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Ten Reasons Why Shakespeare Was A Fraud

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You've probably seen the commercial's running for Roland Emmerich's Anonymous, a film that focuses on the urban legend that William Shakespeare did NOT write his own material.

The film will definitely shed some light on an interesting theory, but if your interest isn't piqued already, perhaps you should Roland explain to you some of the reasons he believes proves that Billy Shakes was a fraud.

Check out the video (above) to be enlightened!

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11 comments to “Ten Reasons Why Shakespeare Was A Fraud”

  1. 1

    Just what we need … another conspiracy theory ! This has raged on throughout the years and some the more notables such as Sir Francis Bacon did not pen Shakespeare's works because although he was educated, he did not have the skills that Shakespeare had. Bottom line no one will ever know.

  2. 2

    You'll never know so why bother stirring the shit? BTW, "commercials" doesn't need an apostrophe.

  3. 3

    The only fraud is Roland Emmerich. Trying to be seen as a serious filmmaker after years of putting out crap to the masses, he sets out to attack a real artist with talent. How typical.

  4. 4

    Re: Demode

    it's not really attacking anyone. someone DOES have the talent. but no evidence leads anyone to believe Shakespeare was the real author. obviously that makes people curious, and interested to find out who REALLY wrote it, so we can praise the proper person. it's only human to want to know. Maybe Shakespeare did write it, but it doesn't hurt to investigate does it? He chose to go all covert ops about his work (if it is his work), so he can expect people to be skeptical. If it was written by someone else, you for example, wouldn't you want the truth to be revealed? And like I said, if Shakespeare was the true author, it wouldn't have been hard to make it clear. It was his own personal choice to be mysterious.

  5. 5

    This is unnerving. The reason that Shakespeare knew about so many other parts of the world is because he READ BOOKS. Books are and were readily available to him. The reason he wrote about the court is because his plays were performed at court and he was expected to. The reason he wrote about his common man in such a way is because it was fashionable. Let's not forget that Shakespeare did this for a living. He wrote plays, was a share holder and an actor for his theatre company. He didn't publish because, to him, it was just another pay check. He retired in his 40s, because back then, that was considered old. He was very comfortable, bought a big house…
    Why did he not write about his son? Well, let's just think about this for a moment… His son's name was "Hamnet." Shakespeare's most famous character was "Hamlet."
    I think Roland Emmerich needs to do some reading himself before he begins to throw those quills. There are plenty of books, all over England (and I presume America), that state what we DO know about Shakespeare. Some of them contradict what Emmerich is stating.

  6. 6

    Dear Piggy, a better question is, Who writes this crap? You or Babs? Is it Bacon or pork fat?

  7. 7

    Yea this is really a non-story or non-movie. The writings of Shakespeare are attributied to him so thats kinda that. If by some chance evidence to the contrary was found, that evidence would also be in question. This movie Anonymous, will be a critical and or financial flop as has been most of Emmerichs' other films. Anonymous is a bold step, but, I think, will fall on deaf ears. I guess the Germans really do hate the British and not very subtle way.

  8. 8

    The reptilian aliens are in charge of the New World Order, and the moon landing was faked, the world is ending in 2012, all doctors want us to stay sick, the government is covering up 11 different alien species, vaccines are bad, dairy and meat are bad, pesticides are worthless, mammograms and shampoo give you breast cancer, Hollywood is run by the occult, blah blah blah. Sad that I'm familiar with all of those "theories."

  9. 9

    Re: phdwholovesperez – Thank goodness someone is using their brain!

  10. 10

    best video ever!! can't wait for the film!!

  11. 11

    I took an entire class on this at Yale, and by the end I have to say that I agreed. Anyone that ever studies this in depth would agree.