own life

So sad.

We are heartbroken to report that 15-year-old Jamie Hubley took his own life after being a long-time victim of anti-gay bullying.

Jamie kept his struggles as a gay teenager well documented on his blog. Here are some of his crushing words:

"I wish I could be happy, I try, I try, I try … I just want to feel special to someone."

"I hate being the only open gay guy in my school … It f—ing sucks, I really want to end it."

And here's what Jamie wrote on his final blog post:

"I'm tired of life really. Its so hard, Im sorry, I cant take it anymore."

"Its just too hard. I dont want to wait 3 more years, this hurts too much. How do you even know It will get better? Its not."

"Remember me as a Unicorn."

Here's what a fellow student wrote about Jamie, remembering his spirit:

"You fought a hard battle, doing things most kids wouldn’t ever have the guts to do. You were brave, and strong and I admire you so much for everything you’ve done. You went through stuff that no kid should ever have to face in their lifetime, but somehow through all the hardships you still shone at school…You left a big footprint in everyone’s heart, and you will always be remembered."

Our thought and prayers go out to Jamie's family, friends, and loved ones during this unbelievably difficult time.

Let this be a wake-up call to the world that anti-gay bullying isn't only a problem in America! We MUST do more to fight against this NOW!

It shouldn't take this many gay teens committing suicide to show us that something more needs to be done. A law must be enacted against this kind of behavior in the U.S., Canada, and abroad!

Rest in peace, Jamie.

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71 comments to “Devastating! Gay Teenager Takes His Own Life In Ottawa”

  1. 1

    This is seriously just becoming a ploy for attention. These are sick and disturbed children that need help. Stop blaming it on anyone other than these suicidal children.

  2. 2

    Why didn't his parents transfer him to another school? If he was my child i would do what ever it takes to make my child feel safe wether it's home schooling, tutors, night school or schooling in the internet, there is so much options out there why not use it. RIP Jamie.

  3. 3

    You know FatBoy in between every gay kid that commits suicide hundreds of hetro kids do the same but you don't seem to think they are worth mentioning.

  4. 4

    A friend and former classmate, who lived in Ottawa and was a well known drag queen, took their life just last month. Ottawa is a cold, conservative city, and it is hard to live as a gay person there. Most of the good gay clubs closed down years ago, and although there is a strong community, it is easy for many to feel alienated in a very political city.

  5. 5

    This is sad. Very sad, and tragic. But, I can't help but feeling like this is becoming a trend. I don't know how much longer I can feel bad for people who are offing themselves for being gay.. african americans were slaves. They're still treated like crap, but it's GETTING BETTER. You don't see them killing themselves every day. I'm sorry if this seems cold, but people need to learn to be stronger and find other ways to cope. This is a little much for me.

  6. 6

    Re: Gay Republican – really? gay? i'm calling BS on that… look at the disdain anything gay related inspires. it's just incredible, when people think this low of you, you just can't stand to live your life among them. this is a person that actually ended his own physical life, you don't do that for attention, you do that because people were treating you so God awful you couldn't take it anymore. i just can't believe this is still a happening, but then i see all the people ready to fan the fires and i realize that it really is still a current problem.

  7. 7

    Re: Bryony – maybe you should research about whether slaves committed suicide. that's an audacious comment and i don't think reality even backs it up.

  8. 8

    This is so sad, he was my co-workers daughter's best friend. It has really hit our community hard as any suicide would. You would think as the years go on this primmitive, barbaric bullying would stop as parents who were once bullied made sure to educate their children in the proper ways of understanding…whether a kid be gay or straight. No amount of anti-depressants can block daily tauntings. R.I.P Jamie.

  9. rory! says – reply to this


    Re: Gay Republican – Fuck off. RIP Jamie :(

  10. 10

    Fergie_Beats_…. I'm not perez but i do remember that incident. i believe it happened 50 million years ago, so do you think maybe it's time to move on and get a new sn?

  11. 11

    to everyone who dares comment that taking your own life is an attention seeking act is an idiot. THIS CHILD was emotionally destroyed. A cry for attention is one thing but suicide is an entirely different. it is not a small decision but a life ENDING decision. SHAME on your intolerance.

