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9 comments to “Courtney Love Will NOT Open For Limp Bizkit! Hole Bails On Australia Music Festival!”

  1. 1

    That one's a coin toss. I mean, it's not the original band members of Hole, right? B/C that would be a different story.

  2. 2

    I used 2 like CL back in the "Malibu" daze..but damm, she's OFF in some little corner of the "world" now..which is fine but kinda sux at the same time..C, just play the f'ing music & feel good about the fact that people still wanna listen…Shut up & SING! Man..

  3. 3

    fuck off courtney we don't want you in our country anyway!

  4. 4

    i'm not one to defend courtney, but fred durst is a douchebag,i wouldn't open for them either..where the fuck have they been anywhere not that i'm missing them

  5. 5

    Courtney Love is worth $75 million for doing nothing; Mother Teressa died penny-less for doing everything….No God!

  6. 6

    I absolutely love that come back, thank god there are still some people out there who don't kiss peoples arse's just because they're a "celebrity".

  7. 7

    Hole still has a fan base…LB? isnt Fred doing a TV show…? i wouldnt open for them either

  8. 8

    I mean… it's Courtney Love. She's been headstrong for YEARS. Why are we acting so surprised by this? She is strong willed and opinionated and always does exactly what she wants. If she felt offended or belittled by this, I'm in no way surprised she cancelled.

  9. 9

    there is NO WAY that Hole should open for Limp Bizkit! Hole is THE SHIT! Limp Bizkit is just shit