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Jersey Wars: Caroline Manzo Fires HARD At Teresa Giudice

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Can we axe a question: Is Bergen County still standing? Seriously, youse ladies are probably turning Northern New Jersey into a wasteland with this feud! The lines have been drawn - whose side are you on!

If you've been following The Real Housewives of New Jersey, then you know that things have taken a turn in the friendship of Caroline Manzo and Teresa Giudice. It started with Teresa's damn cookbook and some off-hand, slightly cruel things directed at Caroline and her family. Then it progressed from there into the reunion special, where tempers flared dramatically over topics from the Gorgas to backstabbing to the topic that finally threw Caroline over the edge, her relationship with her sister, Dina.

Following the first part of the reunion special, Caroline had a lot she wanted to say, specifically to Teresa, about what kind of woman she was and the kid of awful friend she turned out to be.

Have a read of what she had say:

Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't blogged lately, life has been a little hectic here in New Jersey. I'm actually on my way to Los Angeles right now, so I'm taking the opportunity to write without interruption.

Season 3 was action-packed and filled with every emotion you could think of, sometimes all within the same episode. We were introduced to two new Housewives, Melissa and Kathy, along with their husbands and children. These two came onto the scene in what I believe to be one of the most dramatic moments in Housewives history and were instantly labeled as villains by the viewing audience. I'm embarrassed to admit that I was right there with all of you. Who could blame us? Our very first impressions of them were formed as if they were shot out of a cannon filled with jealousy and hate that rained down on all of us. The irony of it all still baffles me.

Over the past few months I've read numerous comments regarding my attitude this year. Many of you said that I looked frustrated, angry, bitter, bored, and "over it." You were absolutely right; I was all of that and more. Let's take a minute to remember what the "goal" was way back in Episode 1 — Teresa wanted her family back together, and Jacqueline and I were asked to help mend fences. We were all too happy to help her, that's what friends are for. If only I knew then what I know now, I wouldn't have touched this with a ten-foot pole.

I had minimal interaction with Melissa prior to her joining the show and I was introduced to Kathy the night of the Posche event. The bizarre thing about Kathy is the fact that I didn't even know she existed until she became part of our cast. Over the years I've heard Teresa tell more negative stories about Melissa than I care to remember, and when Kathy came into the picture the stories came out of left field. Again, all negative. I'm ashamed to admit that I had a predisposed opinion of these ladies based on the "history" I was given. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I chose to believe all the bad without giving them a chance to show me the good. That was awful of me, and they didn't deserve it. I've apologized to each of them privately and publicly.

Damn! That's a Jersey girl letting you all know right there! But is she right? Or is she being too hard to Teresa?

What do U think? Whose side are U on in this Housewives huff?

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37 comments to “Jersey Wars: Caroline Manzo Fires HARD At Teresa Giudice”

  1. 7897 says – reply to this


    Don't watch all the time, but Teresa seems like a crazy kunt. Maybe Danielle Staub wasn't as bad as they all made her out to be after all. Teresa seems like a sneaky manipulative bully.

  2. 2

    when i first started watching this show my favorites were automatically teresa and dina. and of course everyone hated danielle, but as the seasons went on and after danielle left it was clear that teresa was becoming the new danielle. now i cannot stand her. she is too over the top and ridiculous and she thinks her shit dont stink. its petty. i feel sorry for all the other cast members, and its especially hard to watch all there frendships fall apart so quickly.

  3. yeez says – reply to this


    I agree with the other comments. I don't think Danielle was a saint, or even sane, but I do think that Teresa probably provoked her and manipulated the situation more than Bravo chose to show.

  4. 4

    it's very clear.if you are in teresa,s company it's impossible to have any kind of conversation without hearing 'what do you mean by that?' a constant argument waiting to happen..too exhausting watching her..

  5. 5

    Who the hell is buying this woman's books? Is this what american women look up to? God. Live off your husbands, don't educate yourself, pop out kids, shop out of boredom, wear FUR… nasty nasty ghettttttttoooooooo ass holes. Is my interpretation of Teresa and SWARMS of women like her. Gross.

  6. 6

    TEAM TERESA. She's gone through a lot and no one is giving her the credit. She's bringing her family out of Bankruptcy all by herself! She doesn't deserve to be talked down to, and Caroline and Jaqueline were suppose to be her friends. Jealousy gets the best of people sometimes I guess…

  7. 7

    Re: imnotghettoenoughforanickname – That's what I want to know..who the hell has money to waste on these books????