  12. 12

    These kids are hurting, these kids are crying out and the children go unanswered and kill themselves because of it. The "it get's better' videos are nice and all, but that doesn't really help the kids that are feeling socially overwhelmed and crushingly depressed, those children, need actual help, a shrink, meds, counseling or all of it. When you are that depressed you can't even see tomorrow, what makes people think that they can see 3 yrs down the road when "it gets better"???

  13. 13

    There will always be bullying. That you can't stop. Teach kids how to better deal with bullying and depression. And it's NOT just gays that are bullied, as much as you'd like to have everyone believe. Being bullied because you're gay is no worse than if you're bullied because you're overweight, suffer from acne, or any other condition. It's suicide and depression that's the issue, not kids "coming out." I know you'd like to make your gay plight agenda into a major worldwide issue, but seriously, gays as different and original is so 1999. Nobody cares anymore. I'm more shocked now by a friend telling me they're straight.

  14. 14

    Have you heard of polarization? No? Well this is a perfect example of it. How many teens, gay or not, commit suicide each year? Why is this just a gay issue all of a sudden? It's as ignorant as calling AIDS a gay only disease. It's beyond ridiculous. Address the issue as a whole, not as a political agenda, douchebag.

  15. 15

    Re: fickdichpogmothoin! – Because, this kid revealed a lot more in his writing than meets the eye. It didn't seem to be about bullying, it seemed to be about his own loneliness. So people, like it or not, have issues ranging from Bipolar disorder to xyz. "I wish I could be happy, I try, I try, I try … I just want to feel special to someone." - That hardly reflects his problem with bullies, rather his problem with something else. Transferring him to another school wouldn't have changed how this poor soul battled his own demons.

  16. 16

    Re: Bryony – agree 100%

  17. 17

    To all the "christian/republican/whatever" judgmental jerks who think this okay, I have this to say: For being such an asshole in life, you are going to hell with the rest of us. You are sinning by being judgmental and treating others with NO compassion. Do NOT try to justify your actions. You know deep down that your god does NOT condone treating others that way. That being said, I will see you in hell, and me and my friends will torment you for being different, until you want to off yourselves, only you won't be able to because this will be your punishment. We will be the majority down there. Enjoy!

  18. 18

    how about we stop glorifying suicides by giving them attention? that seems to be the real issue at play here. how many times have we all had delusional thoughts of grandeur like "well if i was dead, THEN they'd be sorry?" it's a common and stupid thought that's usually fleeting. however, we need to stop making these teens infamous and educate people more on SUICIDE than bullying. i was bullied and i got through it without a thought of suicide…as a gay man myself i find all of this "gay suicide" drama ridiculous, and frankly, embarrassing. hell will freeze over before bullying ends.

  19. 19

    Re: Gay Republican – "This is seriously just becoming a ploy for attention"
    spoken like a true gay republican. ignorant with just the right amount of hate.

  20. 20

    This is very sad, but seriously, it only works for the first 1 million kids that kill themselves. After a while, it becomes an excuse. We will eventually stop blaming bullies and look at the real issue, mental illness. I know denouncing bully's is the in thing to do in hollywood and perez's gay fucking ass, but this is rediculous. Besides, I bet most of those talking heads, including gayboy himself, were huge bullies, but anything for publicity right?

  21. 21

    oh and please don't misunderstand me…when i say embarrassing, i don't mean this boy's death, which is an immense tragedy for his family and friends. i only mean to say that it's insulting to use people's deaths as an emotional ploy to move a political agenda.

  22. 22

    Look at you MARIO!! Trying to campaign about Bullies!! We all know that you are the number one Cyber Bully in the planet. Have you ever look at yourself and ask. You are the worst BULLY in the planet Mario!! For Jamie..Rest in peace.

  23. 23

    Re: Nevereclipsed01 – They're not killing themselves today. Stop supporting the weak and maybe they will stop playing the victim.

  24. 24


  25. 25


  26. 26

    this is sad, i get that. but y in gods name would u want ur last words to be, "remember me as a unicorn"? sounds like a bad gay joke in an SNL skit… just saying

  27. 27

    Perez do you ever report on kids who commit suicide who aren't gay?… Or are those stories not as important to you.

