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Guess Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher are still trying to make things work!

On Saturday, a photographer watched as the two met with a rabbi during a private, four-hour Kabbalah counseling session. The pap revealed:

"They both looked nervous. Ashton was smoking and Demi was skinnier than ever. It's sad, because it looks like she hasn't been eating. When they finally came out after four hours, they were both just totally serious — no smiles, no talking — they just got in the car and went straight home."

Is there hope for these two after all? Can Demi and Ashton really fix everything?

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5 comments to “SIGHTing”

  1. 1

    seriously does it really take four hours to tell Ashton to keep his dick in his pants or at least be discreet about it? there is nothing deep about it. he feels like shit that he got caught and hopes she will forgive him and she is pissed off he cheated in front of the whole world. all they can do now is move on and see by his future actions that he plans on being faithful.

  2. 2

    She is likely suicidal so he is hoping her 'crappallah' beliefs will help her through the fact that he is dumping THE OLD HAG for some fresh cooter !

  3. 3

    If 'Crappallah' worked, then she should not be so upset with the fact that he is moving on…to fresh cooter !

  4. 4

    Dump his ass already, Demi :/

  5. 5

    Oh please, people… Demi move on… it is done… enough already beating a dead horse…