  8. 8

    Like Caroline said, "When it served her purpose, she was my friend." Teresa burned bridges with everyone on that show…

  9. 9

    I still dont get what she said that was cruel?!! All she said was that it was a dumb idea for her son to want to own a car wash with strippers! Guess what Caroline IT IS A DUMB IDEA!! but instead of you telling him its a dumb idea you say "i'll support what ever it is you wanna do"!! LOL NO how about telling your kid to invest in something else

  10. 10

    I'm really tired of Teresa and it's sad because when the show first started she was one of my favorites. Now it's pretty obvious that she's a fake ass bitch who cares more about fame than her friends and family. Also, that scene in Punta Cana when she's "modeling" her gold bikini was painful. It was so clear that no one was interested and she kept twirling around like an idiot, no one thinks you're that hot! Jacqueline is like a million times more attractive and doesn't shove it down people's throats…

  11. 11

    What I'm tired of is Caroline's holier than thou attitude already…….she's like a sounding board for every damn "family sticks together" cliche there is. Her kids are fucking douches that you all know we hated in high school…….blk water, please.

  12. 12

    Manzoo is a freaking liar. She contradicts herself many times in her bitter blog. jealous hag.

  13. 13

    Caroline Manzio lol is gross I think Teresa didn't like your sons stripper car wash idea. I wouldn't bother reading your drivel. I have NOOO Idea what you are talking about but I think the Teresa (crazy chick) is going through the worst time of her life and your busy butting into her family. boooooooo

  14. 14

    caroline, your kids are a bunch of idiots…they endorse blk water, and a stripper car wash…i take it you and dina lohan share parenting tips…get over yourself and get off the show.

  15. 15

    TEAM CAROLINE!!!!!!!

  16. 16

    I think when Joe goes to jail Teresa should get her own show! Like who wouldnt want to watch her run around all day with all those kids!! TV GOLD!

  17. 17

    used to love Teresa but after this season totally went off her, hated danielle, girl needed help but teresa showed her true colours this season. needs rid of that hubby!!!

  18. 18

    Team Teresa!

  19. syd3 says – reply to this


    It can be fun to watch Teresa when she is with her children (particularly when she is failing to adequately monitor them); however, she really is disingenious/manipulative in her interactions regarding almost all of the other characters on the show outside her immediate family. Granted, it makes for good TV (as it did with respect to her interactions with Danielle — who saw through her earlier and more clearly than anyone at that time). What amazes me more than anything, however, is that Teresa reportedly is a four year college graduate!! BRAVO will need to bring in a wingwoman for Teresa, now that she has put herself in a position when she is ~ isolated from the show's other main characters (ha! what about Ashlee) ….

  20. 20

    Teresa rocks. I am so tired of Caroline's bs. I think she's pissed at Teresa because Teresa and Danielle made up. I mean come on, crazy Danielle was suing everybody, and Teresa just wanted out of that mess with her. Caroline wants that feud to continue. Grow up! I love Teresa. It takes all 3 to go against Teresa because not one of them can take her on. Teresa is strong and I love her zeal. Don't mess with her!

  21. 21

    caroline is just jealous of T and embarrased that her brother had to file for bankruptcy, And Caroline isint talking to her sister…caroline IS TRASH/GARBAGE

  22. 22

    i feel bad for teresa. her family knew she was going thru some tough shit but that never seemed to stop them from taking low blows and making bitchy two-faced comments.
    i cant stand kathys creepy bug eyes and melissa witch shaped face!

  23. 23

    Caroline is so ridiculous and always feel as if she has to get into everyone else's business bc she has a radio show…sigh. Please get over yourself Caroline and just stay out of other people's personal matters. You had so much negative to say about Teresa all season then when she says something about you, the rules change? Your kids are doing well and out of the house…find a hobby that does not include being a hypocrite.

  24. 24

    caroline shut up and stay out of peoples business!! enough said maybe if she found a hobby to keep her busy during the day then should wouldn't be so miserable and obsessed with teresa life. Carolina misery loves company so deal with your own shit

  25. 25

    Teresa needs to GOOOOO AWAY….. but instead she will be rewarded with making more $$ and getting other opportunities….. for the time being that is….. Teresa is going to end up like Amorosa, a has wannabe on VH1

  26. 26

    Teresa needs to GOOOOO AWAY….. but instead she will be rewarded with making more $$ and getting other opportunities….. for the time being that is….. Teresa is going to end up like Amorosa, a has been wannabe on VH1

  27. 27

    Theresa used to be my favorite. She was always herself, and she was quirky but kind. This past season has really shown a different side of her that I do not like at all. She is too blinded by her ego and reputation to see the truth. She is completely delusional and has turned into an awful person, blaming everyone else for the drama that develops. Very reminiscent of Danielle. I will not buy any more of her books or endorse her in any way. I miss the old Theresa

  28. 28

    i live in bergen county. they always go to the local malls. Caroline is the most genuine out of all of them, and Teresa has always been kind of a flake.