  28. 28

    Re: MariMookie – i agree that all bullying is wrong but at least if your overweight, have acne, ect…. you don't have politicians and lots of religious people doing all they can to keep you a second class citizen and saying theres something wrong with you. when even the people kids are suppose to look up to are being so hateful towards gay people i'm sure it's sends a message that it's o.k. to join in.

  29. 29

    Suicide programming within a created alter personality.

  30. 30

    I'll never understand why people are so fucking cruel.

  31. 31

    I truly believe there is nothing wrong with being gay. There are many happy gay people living happy lives. I also believe there are instances where gay people feel being straight is right for them. Not because it's wrong or evil which I don't believe it is but because they simply feel they were meant to live a straight lifestyle. Again this is not out of hate, I commend happy gays and wish them the best. However just like I would never tell Chaz Bono 'don't try to change yourself(into a man), you were born this way (a woman)' I will never tell an unhappy gay person that it is impossible to turn straight. Out of compassion I say I truly believe you can, not because you hate yourself but because you feel you were meant to be straight. Most gays will scoff at this and continue with their happy lives- as they should, but I just want people out there suffering who think suicide is the only answer to know that I believe it is possible to turn straight. Not just suppress homosexual feelings but turn straight in every sense of the word. EQUAL RIGHTS FOR ALL, Including those who feel they were born the wrong orientation. Bravo to the happy gays, and bullying is never ok.

    gayconversionforum.com - being gay is NOT a choice, becoming straight may be? share your stories

  32. 32

    Everyone has the right to their own opinion. Whether you think people are born gay or you think its some sort of disorder is completely up to you. Everyone also has the the right to be treated with respect. This is really sad that a. these bullies think its ok to humiliate someone for being who they wanna be and b. that these teens that are killing themselves obviously don't have enough people loving them just the way are.

  33. 33

    I am really getting sick of most of the comments ripping on christian republicans. I am a christian republican and have nothing but love for everybody. I feel bad that this teen took his own life. He wrote in his blog that he wanted to kill himself and nobody tried to help him? This kid obviously had more problems than just being bullied. Suicide is never the answer.

  34. 34

    Is Lady Gaga going to dedicate a song about Jamie Hubley too? Maybe all the gay teens are killing themselves so Lady Gaga will talk about them in her songs.

  35. all1 says – reply to this


    Please just keep in mind if you are having a hard time because who/how you are that all minority groups have had to fight for their rights and I know it's sad, that we live in 2011 and there are people still so unfortunate to think their better then others cause they fit better in to the „perfect picture“. Can you belive that Elton John was once to afraid to come out of the closet??? The man himself! ;) Black people couldn't sit on the bus! Women once couldn't wote! and this is just a part of the evelotion over time, don't worry, no matter what people say, your time will also come, just WAIT and SEE! ;)

    And if you really can't wait come to Iceland! ;) Propably the most open country towards gays! ;) Gay Pride isn't just a gay celebration here, it's a national celebration for people to be who they are no matter what!!
    We have a gay vice president, and yes, we have gay marriges!

    (I'm sorry if my english isn't right,it's not my native tongue)

  36. 36

    This is really sad. The reason Perez doesn't report about straight people committing suicide is because he wants to highlight the epidemic that is gay bullying. Another thing people who say it's mental illness and not bullying that is the cause of suicide is bullshit. The truth is that life is cruel and painful. I understand what this guy felt I feel the same way. I'm lonely, friendless and a freak. I wish I had what it takes to kill myself I'd be a lot happier. Don't think anyone would miss me either. lol

  37. 37

    Really? Another one? When will it be addressed that these people are so psychologically fucked up that bullying is only the icing on the cake? It takes a great deal to follow through on one's own personal death wish. They're not so much cowards as they are suffering from some severe and crippling psychosis. And, yeah, this isn't a fucking gay issue, dick hole. America's becoming weaker by the second. Stop glorifying these atrocities before . . . actually, you know what? Like I said, it's only the genuine head-cases that actually take their lives over the edge. These people need help beyond a ridiculously stupid and pandering string of PSAs. Where's the almighty Charles Darwin when you need him?

  38. 38

    Did you know that when suicides are publicized, the suicide rates go UP? I honestly think that you are adding to the problem!

  39. 39

    While Perez's Gay Kid's Suicide Charity is paying it's Directors huge salaries & flying them First Class around the nation kids are killing themselves in astronomical numbers….