  29. 29

    Do not like Teresa but can't stand Caroline. Teresa mentions Caroline's feud with Dina, which has been on the internet for months, and Caroline gets mad. Caroline mentions Teresa's fights with her brother, but that is ok. Caroline has other siblings she doesn't speak to as well as Dina, but that is not mwntioned by Andy or her. Teresa is questioned at the reunion about the illegal things her husband has done, yet Albert Sr being fired by the Federal Giovernment for fraud is not mentioned. I know Andy likes Caroline and gives her a pass, but it is rideiculous. Plus Caroline is not that mad about the book. In the first reunion she said she was not happy about Chris's idea of a strip carwash. Teresa did not mention his name, just she didn't want her little girls (all under 11) to do that. Caroline was mad about the bar fight her grown up sns were in the night before. They should have called mommy to see if they could fight at the bar. Caroline is the biggest liar on the show. But will never be called out by anyone. I may not like Teresa but all gloves are off when she is guestioned. Do not know who the Manzos have in their pocket but it must be someone. I do not have to like someone to see through their lies

  30. 30

    I use to like Teresa in the beginning. But she has changed a whole bunch since the first Episode. It seems she thinks she is a so called REAL CELEBRITY. Because of the show and her 2 so called cook books she thinks she is a super star. Come on!! She acts like she is better than all the other women on the show. But she is NOT. I think Caroline is the down to earth "Normal" one. I like her the best.

  31. 31

    Teresa is a guttersnipe!
    Bravo Caroline!
    It takes a special kind of person to admit their errors in public.

  32. 32

    I think its pretty odvious your a toxic person when your friends & family are dropping like flies around you,i bet it's only a matter of time all the other woman drop her too if they haven't already.teresas head is soo far up her own ass its sick to watch,she definitely has some kind of Narcissist disorder & needs help.in the end karma will catch up to her corupt troll looking husband & teresa will be left with only her ego & four spoiled spawns that'll be worse then their sad example for a mother..10 fold!she must be a very sad,self concious person inside,almost makes me feel sorry for her

  33. 33

    I LOVE Theresa….i think she is trying entirely too hard, she needs to realize that her brother is such a looser and allows his wife to dictate his relationship with his sister, Kathy is a snake and totally takes Melissa's side which is totally fake.Melissa is definitely a gold digger and she totally played a different character on the reunion when she is a compete inmature clown. She caused a major wedge in her husbands relationship with his sister she us no good! Caroline is a old woman who had no life except for the Brownstone…she isnot loyal either….she was compltely out of order meddling in their families issues…..she needs to tend to her own….her sons are suspect….check in on tgat Carolibe, your daughters one hamurger away from a heart attack….please

  34. 34

    TEAM THERESA…….Strong lady…….they all looked weak jumping on you!!! You handled yourself well

  35. 35

    Andy Cohen should be ashamed of himself. Instead of being an unbiased interviewer, he spewed nothing but hatred on Teresa. Nothing (or at least nothing much) was said about any of the others even though there are plenty of problems to address with them. (like Joe Gorga's alleged rape attempt, Caroline's husband being kicked off a board). It was irresponsible of Andy and Bravo. And did you read the cookbook? What she said was obvious jokes or humorous comments. They don't read as digs at all unless you are looking for them. The whole reunion show was not about going over the season, it was about trashing and slamming Teresa. Bravo lost this viewer.

  36. 36

    Ursher will not admit to the song because it is the mob. Mark had people talk Usher into leaving his wife, saying it was for his career. then when he got divorced, he could have him do the "papers" song, so that when I heard the song I would know that he was divorced. He also had him do the "confession" song because he had another woman that had his children. He did the movie "made in manhattan" about he and I.
    I have a lot more to tell. I will send later.

  37. 37

    I don't understand why all you people keep telling Caroline and Jacqueline to mind their own business when CRAZY ASS Teresa asked for their help.Crap people PAY ATTENTION