  40. 40

    so he obviously watched glee "remember me as a unicorn" yet he didn't follow the steps of kurt of either staying strong, transferring to a new school, or find a boyfriend/gay friends. the 3rd one is rreally easy to do now with social media and all..

    it gets better is just failing all around and i'm pissed off at my fellow young gays..

  41. 41

    I personally think everyone should be ashamed of themselves for judging this child. A child has died and that is all that should matter. RIP Jamie

  42. 42

    To me committing suicide is selfish, leaving your family and friends heart broken. It is terrible that this happens, however, it's not just gay kids getting bullied. Kids get bullied all over the world, for there appearances, what their family are like etc, it would be nice to see support for everyone on this site not just one group. Anyway, hope you find peace now Jamie.

  43. 43

    My little brother commited suicide at age 16 because of bullying 20 yrs ago. This is not a ploy for attention……this is a cry for help…..that our society needs to change….to be able to reach out to people and kids that are different….and embrace them. Gay, Straight, Fat, Thin, artsy, or even conservative, everyone counts. It is breaking my heart that this boy couldn't feel any hope for the future…that his current situation seemed never ending…and hopeless….God Bless his soul….. And Damn everyone that dares write something negative about the situation or him, your humanity is missing.

  44. 44

    Re: klion6 – You are not a freak. You are right though, life is hard, but it is what you make it. Only you have the power to let people get to you, or not. Chose the latter. As a little girl, I had braces, glasses, big ears, freckles, and was skinny as a rail. I played every sport and was often called a lesbian, even though I am not. I was teased and bullied about things I could not change. However, you grow up. After highschool I got a soccer scholarship to a Division 1 college, am currently a producer/director for a national television station, and happened to grow into my ears and fill out quite nicely. Point being, you move on. I promise you are not alone in feeling that lonliness feeling. You are a gem and you are valuable.

  45. 45

    This boy was already going on through a depression. He highly probably had some psychological issues and you can notice it by the things he writes. Its not exactly the bullying what made him decide to kill himself, I think it was a group of things.
    Im tired of the whole gay agenda. You are making it sound as they are killing themselves cause of being gays when its not the real reason. Just stop it!.

  46. 46

    Re: klion6 – Aww, I'm sending you an internet hug.

  47. 47

    Well, at least he gets his "15 minutes" on Perezhilton.com

  48. 48

    so sad - RIP

  49. 49

    Re: bleahf – yeah i think depression is there in every suicide. but take a quick look at this kid and figure out if his effeminence contributed to his depression. he was gay.

  50. 50

    @phoenixfreak92 it's a line that Kurt Hummel on GLEE said about a campaign for student president.

    And to people saying negative things about Jamie (or homosexuals in general), that's EXTREMELY disrespectful. I went to school with him and the entire school supported him today by wearing blue and writing notes and mourning together. There are so many people who cared about him and loved him and nobody needs your negativity. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

  51. 51

    First of all, what is the point of a "ploy for attention" when the person isn't there to get attention in the end?? Bullying isn't just a problem for gay youth……and neither is suicide only a problem for gay youth. Bullying is a problem for many children, gay, straight, visible minorities, ………or just because you have red hair and braces (as an example)! The point is that bullies can find a reason to pick on someone if they want to! Bullying isn't the only reason that a youth commits suicide either, it just seems that bullying and "sexual orientation" seems to be more prominant factors these days. I have a son who was bulllied severely in school but luckily with support from the school staff, and his family, he overcame and eventually thrived. He also happens to be gay, but that wasn't known at the time. Not everyone is predisposed to suicidial thoughts and not everyone acts on them. What needs to be addressed is how to help youth deal with their own feelings, harassment and hopefully teach them that there are other ways to move forward!

  52. 52

    Re: Demode – I live in Ottawa as well, and have an openly gay son. He goes to clubs, he walks around with his boyfriend, holding hands downtown and I see more and more gay couples all through the city. I don't think the attitude is specific to Ottawa because it's a government town……unfortunately I think that it is always going to come down to small minded people who can't accept!

  53. 53

    I knew Jamie and he was a sweet guy. I give you kudos, Perez, because the fact that this story is getting out in the world, although it is tragic, we might be able to save other GLBTTQ teens. And to those that think it would have been easy to move schools, in Ottawa, it isn't. And bullying continues no matter where you go. And Perez, he was a Gaga fan.

  54. 54

    Terribly sad, of course. The problem is, people are not faced with "gay-ness" so they think it's something it's not. Many people have changed their minds once being surrounded by good gay/lesbian friends. I wish people would stop the pity party and fight back. Not violently, but why can't there be more unions and protests to STOP hate.?

  55. 55

    I wish that Perez would stop focusing on only the gay suicides and gay discrimination.
    "It's 2011!" yeah, duh! that means it is in its early stages. I mean for how long have other groups been asking for equal treatment and are still struggling with it? For example coloured people, I have a light brown colour and even I have to deal with nasty comments at least once a week and for how long has that battle for equality been going on? I love that you are fighting for your rights perez, but just accept that you will not live to see that homosexuality will be accepted world wide and that it probably never will be. If you want people to respect your beliefs, respect theirs. because you are NOT doing that AT ALL!

    and give some attention to other children who commit suicide for different reasons. Cause I am very sure that there are a lot more heterosexual kids out there who should also be getting some attention.

  56. 56

    Re: miamigurl26 – im sorry, but if there were so many people who loved him and everything, then why did he kill himself if so many people cared for him?
    I really don't approve the bullying, but that just doesn't make sense at all.

  57. 57

    Suicidal children with mental disorders. Bullying isn't the culprit, Suicide victims just want tons of attention..His blog PROVES that. Whenever some gay kid kills himself hes announced on the news and gets a shout out by a couple celebs (whom are which just jumping on the bandwagon to remain relevant) people are so naive and blind.

  58. 58

    @UruvielNaomi I don't know all of what happened, but I do know that the people who did love him are devastated. Sometimes there's more than one thing that causes this to happen.

  59. 59

    I know a number of children who have moved from this school due to bullying. The administration sets the tone and should feel a certain level of responsibility. I know gay kids at other schools in Ottawa who feel more support from their school. So sad this could have been prevented.

  60. 60

    "Mom with cancer dies to save unborn child…" now that's BRAVE AND COURAGEOUS!!! There was no courage or bravery to this kid! Just a little sick and tired of these people being made out to be martyrs! They are selfish and don't think about how this effects the lives of those who do love them and would do anything for them! COWARDLY IS THE WORD THAT COMES TO MIND!!!!

  61. z0zey says – reply to this


    Some of the comments left here are disgusting. Do not make fun of him or blame him for anything. Don't blame the people trying to help either. Because suicide is shown it makes people more aware of things, it does not make people want to kill themselves. This wasn't for attention, this wasn't to get his name in a lady gaga song. Jamie was clearly a prisoner of his own mind and he was hurting. He didn't see his future he only saw now. If things are terrible now how are they going to seem better later on? He lost hope and was not trying to be inconsiderate to anyone he cared about. Suicide is not something people just do. It's what happens when you can't take it anymore. I know how much it sucks and I wish I knew jamie so I could have tried to help him. Don't try to put him down or say its his own fault until you have experienced what he went through. The depression sucks and everything else on top of it makes it unbearable. I feel terrible for everyone who knew him and for him as well, but I hope this makes a difference. We frown upon mental illness which is wrong. Nobody understands how difficult it is and how it's just as much an illness as cancer or diabetes. It can hurt anyone and it can't always be fixed but people need support. Stop trying to hurt Jamie even after he's dead. I sincerely hope none of his family or friends read these comments

  62. 62

    Something does seem fishy about these cases. I do believe that the attention that they could get from the suicide is pushing them off a cliff even if other things are moving them near it. For one thing all these teens that are making news are in fact using the internet to get attention. There are other unusual things about these cases. For one thing they supposely had family support in which is unusual for a gay teen to commit suicide with family support.

  63. 63

    You all are incredibly fucking cold for saying that. Who are you to toss someone's situation away so generally? Yes, lots of heterosexual people get bullied and kill themselves, but they're not being bullied for their SEXUAL PREFERENCE. Something that they CAN'T control. It's not the ONLY heartbreaking thing but it's INCREDIBLY TRAGIC. It's being capitalized on because gay people fight for HUMAN FUCKING RIGHTS every day. Why should they be condemned for their sexual preference? Why should they be looked at like they are less of a human? It's not the parent's fault, it's no one's fault. I hope all of the people here who have spoken badly about this situation go through what Jamie did, only 10x worse. It's what you deserve for being such ignorant, dogmatic, evil pieces of shit. @GayRepublican, go fucking rot. Obviously you're one of the people that would have bullied Jamie, and I hope you are genuinely ashamed of yourself you fucking asshole. Rest in peace Jamie, you're now in a place where judgment and prosecution is no more. One day you will see justice, and these people who speak ill of your situation will be taken down.

  64. 64

    Why does everyone think suicide is the answer? How do you know what is on the other side? Maybe it is highschool for a 100 more years with people calling your names or demon eating you.. Life is hard but damn killing yourself really.. they are already hurting you and taking your dignity why give them your life too?

  65. 65

    Whats with gay kids named Jamie offing themselves? On a side note, I'm all for the "end of the world" next year. Society needs a fresh fucking slate.

  66. 66

    Re: emirizzle – but they're not being bullied for their SEXUAL PREFERENCE. Something that they CAN'T control.

    Sexual preference is normally very very private. Just taking one look at this kid and I can tell hes a fruitloop. Most of these kids, stand out like all get out, very flamboyant and whine about crap on the internet..If kids weren't "weird" and blended in they would be fine.

  67. 67

    I live in Ottawa and heard about that last night… so sad :(

  68. 68

    Re: NookiesWA, I'd like you to take a second and reread what you just said. How is that not offensive? I took one look at him and knew he was a fruitloop? Are you kidding me?
    What if I said "I took one look at you and knew you were fucking straight." Nothing sounds wrong about that, so why does looking at him and knowing that he's gay does? How could you be so quick to judge? And who the hell cares if he's flamboyant? Straight people are as equally obnoxious in their own way. PDA's, prostitution, strip clubs etc.

    Oh, so you're suggesting everyone bend in and not be dynamic? That makes a lot of sense. Maybe everyone should live to your definition of "normal" or "acceptable". He reached out in the only way he knew how, and there's nothing wrong with that. Obviously none of you have ever had depression and have felt the never ending despair. It doesn't matter how many people care about you when you can't find the will power in you to learn how to love yourself. When you're depressed, one insult will negate 10 compliments. Other people's criticisms become your own. It's not on your hands. And the guy was what, 15?

    You're an absolute idiot.

  69. 69

    What the HELL!!! Seriously!! this needs to STOP NOW!! WHo gives a F*** about what other people's preference are. A. you'll never get the true answer most cases, B. Who cares, these bullys are seriously scumof the earth that should just do jail behind bars. and what about the parents who didn't see this happen. If people can gt fined for animal cruelty they can get fined for human cruelty. Yes religion is important and stuff but don't' let those things get in the way and make you hate on people because they're not sexually attracted to the same things as u. All my friends are different. Not one has the same preferences as me, as they shouldn't. Those haters that bullied this kid are going to continue to do it and will use every excuse in the bible or where to cover up their scum of the earth ways!

  70. GIO says – reply to this


    WTF THIS CRAP NEEDS TO STOP. These kids are dropping off like flies. Enough already. the parents need to be more into the kids life making sure they are not being harassed. Both STRAIGHT AND GAY KIDS…this isn't a gay thing as much as a human thing.

  71. 71

    wow, all you haters need to find compassion. Up here in Canada we mourn the loss of a life, the life just beginning, the life ended at 15! What should you be feeling at 15? Joy, excitement, silliness, drivers license, sex, life, beer, ups and downs…NOT, Bullies, gay, struggles,isolation…it doesn't matter. He was just a kid. Just a kid. Judge his act? Live his life, just a frickin kid walking the halls of his high school. We all did, our kids all do. You know what I am saying if you weren't the 10 %…the cool ones. I was the 10 % but i can see the shit he went through. Yes, you survived bullying, yes you are gay, yes we all have struggles, but man on man…a sweet, what could have been, life. Suicide a permanent solution to a temporary problem, but seen through the eyes of a teenager is oooohhh so different. And his parents did everything they could, they transfered him, they found help. I live in Ottawa and I see the pain. How can you be so cruel…15…just a kid.